Open tickets in Vim on VMS (19)  
Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Resolved
5underscores (_) cannot be mappedAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/02/1012/06/10  
6vim crashes when i_CTRL-Y is used in a red-only fileAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/02/1012/02/10  
10Complex path related issueAcceptedBug2. MediumVim on VMSZoltan Arpadffy 12/03/1012/29/10  
11imap jj <ESC> does not workAcceptedBug1. LowVim on VMSdan (dot) macdaddy (at) gmail (dot) com 12/04/1012/04/10  
13{Visual}g CTRL-G does not workAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1012/29/10  
14creating new file seems to ignore the directory's ACLAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1002/20/14  
15vim freezes when <Esc> is pressed on promptAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1012/29/10  
16swap file cannot be created for files with long namesAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/07/1002/19/14  
17VFC files truncatedAcceptedBug2. MediumVim on 12/07/1012/09/10  
19i_CTRL-X_CTRL-N deletes the lineAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/08/1012/29/10  
21Combining VMS and Unix-style pathsAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/16/1003/29/11  
22iskeyword+=$ on VMSAcceptedIssue1. LowVim on 12/16/1012/29/10  
23'path' containing **AcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/17/1012/29/10  
24the "Delete" option in E325 should not be displayedAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/17/1012/29/10  
25error :source-ing files with "variable length" record formatAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/28/1003/29/11  
27netrw not working on VMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/29/1002/24/14  
28vimball not working on VMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on 12/30/1003/29/11  
51Vim does not build on IA64 with newer MMSAcceptedBug1. LowVim on VMSZoltan Arpadffy 03/19/14   
87Vim8.2 Not working on ia64 on ODS5 diskUnconfirmedIssue1. LowVim on VMSvicente_polo (at) yahoo (dot) es 11/18/2011/25/20