YNT: [Vim-vms] .vimrc

Ingvaldur Sigurjonsson ingi at telia.com
Mon Jun 27 21:06:56 CEST 2005


Check the Record Format of your SYS$LOGIN:.vimrc

It should be something similar to mine, atleast it should have the 
Stream_LF format.
Check the 'Record format' and the 'Record attributes'.

Delete any previous occurrences of the 'SYS$LOGIN:.vimrc;*' files and
create a new one with VIM.

Make sure you have the 'unix' file-format. Press <ESC> and push the ':' 
key which then
gives you a prompt and there you write the folloing
     set ff=unix

Enter append mode 'a', write your favorite attributes into the file i.e.
     set autoindent<ENTER>
     set expandtab<ENTER>

and save your new SYS$LOGIN:.vimrc

     [home]> dir sys$login:.vimrc /full

     Directory ....

     .VIMRC;5                      File ID:  (...)
     Size:            1/35         Owner:    [...]
     Created:   22-MAR-2005 16:37:25.80
     Revised:   22-MAR-2005 16:37:25.81 (2)
     Expires:   <None specified>
     Backup:    <No backup recorded>
     Effective: <None specified>
     Recording: <None specified>
     File organization:  Sequential
     Shelved state:      Online
     Caching attribute:  Writethrough
     File attributes:    Allocation: 35, Extend: 0, Global buffer count: 0,
     No version limit
     Record format:      Stream_LF, maximum 0 bytes, longest 32767 bytes
     Record attributes:  Carriage return carriage control
     RMS attributes:     None
     Journaling enabled: None
     File protection:    System:RWD, Owner:RWD, Group:R, World:R
     Access Cntrl List:  None
     Client attributes:  None

     Total of 1 file, 1/35 blocks.

Mine contains the following:

let Tlist_Ctags_Cmd = "mc vim:ctags.exe"
map <S-Left> :bn<CR>
map <S-Right> :bp<CR>

Hope it helps. If it doesn't reply with info containing the exact
file-record format and file attributes.

ex animo
- Ingvaldur

vim-vms-request at polarhome.com wrote:
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> Hi,
> below one can see the mail how it appears on VMS :-)
> Well, I created the .vimrc file several times from scratch, once from
> within vim, once by means of EDT, once by CREATE, once I sent it per
> E-Mail, another one I uploaded via FTP. I know that's very strange,
> and I don't know if there is any hex editor on polarhome to look on
> the structure of the file itself.
> How should the :set command look like? I tried :set unix, but it doesn't 
> work.
> V.
> On 25 Jun 2005 vim-vms at polarhome.com wrote:
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>>there have not been any changes =FDn that area...
>>Can =FDt be that you ftp-d over from W=FDndows the rc f=FDle.
>>Please try to convert the f=FDle to un=FDx f=FDle format w=FDth :set =
>>Kimden: vim-vms-bounces at polarhome.com bu ki=FEinin yerine: Volker =
>>G=F6nderilmi=FE: Per 23.06.2005 15:33
>>Kime: vim-vms at polarhome.com
>>Konu: [Vim-vms] .vimrc
>>instead of typing the three parameters I need in every vim session each
>>time, I created SYS$LOGIN.vimrc file that looks like this:
>>set autoindent
>>set expandtab
>>When starting VIM, it complains:
>>Error detected while processing sys$login:.vimrc:
>>line    1:
>>E518: Unknown option: autoindentset
>>What's going wrong here? Seems as if EOL is not recognized?

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