[Vim-vms] Using VMS Logicals

Freiborg, Eric W Eric.Freiborg at LABONE.com
Tue Jun 13 16:54:18 CEST 2006

I have a VMS logical defined that encompasses several directories as
shown below:


           = "XMIT_ROOT:[SRC.CLIENT]"

           = "XMIT_ROOT:[SRC.FTP]"

           = "XMIT_ROOT:[SRC.PGP]"

           = "XMIT_ROOT:[SRC.GLOBAL]"


I use this logical to edit files to save typing and so I don't have to
remember exactly where a file is located.  If I open a file with vim and
that file is not in the first mapped directory, when I save it, the file
gets saved into the first mapped directory.  If I use this logical with
the standard VMS TPU or LSE editor, the file gets saved in the correct
directory.  Is there a current setting that will correct this or if not,
could this be added to the things-to-add list.


For example: "vi xmit_src:ftp.c" which is in xmit_root:[src.ftp] will be
saved in xmit_root:[src] and not [.ftp]


Thanks for your effort in bringing this editor into the VMS world.

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