Open tickets in Vim on VMS (19)  
Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Resolved
24the "Delete" option in E325 should not be displayedAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/17/1012/29/10  
23'path' containing **AcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/17/1012/29/10  
22iskeyword+=$ on VMSAcceptedIssue1. LowVim on 12/16/1012/29/10  
25error :source-ing files with "variable length" record formatAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/28/1003/29/11  
27netrw not working on VMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/29/1002/24/14  
74vim drives one cpu to 100%AcceptedIssue2. MediumVim on VMSneil (dot) rieck (at) bell (dot) ca 04/03/1804/22/18  
51Vim does not build on IA64 with newer MMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on VMSZoltan Arpadffy 03/19/14   
28vimball not working on VMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/30/1003/29/11  
21Combining VMS and Unix-style pathsAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/16/1003/29/11  
19i_CTRL-X_CTRL-N deletes the lineAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/08/1012/29/10  
11imap jj <ESC> does not workAcceptedBug1. LowVim on VMSdan (dot) macdaddy (at) gmail (dot) com 12/04/1012/04/10  
10Complex path related issueAcceptedBug2. MediumVim on VMSZoltan Arpadffy 12/03/1012/29/10  
6vim crashes when i_CTRL-Y is used in a red-only fileAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/02/1012/02/10  
13{Visual}g CTRL-G does not workAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1012/29/10  
14creating new file seems to ignore the directory's ACLAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1002/20/14  
17VFC files truncatedAcceptedBug2. MediumVim on 12/07/1012/09/10  
16swap file cannot be created for files with long namesAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1002/19/14  
15vim freezes when <Esc> is pressed on promptAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1012/29/10  
5underscores (_) cannot be mappedAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/02/1012/06/10