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Postby Matej » Sun Sep 29, 2002 11:30 am

1. Advertising or spam of any kind is prohibited.

2. Do not publish pornographic contents or links related to pornographic pages.

3. Discussions about illegal software aren't allowed.

4. Verbal attacks on users are prohibited.

5. This is an international board. The forum language is ENGLISH. Posts in other languages will be locked or deleted.

6. Try to avoid posting senseless posts. Check if your problem has been already answered or if the discussion in relation of your theme already exists.

7. Make clear titles and add short descriptions of your posts. Respect the order of the forums and post your topics adequately.

8. Describe your problem as detailed as you can. Don’t make the post’s too short or too long.

9. If you have a question to only one user of this board use the personal messaging system.

10. If you do not like a topic avoid it rather than criticize it. Heavy conflicts or wars are not to be settled on this board.

These rules can change through time. If you break one or more of them note that the board administration has the right to delete, lock or modify your posts. We can also ban a user who does not respect the rules.
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