[Polarhome] Goodbye Mandrake letter

Denis Faktorovitch denisfa at 012.net.il
Mon Feb 7 19:34:49 CET 2005

Hello dear users,

It's been a great journey my friends, but as you know - all journeys must 
come to an end.
I just feel saddned that mine ended so early.

You see, Here in the lovely land of Israel, all persons who reach the age of 
18 must
Join the army forces, and my day is coming soon.
By looking at how my friends serve, I will probably be away /from home 28 
days a month.
Which means that the Mandrake server that I administer, will have no admin.
Obviously, I can't allow that.

So, after much discussion on the Polarhome forums, and private discussion 
Myself, Zoli & Co. we have decided to move the userbase to other servers.
What this means to you:
Shell users: Will be able to get a shell on any other Polarhome server, and 
your files
Moved there on request.
FTP users: Will be able to choose between the Irix server, or Tru64 when 
it's launched.
(In a week or two from the time of this posting)

The server itself will remain operational until the end of this week, for 
all of you who
Want to back-up their data.
But please don't upload anything new or do any modifications. the backups 
Will be restored on the other servers are dated 07/FEB/2005 20:30PM GMT+2.
Any kind of additional data after that date, will NOT be restoreable on the 
Server that you will choose.

I will keep visiting the forums and answering questions until the army takes 
me in,
And when that comes, I can't promise anything :-)
But for those of you who care about me (awww *wub*) I'll try my best to keep
You posted :-)

To sum it all up, Iv'e had a lot of fun and learnt many new things while 
being your
System administrator, but it is now my time to leave and learn new & 
exciting things,
I wish all of you the best in your future, Goodluck and God Bless, 

One last time;

/Denis, "Former Junior System Admin @Polarhome.com" F. 

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