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If you feel that you lost your account password, please check:

1. test your current password with the Webmail interface. It bypass all portforwarding related issues.

2. check if you use correct host, port and protocol to access polarhome hosts

3. check if you have access rights for that protocol that you want to use.
Please note that telnet and SSH needs shell access:

4. MySQL passwords are not same as ftp/telnet access passwords. They are autogenerated and sent by mail to where username is your username and host is one of polarhome hosts as redhat, solaris, aix etc.
You can read this mail with POP3, IMAP or through web interface by using your username and (ftp/telnet) password.

5. does not send any password nor welcome letter to given e-mail address during ftp/shell account registartion. You should use password that you have choosen. Usually it takes about 5-8 minutes to create a new account.

If you do everything as it should, but it still does not work: then please send your request to Please quote you username and hostname as well.

Please note, that support can and will change password just if you use registered e-mail address (shown by finger)
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