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... setup system eggdrop
1. Read the documentation at
   or at /home/e/eggdrop/doc
2. Create/edit one config file
3. Check that ports and bot names are uniqe in eggdrop home dir.
4. Change to /home/e/eggdrop (eggdrop home directory)
5. Start eggdrop with your config file as ./eggdrop -m /home/m/me/my_config.conf

Eventually you may submit a cron job to use modified chkbot as:
*/23 * * * * /home/e/eggdrop/scripts/botchk YOUR_BOT_NAME CONFIG_FILE FILENAME
*/23 * * * * /home/e/eggdrop/scripts/botchk PolarHOME /home/b/bnc/eggdrop/config.cfg polarhome

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