Alpha Web Server: CGI, suEXEC?

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Alpha Web Server: CGI, suEXEC?

Postby papa » Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:56 am

I have been trying unsuccessfully to set-up a CGI script on my Alpha web site. Has the Alpha web server been configured for CGI? (Here are some notes: ... pache.html )

If not, can support for CGI be added, allowing CGI scripts and programs to be run from at least each users [.public_html.cgi-bin] directory?

I'd also like to have suEXEC installed for the Alpha web server if possible. This module causes CGI scripts and programs to run with the permissions of the file owner instead of the web server owner. This allows CGI's to create or update files in the user's directories without having to make them all world-writable.
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