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Zoltan Arpadffy zoltan.arpadffy at essnet.se
Wed May 10 15:37:17 CEST 2006


I (and the Vim community on VMS) would really appreciate if you would be
able to give some hints in order to solve printing problems on OpenVMS.

Thank you in advance.


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Zoltan -

> Thank you for releasing Vim7. It works stable and very well on VMS - 
> but I have recently found a strange problem, that I have not noticed
> earlier:
> I get error: E620: Unable to convert to print encoding "dec-mcs" while

> printing.
> Wonder, if you can point out where should I search the problem.
> Please note that printing worked perfect earlier (in 6.4)

Multi-byte printing was added.  Check your 'printencoding' option.

Mike Williams made this, you could try contacting him.  It's also good
that he knows about problems that users run into.

- Bram

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