[Polarhome] ISP change

root root@redhat.polarhome.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 10:13:13 +0100 (CET)


after two years heavy usage and lot of problems, polarhome.com finally 
changed ISP.
Now we have 5x higher speed and static IP address, that will qualify 
polarhome.com to dalnet cybercafe program, improve response time and give 
more table connection.

I must admit that there were intentions to create one parallel 
"commercial" polarhome site, where users would have vhosts, possibility to 
purchase space and other resources that they need, without php_safe and 
denied mail(), domain hosting etc... for better price than somewhere else.
But I cancelled the whole project for now. It needs far more attention and 
time that I can appreciate today. From other side the Swedish IT market is 
so unstable, that I do not feel that I can take this risk and 
responsibility today. 

Unfortunately, I am not convinced that "commercial" polarhome could 
provide business continuity for customers/users... and to be jet another 
non professional service provider... there is no sense. Everybody can 
provide non professional service from home. 

I think, and more than 50% of users voted, that it is a good idea... then 
let wait until circumstances will be more beneficial and the market will 
show is there a real needed for it.

Therefore... the old non commercial polarhome.com got the new ISP 
connection. Hope that I made a good decision and all these 37.000 
registered account holders will be more satisfied.
>From users perspective there are no changes... everything works as earlier 
and it is described in http://www.plarhome.com/service/ports.html

Regards, Z