DECnet setup

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DECnet setup

Postby zoli » Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:31 pm

Finally I have connected the debian server to the DECnet within the polarhome realm.

The trick is that the MAC address needs to match the DECnet Address.
There is a neat calculator on the net:

Either set up the DECnet address that mathes to your MAC address (that is hard) or change your server's MAC address to match the desired DECnet address.

Define the host's DECnet address - in our case it is 1.11
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zoli@debian:~$ cat /etc/decnet.conf
#               DECnet hosts file
#Node           Node            Name            Node    Line    Line
#Type           Address         Tag             Name    Tag     Device
#-----          -------         -----           -----   -----   ------
executor        1.11            name            debian  line    eth0
node            1.10            name            ubuntu
node            1.5             name            alpha
node            1.6             name            vax
node            1.25            name            ia64 means the debian hostäs MAC address needs to be aa:00:04:00:0b:04.
From now on everything is piece of cake :)

...if there is a mismatch with the MAC address and DECnet address - after installing the dnet-progs you will face problems with the network. It will basically stop working.

But... if everything is right... the result is just fantastic :)
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zoli@debian:~$ sethost ia64
sethost V1.0.4
Connecting to ia64
Cterm connection. Escape Sequence  is ^]

HP OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 Operating System, Version V8.4
HP Integrity rx1620
Welcome to IA64 ...member of realm

Username: system

Welcome to

Information about portforwarded services are at:

* Internet accessable/direct ports are: *
*              4000-4999                *

    Last interactive login on Thursday, 25-SEP-2014 20:18:29.53
    Last non-interactive login on Thursday, 25-SEP-2014 20:27:03.40
%SET-W-NOTSET, error modifying RTA1:
-SET-I-UNKTERM, unknown terminal type
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