[Polarhome] polarhome development

root root@gate.polarhome.com
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 16:26:37 +0200 (CEST)

Polarhome users,

as you all know polarhome.com started two years ago as a small 
experimental project and it has been developed and driven by community. 
When we (users) decided to have some new feature, than polarhome tried to 
implement... and like this it became as it is now. 
Unfortunately, polarhome became much bigger than anybody thought few years 
But why unfortunately? Every company or organisation on the Internet 
dreams about it. To be big and well known... 

There is an another side of the medal. Big system needs more time for 
administration, better hardware, higher bandwidth and lot of competent 
personal who can serve users...  polarhome introduced the COPS and created 
the admin forum to discuss problems.

Now, polarhome came to point that when it needs more decentralisation to 
be able to respond in acceptable time on users demand and keep the 
community satisfied.

Therefore we announce an open "tender" for:
1. webmaster@freebsd
2. webmaster@openbsd
3. webmaster@openvms
4. webmaster@solaris
5. ircadmin@freebsd
6. ircadmin@openbsd
7. ircadmin@solaris

Everybody may apply to these positions, even for more of them, BUT:
1. applicant have to be a registered polarhome.com user for one month or 
2. applicant have to be a responsible person that agrees with the 
polarhome policy
3. applicant should have a generous and success oriented approach
4. needs at least two reference site that would present the applicant's 
skills in the area

- higher education
- Thawte identity verification ( http://www.thawte.com/getinfo/programs/wot/contents.html )

The final decision will be made by the admin group.

Applications should be sent to polarhome-dev@polarhome.com

Regards, Z