[#5] underscores (_) cannot be mapped
Summary underscores (_) cannot be mapped
Queue Vim on VMS
Type Bug
State Accepted
Priority 1. Low
Requester sferencik (at) alpha (dot) polarhome (dot) com
Created 12/02/2010 (4064 days ago)
Updated 12/06/2010 (4060 days ago)

12/06/2010 sferencik@alpha.polarhome.com Comment #2 Reply to this comment
This seems to be closely related to Ticket #11.

Set to duplicate? (The description in #11 seems more to the point.)
12/03/2010 Zoltan Arpadffy State ⇒ Accepted
12/02/2010 sferencik@alpha.polarhome.com Comment #1
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Queue ⇒ Vim on VMS
Summary ⇒ underscores (_) cannot be mapped
Type ⇒ Bug
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
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the underscore (_) is a typical map-leader (the LHS of mappings 
typically starts with an _). However, for some reason it cannot be 
used in vim on vms.

:map _h :echo "hi"<CR>

In my gvim on Windows, when I create the mapping above, and then start 
typing "_h", vim knows that "_" is the prefix of a mapping, so it does 
not apply/type the "_" immediately. Instead, it cashes the keypress 
and displays the "_" in the bottom-right corner. That means, vim is 
waiting for the next key - if it is an "h", vim will apply the _h 
mapping; if it is an "o", vim will type "_o" (since there is no 
mapping for _o).

However, this does not work on vms: the _ gets applied/typed 
immediately (it is not cashed). Thus, typing _h does not apply the 
mapping, but performs the "_" action and then the "h" action.