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Postby zoli » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:16 am

minix is online again. The downtime was caused my a release upgrade that messed up the passwords. The server is re-installed and backups are restored.

It is a real pain to work with minix compared with some modern well developed unix like system.
Almost nothing works and everything has a different mechanism.

Finally, I succeed to port wget - to have direct download possibility.
Also ported mc - to be able to "see" what's on the box.

After a while I realized, that there is no need for the tcp wrappers - demonize works well, but not as expected.
The idea is to rename /etc/rc.daemons.dist to /etc/rc.daemons and it should work out of the box... unfortunately NOT :(
I have added the following lines to the /etc/
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daemonize tcpd telnet in.telnetd
daemonize tcpd finger in.fingerd

...this allowed the telnet and the finger services. The binaries need to be in /usr/bin

...and the cherry on the cream was the account creation.
Somewhere between 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 the shadow password file is changed to BSD like pwd.db and spwd.db
An account is created by /usr/sbin/useradd that allows the -p parameter for the password BUT the password needs to be encrypted.
-p password
Specify an already-encrypted password for the new user.
Encrypted passwords can be generated with pwhash(1). The
password can be changed later by using chpass(1) or passwd(1).
This option is included if built with EXTENSIONS.

hahaha :) you can guess, that there is no pwhash on the system.
After some googling I have found some source code that after building did the job
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gcc -o pwhash pwhash.c -lcrypt -lutil

I have published minix code and the additional changes at

In fact, as more I work with minix - more I like it :)

It is based on a simple system and with NetBSD aid will become a super portable OS.
As it boots incredibly fast, I can imagine that it will soon conquer the phone and portable devices market.

Porting TODO:
- some ftp server
- imap server
- sendmail or some other smtp agent
- mysql
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Re: minix

Postby sjaz » Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:43 pm

Well done, that's a fun process to go through!

Experiments are fun if they end successfully ;)
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