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[ (1)                - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
411toppm(1)         - convert Sony Mavica .411 image to PPM
7z(1)               - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
7za(1)              - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
7zr(1)              - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
a2p(1)              - Awk to Perl translator
a2ping(1)           - - convert between PS, EPS and PDF and other page description formats
a2ps(1)             - format files for printing on a PostScript printer
a2x(1)              - A toolchain manager for AsciiDoc (converts Asciidoc text files to other file formats)
a64l(3)             - (unknown subject)
a68g(1)             - Algol 68 Genie, an Algol 68 compiler-interpreter
aa_attrs(3)         - returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib.
aa_autoinit(3)      - easy to use AA-lib initialization function.
aa_autoinitkbd(3)   - easy to use AA-lib keyboard initialization function.
aa_autoinitmouse(3) - easy to use AA-lib mouse initialization function.
aa_close(3)         - close the AA-lib context.
aa_createedit(3)    - Simple interactive line editor provided as helper function.
aa_currentfont(3)   - returns specification of the fonts used by AA-lib rendering routines.
aa_defparams(3)     - default hardware paramters requested by AA-lib programs.
aa_defrenderparams(3) - default rendering parameters.
aa_displayrecommended(3) - List of recommended drivers.
aa_dithernames(3)   - Names of dithering methods supported by AA-lib.
aa_drivers(3)       - NULL-terminated array of output drivers available in AA-lib.
aa_edit(3)          - Simple interactive line editor.
aa_editkey(3)       - Notify the line editor about keypress.
aa_fastrender(3)    - simple and fast AA-lib rendering function.
aafire(1)           - aalib example programs
aaflip(1)           - An ASCII art video player
aa_fonts(3)         - Null-terminated array of available fonts.
aa_formats(3)       - NULL terminated array of save formats supported by AA-lib.
aa_getevent(3)      - keyboard functions
aa_getkey(3)        - return next keypress event from queue.
aa_getmouse(3)      - Get mouse position as specified by last mouse event read by aa_getevent.
aa_gotoxy(3)        - move the hardware cursor (if any) to specified position.
aa_help(3)          - AA-lib help string for the default command line parser.
aa_hidecursor(3)    - hide the hardware cursor.
aa_hidemouse(3)     - hide the mouse cursor.
aa_image(3)         - returns pointer to the framebuffer emulated by AA-lib.
aa_imgheight(3)     - returns height of the emulated image in pixels.
aa_imgwidth(3)      - returns width of the emulated image in pixels.
aa_init(3)          - open the output display for AA-lib.
aa_initkbd(3)       - initialize the AA-lib keyboard driver.
aa_initmouse(3)     - initialize the AA-lib mouse driver.
aa_kbddrivers(3)    - NULL-terminated array of keyboard drivers available in AA_lib.
aa_kbdrecommended(3) - List of recommended drivers.
aa_mmheight(3)      - returns height of the output screen in millimeters.
aa_mmwidth(3)       - returns width of the output screen in millimeters.
aa_mousedrivers(3)  - NULL terminated array of mouse drivers supported by AA-lib.
aa_mouserecommended(3) - List of recommended drivers.
aa_parseoptions(3)  - parse the standard command line options used by AA-lib.
aa_printf(3)        - print text to AA-lib output buffers.
aa_putpixel(3)      - put pixel to emulated framebuffer
aa_puts(3)          - output string to AA-lib output buffers.
aa_recommendhi(3)   - insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended drivers.
aa_recommendhidisplay(3) - insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended display drivers.
aa_recommendhikbd(3) - insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended keyboard drivers.
aa_recommendhimouse(3) - insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended mouse drivers.
aa_recommendlow(3)  - Add the given driver to the end of list of recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowdisplay(3) - Add the given driver to the end of list of display recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowkbd(3) - Add the given driver to the end of list of keyboard recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowmouse(3) - Add the given driver to the end of list of mouse recommended drivers.
aa_registerfont(3)  - add new font specification to aa_fonts array.
aa_render(3)        - convert image buffer to ASCII-art.
aa_resize(3)        - resize functions
aa_resizehandler(3) - Set user handler to be called on resize event.
aa_scrheight(3)     - returns height of the output screen in characters.
aa_scrwidth(3)      - returns width of the output screen in characters.
aa_setfont(3)       - set font specification to be used by rendering functions.
aa_setsupported(3)  - alter the "supported" field of hardware_params structure used by AA-lib
aa_showcursor(3)    - show the hardware cursor.
aa_showmouse(3)     - show the mouse cursor.
aa_text(3)          - returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib.
aa_uninitkbd(3)     - uninitialize the keyboard driver.
aa_uninitmouse(3)   - uninitialize the mouse driver.
ab2(8)              - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
abc2ly(1)           - manual page for abc2ly(LilyPond) 2.14.1
abook(1)            - text-based address book program
abookrc(5)          - configuration file for abook address book program
abort(3)            - (unknown subject)
ABORT(7)            - abort the current transaction
abs(3)              - (unknown subject)
acat(1)             - A script for managing file archives of various types
aclocal-1.11(1)     - manual page for aclocal 1.11.6
aclocal-1.12(1)     - manual page for aclocal 1.12.6
aclocal-1.13(1)     - manual page for aclocal 1.13.4
aclocal-1.14(1)     - manual page for aclocal 1.14
aclocal(1)          - manual page for aclocal 1.11.6
acos(3)             - (unknown subject)
acosf(3)            - (unknown subject)
acosh(3)            - (unknown subject)
acoshf(3)           - (unknown subject)
addch(3x)           - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
addchnstr(3x)       - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
addchstr(3x)        - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
addcr(1)            - add a CR before each LF
addftinfo(1)        - add information to troff font files for use with groff
add_mibdir(3)       - netsnmp_mib_api functions
add_module_replacement(3) - netsnmp_mib_api functions
addnstr(3x)         - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
addnwstr(3x)        - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
addr2line(1)        - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
addstr(3x)          - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
add_wch(3x)         - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
add_wchnstr(3x)     - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
add_wchstr(3x)      - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
addwstr(3x)         - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
adiff(1)            - A script for managing file archives of various types
aewm++(1x)          - a minimalistic window manager for X11
aewm++_appbar(1x)   - a small application launcher
aewm++_fspanel(1x)  - small panel
aewm++_setrootimage(1) - puts a nice diagonal gradient image on the root window
aewm++_xsession(1x) - keeps an xsession alive
afio(1)             - manipulate archives and files
afm2afm(1)          - reencode an afm file
afm2pl(1)           - convert AFM font metrics to TeX pl font metrics
afm2tfm(1)          - convert Adobe font metrics to TeX font metrics
afmtodit(1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tps and - Tpdf
afslog(1)           - obtain AFS tokens
afterimage(3x)      - overview of libAfterImage image library libAfterImage/libAfterImage
after(n)            - Execute a command after a time delay
agentxtrap(1)       - send an AgentX NotifyPDU to an AgentX master agent
agetty(8)           - alternative Linux getty
aleph(1)            - extended Unicode TeX
ali(1)              - list mail aliases
alias(1)            - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
allcm(1)            - force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated
allec(1)            - force the most important ec-fonts to be calculated
allneeded(1)        - force the calculation of all fonts now needed
AllPlanes(3)        - Display macros and functions
als(1)              - A script for managing file archives of various types
ALTER_AGGREGATE(7)  - change the definition of an aggregate function
ALTER_COLLATION(7)  - change the definition of a collation
ALTER_CONVERSION(7) - change the definition of a conversion
ALTER_DATABASE(7)   - change a database
ALTER_DEFAULT_PRIVILEGES(7) - define default access privileges
ALTER_DOMAIN(7)     - change the definition of a domain
ALTER_EVENT_TRIGGER(7) - change the definition of an event trigger
ALTER_EXTENSION(7)  - change the definition of an extension
ALTER_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER(7) - change the definition of a foreign-data wrapper
ALTER_FOREIGN_TABLE(7) - change the definition of a foreign table
ALTER_FUNCTION(7)   - change the definition of a function
ALTER_GROUP(7)      - change role name or membership
ALTER_INDEX(7)      - change the definition of an index
ALTER_LANGUAGE(7)   - change the definition of a procedural language
ALTER_LARGE_OBJECT(7) - change the definition of a large object
ALTER_MATERIALIZED_VIEW(7) - change the definition of a materialized view
alternatives(8)     - maintain symbolic links determining default commands
ALTER_OPERATOR(7)   - change the definition of an operator
ALTER_OPERATOR_CLASS(7) - change the definition of an operator class
ALTER_OPERATOR_FAMILY(7) - change the definition of an operator family
ALTER_ROLE(7)       - change a database role
ALTER_RULE(7)       - change the definition of a rule
ALTER_SCHEMA(7)     - change the definition of a schema
ALTER_SEQUENCE(7)   - change the definition of a sequence generator
ALTER_SERVER(7)     - change the definition of a foreign server
ALTER_TABLE(7)      - change the definition of a table
ALTER_TABLESPACE(7) - change the definition of a tablespace
ALTER_TEXT_SEARCH_CONFIGURATION(7) - change the definition of a text search configuration
ALTER_TEXT_SEARCH_DICTIONARY(7) - change the definition of a text search dictionary
ALTER_TEXT_SEARCH_PARSER(7) - change the definition of a text search parser
ALTER_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE(7) - change the definition of a text search template
ALTER_TRIGGER(7)    - change the definition of a trigger
ALTER_TYPE(7)       - change the definition of a type
ALTER_USER(7)       - change a database role
ALTER_USER_MAPPING(7) - change the definition of a user mapping
ALTER_VIEW(7)       - change the definition of a view
amaddclient(8)      - program to add client to an existing Amanda configuration
amadmin(8)          - administrative interface to control Amanda backups
amaespipe(8)        - wrapper program for aespipe
amanda(8)           - The Open Source Backup Platform
amanda-applications(7) - Application-api for amanda
amanda-archive-format(5) - Format of amanda archive streams
amanda-auth(7)      - Communication/Authentication methods between Amanda server and client
amanda-changers(7)  - Configuring and Using Amanda Changers
amanda-client.conf(5) - Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
amanda-compatibility(7) - Compatibility between Amanda versions
amanda.conf(5)      - Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
amanda-devices(7)   - Configuring and Using Amanda Devices
amanda-interactivity(7) - Configuring Interactivity with Amanda Amanda
amanda-match(7)     - Common Amanda Match Expression
amanda-scripts(7)   - Configuring and using the Script API
amanda-taperscan(7) - Amanda Taperscan Algorithms
amarchiver(8)       - Create, extract or list amanda archive
amcheck(8)          - run Amanda self-checks
amcheckdb(8)        - check Amanda database for tape consistency
amcheckdump(8)      - check the results of an Amanda dump
amcleanup(8)        - run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure
amcleanupdisk(8)    - cleanup holding disk directory
amcrypt(8)          - reference crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption
amcrypt-ossl(8)     - crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption using OpenSSL
amcrypt-ossl-asym(8) - crypt program for Amanda asymmetric data encryption using OpenSSL
amcryptsimple(8)    - reference simple crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption
amdevcheck(8)       - Validate an Amanda device and volume.
amdump(8)           - back up all disks in an Amanda configuration
amdump_client(8)    - back up all disks in an Amanda configuration
amfetchdump(8)      - extract backup images from multiple Amanda tapes.
amflush(8)          - flush Amanda backup files from holding disk to tape
amgetconf(8)        - look up configuration parameters and manipulate debug logs
amgpgcrypt(8)       - reference crypt program for Amanda public-key data encryption
amgtar(8)           - Amanda Application to interface with GNU Tar
amlabel(8)          - label an Amanda tape
amoverview(8)       - display file systems processed by Amanda over time
ampgsql(8)          - Amanda Application to interface with PostgreSQL
amraw(8)            - Amanda Application open and read data
amrecover(8)        - Amanda index database browser
amreport(8)         - generate a formatted output of statistics for an Amanda run
amrestore(8)        - low-level data-extraction from Amanda volumes
amrmtape(8)         - remove a tape from the Amanda database
amsamba(8)          - Amanda Application to interface with smbclient
amserverconfig(8)   - program to setup initial Amanda configuration
amservice(8)        - run an amanda service on a client
amstar(8)           - Amanda Application to interface with star
amstatus(8)         - display the state of an Amanda run
amstex(1)           - structured text formatting and typesetting
amsuntar(8)         - Amanda Application to interface with native tar utility available on solaris platforms
amtape(8)           - Control Amanda changers
amtapetype(8)       - generate a tapetype definition by testing the device directly
amtoc(8)            - generate TOC (Table Of Contents) for an Amanda run
amvault(8)          - Copy Amanda dumps from one volume to another
amzfs-sendrecv(8)   - Amanda script to create zfs sendrecv
amzfs-snapshot(8)   - Amanda script to create zfs snapshot
ANALYZE(7)          - collect statistics about a database
animate(1)          - animates an image or image sequence on any X server.
anno(1)             - annotate messages
annoyance-filter(1) - automatically detect junk mail
annoyance-filter-run(1) - Sendmail plugin filter
antic(1)            - Anti-C control flow analysis
antiword(1)         - show the text and images of MS Word documents
any2djvu(1)         - Convert .ps/.ps.gz/.pdf to .djvu
AnyDBM_File(3pm)    - provide framework for multiple DBMs
anytopnm(1)         - convert an arbitrary type of image file to PBM, PGM, or PPM
aot-compile(1)      - Compile bytecode to native and generate databases
ap(8)               - parse addresses 822-style
apachectl2(8)       - Apache HTTP Server Control Interface
apack(1)            - A script for managing file archives of various types
apng2gif(1)         - convert APNG animated images to GIF files
apngasm(1)          - assemble individual PNG files int to animated PNG file.
apngdis(1)          - deconstruct APNG file into a sequence of PNG frames
apngopt(1)          - optimize animated PNG image files
App.Cpan(3pm)       - easily interact with CPAN from the command line
appdata-validate(1) - Validate AppData metadata
append(n)           - Append to variable
ApplicationShell(3) - The ApplicationShell widget class
apply(n)            - Apply an anonymous function
App.Prove(3pm)      - Implements the "prove" command.
App.Prove.State(3pm) - State storage for the "prove" command.
App.Prove.State.Result(3pm) - Individual test suite results.
App.Prove.State.Result.Test(3pm) - Individual test results.
appres(1)           - list X application resource database
apropos(1)          - search the whatis database for strings
apxs2(8)            - APache eXtenSion tool
ar(1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives
arc(1)              - pc archive utility
arch(1)             - print machine hardware name (same as uname -m)
Archetype(n)        - base class for all [incr Tk] mega-widgets
archive_entry(3)    - functions for manipulating archive entry descriptions
Archive.Extract(3pm) - A generic archive extracting mechanism
archivemail(1)      - archive and compress your old email
archive_read(3)     - functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_disk(3) - functions for reading objects from disk
Archive.Tar(3pm)    - module for manipulations of tar archives
Archive.Tar.File(3pm) - a subclass for in-memory extracted file from Archive::Tar
archive_util(3)     - libarchive utility functions
archive_write(3)    - functions for creating archives
archive_write_disk(3) - functions for creating objects on disk
Archive.Zip(3pm)    - Provide an interface to ZIP archive files.
Archive.Zip.FAQ(3pm) - Answers to a few frequently asked questions about Archive::Zip
Archive.Zip.MemberRead(3pm) - A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive members as if they were files.
Archive.Zip.Tree(3pm) - (DEPRECATED) methods for adding/extracting trees using Archive::Zip
arepack(1)          - A script for managing file archives of various types
Arg(3o)             - Parsing of command line arguments.
arg_printusage(3)   - collect command line options
argv0(1)            - run a program with a specified 0th argument
aria2c(1)           - The ultra fast download utility
arj(1)              - Archiver for .arj files
arjdisp(1)          - ARJ simple graphical interface
arj-register(1)     - Register the ARJ archiver
arlatex(1)          - archive a number of ancillary LaTeX files into a master .tex file
arpaname(1)         - translate IP addresses to the corresponding ARPA names
Array(3o)           - Array operations.
ArrayLabels(3o)     - Array operations.
array(n)            - Manipulate array variables
as(1)               - the portable GNU assembler.
ascii(1)            - report character aliases
asciidoc(1)         - converts an AsciiDoc text file to HTML or DocBook
asciitopgm(1)       - convert ASCII graphics into a PGM
asciiview(1)        - An high quality ascii-art image(pgm) browser
ascmap(3x)          - defines main structures and function for image quantization libAfterImage/ascmap.h
ascompose(1)        - provides access to libAfterImage functionality, using scripts written in custom XML dialect libAfterImage/ascompose
asctime(3)          - (unknown subject)
asflip(1)           - demonstrates flipping image in 90 degree increments libAfterImage/tutorials/ASFlip
asfont(3x)          - text drawing functionality and handling of TTF and X11 fonts libAfterImage/asfont.h
asgrad(1)           - demonstrates rendering of multi point linear gradients libAfterImage/tutorials/ASGrad
ash(1)              - command interpreter(shell)
asimage(3x)         - internal structures and methods used for image manipulation in libAfterImage libAfterImage/asimage.h
asimagexml(3x)      - XML schema to be used for scripting image manipulation by AfterStep and ascompose libAfterImage/asimagexml
asin(3)             - (unknown subject)
asinf(3)            - (unknown subject)
asinh(3)            - (unknown subject)
asinhf(3)           - (unknown subject)
askmara(1)          - do simple dns queries
asmerge(1)          - demonstrates blending of multiple image using different algorithms libAfterImage/tutorials/ASMerge
asn1_array2tree(3)  - API function
asn1_bit_der(3)     - API function
asn1_check_version(3) - API function
asn1Coding(1)       - ASN.1 DER encoder
asn1_copy_node(3)   - API function
asn1_create_element(3) - API function
asn1_decode_simple_der(3) - API function
asn1Decoding(1)     - ASN.1 DER decoder
asn1_delete_element(3) - API function
asn1_delete_structure(3) - API function
asn1_der_coding(3)  - API function
asn1_der_decoding(3) - API function
asn1_der_decoding_element(3) - API function
asn1_der_decoding_startEnd(3) - API function
asn1_encode_simple_der(3) - API function
asn1_expand_any_defined_by(3) - API function
asn1_expand_octet_string(3) - API function
asn1_find_node(3)   - API function
asn1_find_structure_from_oid(3) - API function
ASN1_generate_nconf(3) - ASN1 generation functions
ASN1_generate_v3(3) - ASN1 generation functions
asn1_get_bit_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_length_ber(3) - API function
asn1_get_length_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_octet_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_tag_der(3) - API function
asn1_length_der(3)  - API function
asn1_number_of_elements(3) - API function
ASN1_OBJECT_free(3) - object allocation functions
ASN1_OBJECT_new(3)  - object allocation functions
asn1_octet_der(3)   - API function
asn1parse(1)        - ASN.1 parsing tool
asn1Parser(1)       - ASN.1 syntax tree generator for libtasn1
asn1_parser2array(3) - API function
asn1_parser2tree(3) - API function
asn1_perror(3)      - API function
asn1_print_structure(3) - API function
asn1_read_node_value(3) - API function
asn1_read_tag(3)    - API function
asn1_read_value(3)  - API function
asn1_read_value_type(3) - API function
asn1_strerror(3)    - API function
ASN1_STRING_cmp(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_data(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_dup(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_free(3) - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
ASN1_STRING_length(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_length_set(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_new(3)  - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3) - ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_print_ex_fp(3) - ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_set(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_type(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_type_new(3) - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
asn1_write_value(3) - API function
aspell(1)           - interactive spell checker
aspell-import(1)    - import old personal dictionaries into GNU Aspell
asscale(1)          - demonstrates image loading and scaling libAfterImage/tutorials/ASScale
assert(3)           - (unknown subject)
assume_default_colors(3x) - use terminal's default colors
astext(1)           - demonstrates antialiased texturized text rendering libAfterImage/tutorials/ASText
astile(1)           - demonstrates image tiling/cropping and tinting libAfterImage/tutorials/ASTile
asview(1)           - demonstrates loading and displaying of images libAfterImage/tutorials/ASView
asvisual(3x)        - abstraction layer on top of X Visuals, focusing on color handling libAfterImage/asvisual.h
asy(1)              - Asymptote: a script-based vector graphics language
atan2(3)            - (unknown subject)
atan2f(3)           - (unknown subject)
atan(3)             - (unknown subject)
atanf(3)            - (unknown subject)
atanh(3)            - (unknown subject)
atanhf(3)           - (unknown subject)
atexit(3)           - (unknown subject)
atktopbm(1)         - convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to PBM
atobm(1)            - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
atof(3)             - (unknown subject)
atoi(3)             - (unknown subject)
atoll(3)            - (unknown subject)
atool(1)            - A script for managing file archives of various types
attemptckalloc(3)   - allocate or free heap memory
attemptckrealloc(3) - allocate or free heap memory
attr(1)             - extended attributes on XFS filesystem objects
attr(5)             - Extended attributes
attr_get(3)         - get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_get(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_getf(3)        - get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
Attribute.Handlers(3pm) - Simpler definition of attribute handlers
attributes(3pm)     - get/set subroutine or variable attributes
attr_list(3)        - list the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object
attr_listf(3)       - list the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object
attr_multi(3)       - manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once
attr_multif(3)      - manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once
attr_off(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attroff(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_on(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attron(3x)          - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_remove(3)      - remove a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_removef(3)     - remove a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_set(3)         - set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_set(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attrset(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_setf(3)        - set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
AuAnyEvent(3)       - any event structure
AuBucketAttributes(3) - bucket attributes structure
AuCloseServer(3)    - disconnect from audio server
auconvert(1)        - perform various conversion operations on sound files
AuConvertDataToShort(3) - convert audio data from the specified format to signed short integer.
AuConvertShortToData(3) - convert signed short integers to the specified format.
AuCreateBucket(3)   - create a bucket
AuCreateFlow(3)     - create a flow
auctl(1)            - control various audio server parameters
AuDataFormats(3)    - audio data formats.
AuDataTypes(3)      - data types
AuDefineToFormat(3) - return the format specified by a C-preprocessor define.
audemo(1)           - Network Audio System record and play demo
AuDestroyBucket(3)  - destroy bucket
AuDestroyFlow(3)    - destroy flow
AuDeviceAttributes(3) - device attributes structure
audial(1)           - generate or recognize touch tones for North American telephones
AuDispatchEvent(3)  - send event to the event handlers.
auedit(1)           - graphically record and edit audio files
AuElement(3)        - AuElement union
AuElementNotifyEvent(3) - element notify event structure
AuElementParameters(3) - element parameters structure
AuElementState(3)   - element state structure
AuErrorEvent(3)     - error event structure
AuEvent(3)          - event union
AuEventsQueued(3)   - check the event queue
AuFileFormats(3)    - audio file formats.
AuFixedPointFractionalAddend(3) - (unknown subject)
AuFixedPointFromFraction(3) - make a fixed point value.
AuFixedPointFromSum(3) - make a fixed point value
AuFixedPointIntegralAddend(3) - get the integer portion of a fixed point value.
AuFixedPointRoundDown(3) - get the rounded down integer portion of a fixed point value.
AuFixedPointRoundUp(3) - (unknown subject)
AuFlush(3)          - flush output buffer
AuFormatToDefine(3) - return the C-preprocess define for a format.
AuFormatToString(3) - get the name of a format.
AuFreeBucketAttributes(3) - free memory used by lists of bucket attributes
AuFreeDeviceAttributes(3) - free memory used by lists of device attributes
AuFreeElements(3)   - free the memory used by lists of flow elements
AuFreeElementStates(3) - free the memory used by lists of flow element states
AuGetBucketAttributes(3) - get bucket attributes
AuGetCloseDownMode(3) - return the close down mode of a client
AuGetDeviceAttributes(3) - get device attributes
AuGetElementParameters(3) - get the parameters of elements in a flow
AuGetElements(3)    - get the elements in a flow
AuGetElementStates(3) - get the state of elements in a flow
AuGetErrorDatabaseText(3) - get an error message from the error database
AuGetErrorText(3)   - get a description of an error code
AuGetScratchFlow(3) - get a scratch flow
AuGetScratchFlowFromBucket(3) - use a scratch flow to create an import from a bucket.
AuGetScratchFlowToBucket(3) - use a scratch flow to create an export to a bucket.
AuGetServerTime(3)  - get current server time
AuGrabNotifyEvent(3) - grab notify event structure
AuHandleEvents(3)   - dispatch multiple events
AuIDOfEvent(3)      - return the ID of the source of the event
auinfo(1)           - show information about a Network Audio System server
AuInputTrack(3)     - input track structure
AuKillClient(3)     - destroy a client or its remaining resources
AuListBuckets(3)    - list buckets
AuListDevices(3)    - list devices
AuLookupEventHandler(3) - find the next handler for an event.
AuMakeChangeStateAction(3) - initialize an action
AuMakeElementAddConstant(3) - initialize an AddConstant element
AuMakeElementBundle(3) - initialize a Bundle element
AuMakeElementExportBucket(3) - initialize an ExportBucket element
AuMakeElementExportClient(3) - initialize an ExportClient element
AuMakeElementExportDevice(3) - initialize an ExportDevice element
AuMakeElementExportMonitor(3) - initialize an ExportMonitor element
AuMakeElementImportBucket(3) - initialize an ImportBucket element
AuMakeElementImportClient(3) - initialize an ImportClient element
AuMakeElementImportDevice(3) - initialize an ImportDevice element
AuMakeElementImportWaveForm(3) - initialize an ImportWaveForm element
AuMakeElementMultiplyConstant(3) - initialize a MultiplyConstant element
AuMakeElementState(3) - initialize an element state structure
AuMakeElementSum(3) - initialize an Sum element
AuMakeInputTrack(3) - initialize an input track
AuMakeNoopAction(3) - initialize an action
AuMakeSendNotifyAction(3) - initialize an action
AuMonitorDevice(3)  - (unknown subject)
AuMonitorNotifyEvent(3) - monitor notify event structure
AuNextEvent(3)      - return the next event
aunpack(1)          - A script for managing file archives of various types
AuOpenServer(3)     - connect to audio server
aupanel(1)          - allows user adjustment of Network Audio System device attributes
AuPauseFlow(3)      - pause a flow.
auphone(1)          - a simple telephone client
auplay(1)           - play a sound file to a Network Audio System server
AuReadElement(3)    - read data from an ExportClient element in a flow
aurecord(1)         - record a sound file from a Network Audio System server
AuRegisterEventHandler(3) - add an event handler.
AuReleaseScratchFlow(3) - release a scratch flow.
AuRequeueEvent(3)   - put an event back on the queue
AuScanEvents(3)     - return the first event that satisfies the predicate
AuScanForTypedEvent(3) - return the first event of a specific type
auscope(1)          - Network Audio System Protocol Filter
AuServer(3)         - AuServer structure
AuServerName(3)     - get name of the server to use.
AuSetBucketAttributes(3) - set bucket attributes
AuSetCloseDownMode(3) - change the close down mode of a client
AuSetDeviceAttributes(3) - set device attributes
AuSetElementParameters(3) - set the parameters of elements in a flow
AuSetElements(3)    - set elements in a flow
AuSetElementStates(3) - set the state of elements in a flow
AuSetErrorHandler(3) - set nonfatal error handler
AuSetIOErrorHandler(3) - set handler for fatal IO errors
AuSetString(3)      - initialize a description string structure
AuSoundCreateBucketFromData(3) - create a bucket and initialize its contents.
AuSoundCreateBucketFromFile(3) - create a bucket and initialize its contents.
AuSoundCreateDataFromBucket(3) - copy the data from a bucket into local memory.
AuSoundCreateFileFromBucket(3) - copy the data from a bucket into a file.
AuSoundPlay(3)      - create a flow to play audio from any source.
AuSoundPlayFromBucket(3) - create a flow to play from a bucket.
AuSoundPlayFromData(3) - create a flow to play from memory.
AuSoundPlayFromFile(3) - create a flow to play a file.
AuSoundPlaySynchronousFromFile(3) - play a file.
AuSoundRecord(3)    - create a flow to record audio to any destination.
AuSoundRecordToBucket(3) - create a flow to record to a bucket.
AuSoundRecordToData(3) - create a flow to record to memory.
AuSoundRecordToFile(3) - create a flow to record to a file.
AuSoundRecordToFileN(3) - (unknown subject)
AuStartFlow(3)      - start a flow.
AuStopFlow(3)       - stop a flow.
AuStringToFormat(3) - return the format described by string.
AuStringToWaveForm(3) - return the wave form described by string.
AuSync(3)           - flush the output buffer and wait for all events and errors to be processed by the server
AuSynchronize(3)    - enable or disable synchronization
autobuild(1)        - Read and parse build logs
autoconf-2.59(1)    - Generate configuration scripts
autoconf-2.64(1)    - Generate configuration scripts
autoconf-2.69(1)    - Generate configuration scripts
autodie(3pm)        - Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope
autodie.exception(3pm) - Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie.exception.system(3pm) - Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie.hints(3pm)  - Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie
auto_execok(n)      - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoheader-2.59(1)  - Create a template header for configure
autoheader-2.64(1)  - Create a template header for configure
autoheader-2.69(1)  - Create a template header for configure
auto_import(n)      - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoinst(1)         - wrapper around the LCDF TypeTools, for installing OpenType fonts in LaTeX.
AutoLoader(3pm)     - load subroutines only on demand
auto_load(n)        - standard library of Tcl procedures
autom4te-2.59(1)    - Generate files and scripts thanks to M4
autom4te-2.64(1)    - Generate files and scripts thanks to M4
autom4te-2.69(1)    - Generate files and scripts thanks to M4
automake-1.11(1)    - manual page for automake 1.11.6
automake-1.12(1)    - manual page for automake 1.12.6
automake-1.13(1)    - manual page for automake 1.13.4
automake-1.14(1)    - manual page for automake 1.14
automake(1)         - manual page for automake 1.11.6
auto_mkindex(n)     - standard library of Tcl procedures
auto_mkindex_old(n) - standard library of Tcl procedures
autool(1)           - audio play/record tool compatible with audiotool
autopoint(1)        - copies standard gettext infrastructure
auto_qualify(n)     - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoreconf-2.59(1)  - Update generated configuration files
autoreconf-2.64(1)  - Update generated configuration files
auto_reset(n)       - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoscan-2.59(1)    - Generate a preliminary
autoscan-2.64(1)    - Generate a preliminary
AutoSplit(3pm)      - split a package for autoloading
autossh(1)          - monitor and restart ssh sessions
autotrace(1)        - converts bitmap image data into vector graphics
autoupdate-2.59(1)  - Update a to a newer Autoconf
autoupdate-2.64(1)  - Update a to a newer Autoconf
autouse(3pm)        - postpone load of modules until a function is used
AuUnregisterEventHandler(3) - remove an event handler.
auwave(1)           - demonstrates the use of waveforms
AuWaveFormToString(3) - return string description of wave form.
AuWriteElement(3)   - write data to an ImportClient element in a flow
avahi-bookmarks(1)  - Web service showing mDNS/DNS-SD announced HTTP services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-browse(1)     - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-browse-domains(1) - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-daemon(8)     - The Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
avahi-daemon.conf(5) - avahi-daemon configuration file
avahi-discover(1)   - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-dnsconfd(8)   - Unicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon
avahi-dnsconfd.action(8) - avahi-dnsconfd action script
avahi.hosts(5)      - avahi-daemon static host name file
avahi-publish(1)    - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-address(1) - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-service(1) - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve(1)    - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-address(1) - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-host-name(1) - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi.service(5)    - avahi-daemon static service file
avahi-set-host-name(1) - Change mDNS host name
avcall(3)           - build a C argument list incrementally and call a C function on it.
aview(1)            - An high quality ascii-art image(pgm) browser
awk(1)              - pattern scanning and processing language
B(3pm)              - The Perl Compiler Backend
backend-spec(7)     - interface between jw and its backends
badblocks(8)        - search a device for bad blocks
balance(1)          - (unknown subject)
base(3pm)           - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
base64(1)           - base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basename(1)         - strip directory and suffix from filenames
bash(1)             - GNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashbug(1)          - report a bug in bash
bash_builtins(1)    - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
bashdb(1)           - bash debugger script
basic_db_auth(8)    - Database auth helper for Squid
basic_getpwnam_auth(8) - (unknown subject)
basic_ldap_auth(8)  - (unknown subject)
basic_ncsa_auth(8)  - (unknown subject)
basic_radius_auth(8) - (unknown subject)
basic_sasl_auth(8)  - (unknown subject)
baudrate(3x)        - curses environment query routines
bbox(1)             - prints out the bounding box of a rawppm or rawpbm image
bc(1)               - An arbitrary precision calculator language
bcmp(3)             - (unknown subject)
B.Concise(3pm)      - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops
bcopy(3)            - (unknown subject)
bcrypt(1)           - blowfish file encryption
B.Debug(3pm)        - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
B.Deparse(3pm)      - Perl compiler backend to produce perl code
bdftopcf(1)         - convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
bdftruncate(1)      - generate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF font
beep(3x)            - curses bell and screen flash routines
beforelight(1)      - screen saver
BEGIN(7)            - start a transaction block
bell(n)             - Ring a display's bell
Benchmark(3pm)      - benchmark running times of Perl code
ber_alloc_t(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_bvarray_add(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvarray_free(3) - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvdup(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvecadd(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvecfree(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvfree(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvstr(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvstrdup(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_dupbv(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_first_element(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_flush(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_free(3)         - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_get_bitstring(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_boolean(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_enum(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_int(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_next(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_null(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_stringa(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_stringb(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_next_element(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_peek_tag(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_printf(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_enum(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_int(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_null(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_ostring(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_seq(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_set(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_string(3)   - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_scanf(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_skip_tag(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_start_set(3)    - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_str2bv(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
BF_cbc_encrypt(3)   - Blowfish encryption
BF_cfb64_encrypt(3) - Blowfish encryption
BF_decrypt(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_ecb_encrypt(3)   - Blowfish encryption
BF_encrypt(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_ofb64_encrypt(3) - Blowfish encryption
BF_options(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_set_key(3)       - Blowfish encryption
bg(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
bg5conv(1)          - convert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding into `preprocessed' form.
B.Generate(3pm)     - Create your own op trees.
bgerror(n)          - Command invoked to process background errors
bibtex(1)           - make a bibliography for(La)TeX
Bigarray(3o)        - Large, multi-dimensional, numerical arrays.
Bigarray.Array1(3o) - One-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array2(3o) - Two-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array3(3o) - Three-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Genarray(3o) - no description
bigint(3pm)         - Transparent BigInteger support for Perl
bignum(3pm)         - Transparent BigNumber support for Perl
bigrat(3pm)         - Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl
binary(n)           - Insert and extract fields from binary strings
bind(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
bind(n)             - Arrange for X events to invoke Tcl scripts
bindresvport(3t)    - bind a socket to a privileged IP port
bindtags(n)         - Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation
bindtextdomain(3)   - set directory containing message catalogs
bind_textdomain_codeset(3) - set encoding of message translations
binsrch(3)          - general purpose functions for performing a binary search
bio(3)              - I/O abstraction
BIO_append_filename(3) - FILE bio
BIO_callback_ctrl(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl_get_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_get_write_guarantee(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_pending(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl_reset_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_wpending(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_debug_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_destroy_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_do_accept(3)    - accept BIO
BIO_do_connect(3)   - connect BIO
BIO_eof(3)          - BIO control operations
BIO_f_base64(3)     - base64 BIO filter
BIO_f_buffer(3)     - buffering BIO
BIO_f_cipher(3)     - cipher BIO filter
BIO_find_type(3)    - BIO chain traversal
BIO_flush(3)        - BIO control operations
BIO_f_md(3)         - message digest BIO filter
BIO_f_null(3)       - null filter
BIO_free(3)         - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_free_all(3)     - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_f_ssl(3)        - SSL BIO
BIO_get_accept_port(3) - accept BIO
BIO_get_bind_mode(3) - accept BIO
BIO_get_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_get_callback_arg(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_get_cipher_ctx(3) - cipher BIO filter
BIO_get_cipher_status(3) - cipher BIO filter
BIO_get_close(3)    - BIO control operations
BIO_get_conn_hostname(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_int_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_ip(3)  - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_get_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_get_info_callback(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_get_md(3)       - message digest BIO filter
BIO_get_md_ctx(3)   - message digest BIO filter
BIO_get_mem_data(3) - memory BIO
BIO_get_mem_ptr(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_get_num_renegotiates(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_get_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_get_retry_BIO(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_get_retry_reason(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_gets(3)         - BIO I/O functions
BIO_get_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_get_write_buf_size(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_get_write_guarantee(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_int_ctrl(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_make_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_new(3)          - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_new_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_new_buffer_ssl_connect(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_new_CMS(3)      - CMS streaming filter BIO
BIO_new_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_new_file(3)     - FILE bio
BIO_new_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_new_mem_buf(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_new_socket(3)   - socket BIO
BIO_new_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_new_ssl_connect(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_next(3)         - BIO chain traversal
BIO_pending(3)      - BIO control operations
BIO_pop(3)          - add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_ptr_ctrl(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_push(3)         - add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_puts(3)         - BIO I/O functions
bioradtopgm(1)      - convert a Biorad confocal file into a PGM image
BIO_read(3)         - BIO I/O functions
BIO_read_filename(3) - FILE bio
BIO_reset(3)        - BIO control operations
BIO_retry_type(3)   - BIO retry functions
BIO_rw_filename(3)  - FILE bio
BIO_s_accept(3)     - accept BIO
BIO_s_bio(3)        - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_connect(3)    - connect BIO
BIO_seek(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_set(3)          - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_set_accept_bios(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_accept_port(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_bind_mode(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_set_callback_arg(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_set_cipher(3)   - cipher BIO filter
BIO_set_close(3)    - BIO control operations
BIO_set_conn_hostname(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_int_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_ip(3)  - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_set_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_set_info_callback(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_set_md(3)       - message digest BIO filter
BIO_set_mem_buf(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_set_mem_eof_return(3) - memory BIO
BIO_set_nbio(3)     - connect BIO
BIO_set_nbio_accept(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_mode(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_bytes(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_timeout(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_write_buf_size(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_fd(3)         - file descriptor BIO
BIO_s_file(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_should_io_special(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_read(3)  - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_retry(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_write(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_shutdown_wr(3)  - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_mem(3)        - memory BIO
BIO_s_null(3)       - null data sink
BIO_ssl_copy_session_id(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_ssl_shutdown(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_s_socket(3)     - socket BIO
BIO_tell(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_vfree(3)        - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_wpending(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_write(3)        - BIO I/O functions
BIO_write_filename(3) - FILE bio
bison(1)            - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bitmap(1)           - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
BitmapBitOrder(3)   - image format functions and macros
bitmap(n)           - Images that display two colors
BitmapPad(3)        - image format functions and macros
BitmapUnit(3)       - image format functions and macros
bkgd(3x)            - curses window background manipulation routines
bkgdset(3x)         - curses window background manipulation routines
bkgrnd(3x)          - curses window complex background manipulation routines
bkgrndset(3x)       - curses window complex background manipulation routines
BlackPixel(3)       - Display macros and functions
BlackPixelOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
BLAS_SRC_lsame.f(3) - (unknown subject)
BLAS_SRC_xerbla_array.f(3) - (unknown subject)
BLAS_SRC_xerbla.f(3) - (unknown subject)
blender(3x)         - functionality for blending of image data using diofferent algorithms libAfterImage/blender.h
blib(3pm)           - Use MakeMaker's uninstalled version of a package
B.Lint(3pm)         - Perl lint
B.Lint.Debug(3pm)   - Adds debugging stringification to B::
blkid(8)            - locate/print block device attributes
blowfish(3)         - Blowfish encryption
bmore(1)            - browse through a binary file
bmp2png(1)          - BMP-to-PNG converter
bmp2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap image file
bmptopnm(1)         - convert a BMP file into a PBM, PGM, or PNM image
bmptoppm(1)         - replaced by bmptopnm
bmtoa(1)            - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
bn(3)               - multiprecision integer arithmetics
BN_add(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_add_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_add_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_bin2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_BLINDING_convert(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_convert_ex(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_create_param(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_free(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_get_flags(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_get_thread_id(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_invert(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_invert_ex(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_new(3)  - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_set_flags(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_set_thread_id(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_update(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_bn2bin(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2dec(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2hex(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2mpi(3)        - format conversions
bn_check_top(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_clear(3)         - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_clear_bit(3)     - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_clear_free(3)    - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_cmp(3)           - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
bn_cmp_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_copy(3)          - copy BIGNUMs
BN_CTX_end(3)       - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_CTX_free(3)      - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_get(3)       - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_CTX_init(3)      - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_new(3)       - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_start(3)     - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_dec2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_div(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_div_recp(3)      - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_div_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_div_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_dump(3)          - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_dup(3)           - copy BIGNUMs
BN_exp(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_expand2(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_expand(3)        - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_fix_top(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_free(3)          - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_from_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_gcd(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_generate_prime(3) - generate primes and test for primality
BN_get_word(3)      - BIGNUM assignment operations
BN_hex2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_init(3)          - allocate and free BIGNUMs
bn_internal(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_is_bit_set(3)    - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_is_odd(3)        - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_one(3)        - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_prime(3)      - generate primes and test for primality
BN_is_prime_fasttest(3) - generate primes and test for primality
BN_is_word(3)       - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_zero(3)       - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_lshift1(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_lshift(3)        - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mask_bits(3)     - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_add(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_exp(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_inverse(3)   - compute inverse modulo n
BN_mod_mul(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_mod_sqr(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_sub(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
BN_MONT_CTX_copy(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_free(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_init(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_new(3)  - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_set(3)  - Montgomery multiplication
BN_mpi2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_mul(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_mul_add_words(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_comba4(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_comba8(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_high(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_low_normal(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_low_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_normal(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_part_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_mul_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_mul_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_new(3)           - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_nnmod(3)         - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_num_bits(3)      - get BIGNUM size
BN_num_bits_word(3) - get BIGNUM size
BN_num_bytes(3)     - get BIGNUM size
BN_one(3)           - BIGNUM assignment operations
bn_print(3)         - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_print_fp(3)      - format conversions
BN_pseudo_rand(3)   - generate pseudo-random number
BN_rand(3)          - generate pseudo-random number
BN_RECP_CTX_free(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_init(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_new(3)  - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_set(3)  - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_rshift1(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_rshift(3)        - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_set_bit(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
bn_set_high(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_set_low(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_set_max(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_set_word(3)      - BIGNUM assignment operations
BN_sqr(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_sqr_comba4(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_comba8(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_normal(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_sub(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_sub_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_sub_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_swap(3)          - exchange BIGNUMs
BN_to_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_ucmp(3)          - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_value_one(3)     - BIGNUM assignment operations
bn_wexpand(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_zero(3)          - BIGNUM assignment operations
body(n)             - change the body for a class method/proc
bonobo-activation-server(1) - GNOME component tracker
bool(1)             - print context matching a boolean expression
border(3x)          - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
border_set(3x)      - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
bottom_panel(3x)    - panel stack extension for curses
box(3x)             - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
boxes(1)            - text mode box and comment drawing filter
box_set(3x)         - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
break(1)            - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
break(n)            - Abort looping command
brlapi__acceptAllKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_acceptAllKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__acceptKeyRanges(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_acceptKeyRanges(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__acceptKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_acceptKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_authClientPacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_authServerPacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__closeConnection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_closeConnection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_connection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_constants.h(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__defaultExceptionHandler(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_defaultExceptionHandler(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_deprecated(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_describedKeyCode_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_describeKeyCode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_driverspecific(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__enterRawMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_enterRawMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__enterTtyMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_enterTtyMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__enterTtyModeWithPath(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_enterTtyModeWithPath(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_errfun(3)    - (unknown subject)
brlapi_errlist(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_errno(3)     - (unknown subject)
brlapi_error(3)     - (unknown subject)
brlapi_error_location(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_errorPacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_error_t(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi__exceptionHandler_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_exceptionHandler_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_expandedKeyCode_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_expandKeyCode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_fd_mutex(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_fileDescriptor(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_gaierrno(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi__getDisplaySize(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getDisplaySize(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__getDriverName(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getDriverName(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getDriverSpecificModePacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getHandleSize(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getPacketTypeName(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getRaw(3)    - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getTty(3)    - (unknown subject)
brlapi_getTtyPath(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_handles(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_handle_t(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_header_t(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi__ignoreAllKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_ignoreAllKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__ignoreKeyRanges(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_ignoreKeyRanges(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__ignoreKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_ignoreKeys(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_info(3)      - (unknown subject)
brlapi_initializeConnection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_keycodes(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_keycodes.h(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_keyCode_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_keys(3)      - (unknown subject)
brlapi_leaveRaw(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi__leaveRawMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_leaveRawMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_leaveTty(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi__leaveTtyMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_leaveTtyMode(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_libcerrno(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_nerr(3)      - (unknown subject)
brlapi__openConnection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_openConnection(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_packet_t(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_packetType_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_perror(3)    - (unknown subject)
brlapi_protocol(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_protocol.h(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_range_t(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_all(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_code(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_command(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_key(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_rangeType_type(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__readKey(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_readKey(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_readPacket(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_readPacketContent(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_readPacketHeader(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__recvRaw(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_recvRaw(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_resume(3)    - (unknown subject)
brlapi__resumeDriver(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_resumeDriver(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__sendRaw(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_sendRaw(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi__setExceptionHandler(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_setExceptionHandler(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__setFocus(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_setFocus(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi_settings_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_strerror(3)  - (unknown subject)
brlapi__strexception(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_strexception(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_suspend(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi__suspendDriver(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_suspendDriver(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_tty(3)       - (unknown subject)
brlapi_unignoreKeyRange(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_unignoreKeySet(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_version(3)   - (unknown subject)
brlapi_versionPacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_write(3)     - (unknown subject)
brlapi_writeArgumentsPacket_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_writeArguments_t(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi__writeDots(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_writeDots(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_writePacket(3) - (unknown subject)
brlapi_writeStruct(3) - (unknown subject)
brltty(1)           - refreshable braille display driver for Linux/Unix
broadwayd(1)        - Broadway display server
brushtopbm(1)       - convert a doodle brush file into a PBM image
bsdcpio(1)          - copy files to and from archives
bsdiff(1)           - generate a patch between two binary files
bsdtar(1)           - manipulate tape archives
bsearch(3)          - (unknown subject)
bsfilter(1)         - bayesian spam filter
bsflite(1)          - Minimalist AIM(R) client
B.Showlex(3pm)      - Show lexical variables used in functions or files
bspatch(1)          - apply a patch built with bsdiff(1)
bsqldb(1)           - batch SQL script processor using DB-Library
bsqlodbc(1)         - batch SQL script processor using ODBC
bssh(1)             - Browse for SSH/VNC servers on the local network
B.Terse(3pm)        - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops
Buffer(3o)          - Extensible string buffers.
buffer(3)           - simple character arrays structure
BUF_MEM_free(3)     - simple character arrays structure
BUF_MEM_grow(3)     - simple character arrays structure
BUF_MEM_new(3)      - simple character arrays structure
BUF_strdup(3)       - simple character arrays structure
bugpoint(1)         - automatic test case reduction tool
builtin(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Bundle.DBD.mysql(3pm) - A bundle to install Perl drivers for MySQL
Bundle.DBI(3pm)     - A bundle to install DBI and required modules.
bundledoc(1)        - bundle all the files needed by a LaTeX document
Bundle.libwin32(3pm) - install all modules that make up the libwin32 bundle
burst(1)            - explode digests into messages
button(n)           - Create and manipulate button widgets
bvi(1)              - visual editor for binary files
bvnc(1)             - Browse for SSH/VNC servers on the local network
B.Xref(3pm)         - Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs
byacc(1)            - an LALR(1) parser generator
bytes(3pm)          - Perl pragma to force byte semantics rather than character semantics
bzcmp(1)            - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzdiff(1)           - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzegrep(1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzero(3)            - (unknown subject)
bzfgrep(1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzgrep(1)           - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzip2(1)            - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6
bzless(1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text
bzmore(1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text
bzr(1)              - Bazaar next-generation distributed version control
bzz(1)              - DjVu general purpose compression utility.
c2ph(1)             - Dump C structures as generated from "cc - g - S" stabs
c3270(1)            - curses-based IBM host access tool
c44(1)              - DjVuPhoto encode.
ca(1)               - sample minimal CA application
cabextract(1)       - program to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives
caca_add_dirty_rect(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_API_VERSION_1(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
caca_attributes(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_ansi(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_ansi_bg(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_ansi_fg(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_argb64(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_rgb12_bg(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_attr_to_rgb12_fg(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_BLACK(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
CACA_BLINK(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca_blit(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
CACA_BLUE(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
CACA_BOLD(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
CACA_BROWN(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca_canvas(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_canvas_set_figfont(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_canvas_t(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_charfont(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_charfont_t(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_charset(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_clear_canvas(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_clear_dirty_rect_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_color(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca-config(1)      - script to get information about the installed version of libcaca
caca_conio_cgets(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_clreol(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_clrscr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_CONIO_COLORS(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_cprintf(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_cputs(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_cscanf(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_CONIO_CURSOR(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_delay(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_delline(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_directvideo(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_getch(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_getche(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_getpass(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_gettext(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_gettextinfo(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_gotoxy(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_highvideo(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_insline(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_kbhit(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_lowvideo(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_CONIO_MODE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_movetext(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_normvideo(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_nosound(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_printf(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_putch(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_puttext(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio__setcursortype(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_sleep(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_sound(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_textattr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_textbackground(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_textcolor(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_text_info(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_textmode(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_ungetch(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_wherex(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_wherey(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio_window(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_conio__wscroll(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_cp437_to_utf32(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_create_display(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_create_display_with_driver(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_create_dither(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_create_frame(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_CYAN(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
CACA_DARKGRAY(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_DEFAULT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
cacademo(1)         - libcaca's demonstration applications
caca_dirty(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca_disable_dirty_rect(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_display(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_display_t(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_dither(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_dither_bitmap(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_dither_t(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_box(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_circle(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_cp437_box(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_ellipse(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_line(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_polyline(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_thin_box(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_thin_ellipse(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_thin_line(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_thin_polyline(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_thin_triangle(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_draw_triangle(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_enable_dirty_rect(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_event(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_ANY(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_NONE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_QUIT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_EVENT_RESIZE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_event_t(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_event_type(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_export_area_to_memory(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_export_canvas_to_memory(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_figfont(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
caca_file_close(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_eof(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_gets(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_open(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_read(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_t(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_file_tell(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_file_write(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_fill_box(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_fill_ellipse(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_fill_triangle(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_fill_triangle_textured(3caca) - (unknown subject)
cacafire(1)         - libcaca's demonstration applications
caca_flip(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
caca_flop(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
caca_flush_figlet(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_font(3caca)    - (unknown subject)
caca_font_t(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_frame(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca_free_charfont(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_free_display(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_free_dither(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_free_font(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_free_frame(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_attr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_canvas(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_canvas_handle_x(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_canvas_handle_y(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_char(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dirty_rect(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dirty_rect_count(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_display_driver(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_display_driver_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_display_height(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_display_time(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_display_width(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_algorithm(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_algorithm_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_antialias(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_antialias_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_brightness(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_charset(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_charset_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_color(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_color_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_contrast(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_dither_gamma(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_key_ch(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_key_utf32(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_key_utf8(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_mouse_button(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_mouse_x(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_mouse_y(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_resize_height(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_resize_width(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_event_type(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_export_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_font_blocks(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_font_height(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_font_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_font_width(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_frame_count(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_frame_name(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_import_list(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_mouse_x(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_get_mouse_y(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_getopt(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_gotoxy(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_GREEN(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca.h(3caca)       - (unknown subject)
caca_import_area_from_file(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_import_area_from_memory(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_import_canvas_from_file(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_import_canvas_from_memory(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_importexport(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_invert(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_ITALICS(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_key(3caca)     - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_BACKSPACE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_A(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_B(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_C(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_D(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_E(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_F(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_G(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_J(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_K(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_L(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_N(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_O(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_P(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_Q(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_R(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_T(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_U(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_V(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_W(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_X(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_Y(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_CTRL_Z(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_DELETE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_DOWN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_END(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_ESCAPE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F10(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F11(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F12(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F13(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F1(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F14(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F15(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F2(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F3(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F4(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F5(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F6(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F7(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F8(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_F9(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_HOME(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_INSERT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_LEFT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_PAGEDOWN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_PAGEUP(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_PAUSE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_RETURN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_RIGHT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_TAB(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_UNKNOWN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_KEY_UP(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTBLUE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTCYAN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTGRAY(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTGREEN(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTMAGENTA(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_LIGHTRED(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_load_charfont(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_load_font(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_MAGENTA(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_MAGIC_FULLWIDTH(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_optarg(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_optind(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_option(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
cacaplay(1)         - play libcaca files
caca_primitives(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_printf(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_process(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_put_attr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_put_char(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_put_figchar(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_put_str(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_RED(3caca)     - (unknown subject)
caca_refresh_display(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_remove_dirty_rect(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_render_canvas(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_rotate_180(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_rotate_left(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_rotate_right(3caca) - (unknown subject)
cacaserver(1)       - telnet server for libcaca
caca_set_attr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_canvas_boundaries(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_canvas_handle(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_color_ansi(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_color_argb(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_cursor(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_display_driver(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_display_time(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_display_title(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_algorithm(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_antialias(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_brightness(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_charset(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_color(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_contrast(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_gamma(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_dither_palette(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_figfont_smush(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_figfont_width(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_frame(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_frame_name(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_set_mouse(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_stretch_left(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_stretch_right(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_style(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
caca_toggle_attr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_transform(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_TRANSPARENT(3caca) - (unknown subject)
CACA_UNDERLINE(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_unset_attr(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_utf32_is_fullwidth(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_utf32_to_ascii(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_utf32_to_cp437(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_utf32_to_utf8(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_utf8_to_utf32(3caca) - (unknown subject)
cacaview(1)         - ASCII image browser
caca_vprintf(3caca) - (unknown subject)
caca_wherex(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
caca_wherey(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
CACA_WHITE(3caca)   - (unknown subject)
CACA_YELLOW(3caca)  - (unknown subject)
cachemgr.cgi(8)     - (unknown subject)
cadaver(1)          - A command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
cal(1)              - display a calendar
callback(3)         - closures with variable arguments as first-class C functions
Callback(3o)        - Registering OCaml values with the C runtime.
caller(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
calloc(3)           - (unknown subject)
cameratopam(1)      - convert raw camera image to PAM
CamlinternalLazy(3o) - Run-time support for lazy values.
CamlinternalMod(3o) - Run-time support for recursive modules.
CamlinternalOO(3o)  - Run-time support for objects and classes.
can_change_color(3x) - curses color manipulation routines
canvas(n)           - Create and manipulate canvas widgets            - friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs
captoinfo(1m)       - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
Capture.Tiny(3pm)   - Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs
card(1)             - print reference card of program options
Carp(3pm)           - alternative warn and die for modules
case(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
case(n)             - Evaluate one of several scripts, depending on a given value
cat(1)              - concatenate files and print on the standard output
catch(n)            - Evaluate script and trap exceptional returns
catdoc(1)           - reads MS-Word file and puts its content as plain text on standard output
catppt(1)           - reads MS-PowerPoint file and puts its content on standard output
caxpy(3)            - (unknown subject)
caxpy.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cbbcsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cbbcsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cbdsqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cbdsqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cbreak(3x)          - curses input options
cbrt(3)             - (unknown subject)
cbrtf(3)            - (unknown subject)
ccache(1)           - a fast C/C++ compiler cache
ccache-swig(1)      - a fast compiler cache
ccat(1)             - encrypt and decrypt files and streams
cccc(1)             - C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool
ccdecrypt(1)        - encrypt and decrypt files and streams
ccdoc(1)            - C++ interface documentation tool
ccencrypt(1)        - encrypt and decrypt files and streams
ccguess(1)          - search for ccrypt encryption keys
ccmake(1)           - Curses Interface for CMake.
ccmakedep(1)        - create dependencies in makefiles using a C compiler
ccopy(3)            - (unknown subject)
ccopy.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ccrypt(1)           - encrypt and decrypt files and streams
cd(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
cdargs(1)           - bookmarks and browser for cd shell built-in
cdda2mp3(1)         - extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cdda2ogg(1)         - extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cdda2wav(1)         - a sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
cdiff(1)            - a wrapper tool for colordiff
cd(n)               - Change working directory
cdotc(3)            - (unknown subject)
cdotc.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cdotu(3)            - (unknown subject)
cdotu.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cdrecord(1)         - write data to optical disk media
cdv(1)              - codeville command line client tool
cdv-agent(1)        - codeville authentication agent
cdvpasswd(1)        - adds, removes, or sets passwords for users of a cdv server.
cdvserver(1)        - server for the codeville distributed revision system.
cdvupgrade(1)       - upgrades codeville repositories and server directories
cef5conv(1)         - convert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cefconv(1)          - convert a TeX document containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cefsconv(1)         - convert a TeX document in SJIS encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
ceil(3)             - (unknown subject)
ceilf(3)            - (unknown subject)
CellsOfScreen(3)    - screen information functions and macros
certtool(1)         - GnuTLS certificate tool
cfdisk(8)           - display or manipulate disk partition table
cfftot1(1)          - convert PostScript font from CFF to Type 1
c++filt(1)          - Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
cfourcc(1)          - tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files
cfv(1)              - Verify file consistency with .sfv, .csv, .crc, .md5, md5sum, sha1sum, .torrent, par, or par2 files
cgbbrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbbrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgbequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgbequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbrfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgbrfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgbsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbsvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgbsvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgbtf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbtf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbtrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbtrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgdb(1)             - manual page for CGDB 0.6.6
cgebak(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgebak.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgebal(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgebal.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgebd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgebd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgebrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgebrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgecon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgecon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgeequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgees(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgees.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeesx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeesx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeev(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgeev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgegs(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgegs.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgegv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgegv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgehd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgehd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgehrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgehrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgelq2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelq2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgelqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgels(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgelsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgels.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgelss(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelss.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgelsx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelsx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgelsy(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgelsy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgemm(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgemm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgemqrt(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgemqrt.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgemv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgemv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeql2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeql2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqlf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqlf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqp3(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqp3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqpf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqpf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqr2p(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeqr2p.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgeqrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeqrfp(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeqrfp.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt2(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt3(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt3.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgeqrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgerc(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgerc.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgerfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgerfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgerfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgerfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgerq2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgerq2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgerqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgerqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgeru(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgeru.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgesc2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgesc2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgesdd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgesdd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgesv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgesvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgesvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgesv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgesvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgesvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgesvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgesvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cgetc2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgetc2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgetf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgetf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgetrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgetrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgetri(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgetri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgetrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgetrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggbak(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggbak.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggbal(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggbal.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgges(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgges.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cggesx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggesx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggev(3)            - (unknown subject)
cggev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cggevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggglm(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggglm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgghrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgghrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgglse(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgglse.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggqrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggqrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggrqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggrqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggsvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggsvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cggsvp(3)           - (unknown subject)
cggsvp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
CGI(3pm)            - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
CGI.Apache(3pm)     - Backward compatibility module for
CGI.Carp(3pm)       - CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log
CGI.Cookie(3pm)     - Interface to HTTP Cookies
CGI.Fast(3pm)       - CGI Interface for Fast CGI
CGI.Pretty(3pm)     - module to produce nicely formatted HTML code
CGI.Push(3pm)       - Simple Interface to Server Push
CGI.Switch(3pm)     - Backward compatibility module for defunct CGI::Switch
CGI.Util(3pm)       - Internal utilities used by CGI module
cgoban(6)           - X11 Go Toolset
cgtcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgtcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgtrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgtrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgtsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cgtsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cgtsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgtsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgttrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgttrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgttrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgttrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cgtts2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cgtts2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
challenge(3)        - (unknown subject)
chan(n)             - Read, write and manipulate channels
char2uni(3x)        - handling on Unicode, UTF-8 and localized 8 bit encodings libAfterImage/CHAR_SIZE
charnames(3pm)      - access to Unicode character names and named character sequences; also define character names
chattr(1)           - change file attributes on a Linux file system
chbev(3)            - (unknown subject)
chbevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chbev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chbevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chbgst(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbgst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chbgv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chbgvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbgvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chbgv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chbgvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbgvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chbtrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chbtrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chcon(1)            - change file security context
checkbashisms(1)    - check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts
checkbutton(n)      - Create and manipulate checkbutton widgets
checkmail(1)        - plays a sound file when the user receives mail
checkmk(1)          - Awk script for generating C unit tests for use with the Check unit testing framework.
CHECKPOINT(7)       - force a transaction log checkpoint
check-regexp(1)     - test regular expressions from the command line
checkX(1)           - manual page for checkX (part of run2 0.3.0)
checon(3)           - (unknown subject)
checon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
checon_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
checon_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
cheequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
cheequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cheev(3)            - (unknown subject)
cheevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cheevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cheev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cheevr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cheevr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cheevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cheevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chegs2(3)           - (unknown subject)
chegs2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chegst(3)           - (unknown subject)
chegst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chegv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chegvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chegvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chegv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chegvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chegvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chem(1)             - groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams
chemm(3)            - (unknown subject)
chemm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chemv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chemv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cher2(3)            - (unknown subject)
cher2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cher2k(3)           - (unknown subject)
cher2k.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cher(3)             - (unknown subject)
chere(1)            - manage Shell Here context menu items
cher.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
cherfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cherfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cherfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cherfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cherk(3)            - (unknown subject)
cherk.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chesv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chesv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chesv_rook(3)       - (unknown subject)
chesv_rook.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
chesvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chesvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chesvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
chesvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cheswapr(3)         - (unknown subject)
cheswapr.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
chetd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetf2_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
chetf2_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
chetrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetrf_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
chetrf_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
chetri2(3)          - (unknown subject)
chetri2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
chetri2x(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetri2x.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
chetri(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetri_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
chetri_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
chetrs2(3)          - (unknown subject)
chetrs2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
chetrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
chetrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chetrs_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
chetrs_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
chewmail(1)         - mail archiver
chfrk(3)            - (unknown subject)
chfrk.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chgat(3x)           - curses character and window attribute control routines
chgeqz(3)           - (unknown subject)
chgeqz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chgrp(1)            - change group ownership
chicken(1)          - A Scheme-to-C compiler
chicken-bug(1)      - generates a Chicken Scheme bug report from user input
chicken-profile(1)  - generate a report from Chicken Scheme profiled program output
chicken-setup(1)    - install extension libraries for Chicken Scheme
chkconfig(8)        - updates and queries runlevel information for system services
chkdupexe(1)        - find duplicate executables
chkfont(6)          - checks figlet 2.0 and up font files for format errors
chktex(1)           - finds typographic errors in LaTeX.
chkweb(1)           - runs the LaTeX parts of a CWEB file through chktex
chla_transtype(3)   - (unknown subject)
chla_transtype.f(3) - (unknown subject)
chmod(1)            - change file mode bits
chown(1)            - change file owner and group
chpcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpev(3)            - (unknown subject)
chpevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chpevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpgst(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpgst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpgv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chpgvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpgvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpgv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chpgvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpgvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chpmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chpr2(3)            - (unknown subject)
chpr2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chpr(3)             - (unknown subject)
chpr.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
chprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
chprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chpsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
chpsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
chpsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
chpsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chptrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
chptrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chptrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
chptrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
chptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
chptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chroot(1)           - run command or interactive shell with special root directory
chsein(3)           - (unknown subject)
chsein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
chseqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
chseqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ci(1)               - check in RCS revisions
ciphers(1)          - SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
cjb2(1)             - Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cjpeg(1)            - compress an image file to a JPEG file
ckalloc(3)          - allocate or free heap memory
ckfree(3)           - allocate or free heap memory
ckrealloc(3)        - allocate or free heap memory
cksum(1)            - checksum and count the bytes in a file
clabrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
clabrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacgv(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacgv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacn2(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacn2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacon(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacp2(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacp2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacpy(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacpy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacrm(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacrm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clacrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
clacrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cladiv(3)           - (unknown subject)
cladiv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claed0(3)           - (unknown subject)
claed0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claed7(3)           - (unknown subject)
claed7.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claed8(3)           - (unknown subject)
claed8.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claein(3)           - (unknown subject)
claein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claesy(3)           - (unknown subject)
claesy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claev2(3)           - (unknown subject)
claev2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clag2z(3)           - (unknown subject)
clag2z.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_gbamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
cla_gbamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrcond_c(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrcond_c.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrcond_x(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrcond_x.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_gbrpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
cla_geamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
cla_geamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
cla_gercond_c(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_gercond_c.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_gercond_x(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_gercond_x.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_gerfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_gerfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_gerpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_gerpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
clags2(3)           - (unknown subject)
clags2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clagtm(3)           - (unknown subject)
clagtm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_heamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
cla_heamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
clahef(3)           - (unknown subject)
clahef.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clahef_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
clahef_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_hercond_c(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_hercond_c.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_hercond_x(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_hercond_x.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_herfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_herfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_herpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_herpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
clahqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
clahqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clahr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
clahr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clahrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
clahrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claic1(3)           - (unknown subject)
claic1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_lin_berr(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_lin_berr.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
clals0(3)           - (unknown subject)
clals0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clalsa(3)           - (unknown subject)
clalsa.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clalsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
clalsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clamav-milter.conf(5) - Configuration file for clamav-milter
clambc(1)           - Bytecode Testing Tool
clamconf(1)         - Clam AntiVirus configuration utility
clamd(8)            - an anti-virus daemon
clamd.conf(5)       - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamdscan(1)        - scan files and directories for viruses using Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamdtop(1)         - monitor the Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamscan(1)         - scan files and directories for viruses
clang(1)            - the Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler
clangb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clangb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clange(3)           - (unknown subject)
clange.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clangt(3)           - (unknown subject)
clangt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanhb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanhb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanhe(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanhe.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanhf(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanhf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanhp(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanhp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanhs(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanhs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clanht(3)           - (unknown subject)
clanht.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clansb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clansb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clansp(3)           - (unknown subject)
clansp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clansy(3)           - (unknown subject)
clansy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clantb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clantb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clantp(3)           - (unknown subject)
clantp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clantr(3)           - (unknown subject)
clantr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clapll(3)           - (unknown subject)
clapll.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clapmr(3)           - (unknown subject)
clapmr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clapmt(3)           - (unknown subject)
clapmt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_porcond_c(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_porcond_c.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_porcond_x(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_porcond_x.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_porfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_porfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_porpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_porpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
claqgb(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqgb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqge(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqge.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqhb(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqhb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqhe(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqhe.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqhp(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqhp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqp2(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqp2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqps(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqps.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr0(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr1(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr3(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr4(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr4.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqr5(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqr5.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqsb(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqsb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqsp(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqsp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claqsy(3)           - (unknown subject)
claqsy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clar1v(3)           - (unknown subject)
clar1v.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clar2v(3)           - (unknown subject)
clar2v.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarcm(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarcm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarf(3)            - (unknown subject)
clarfb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarfb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarf.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
clarfg(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarfg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarfgp(3)          - (unknown subject)
clarfgp.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
clarft(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarft.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarfx(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarfx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clargv(3)           - (unknown subject)
clargv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarnv(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarnv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarrv(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarrv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarscl2(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarscl2.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
clartg(3)           - (unknown subject)
clartg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clartv(3)           - (unknown subject)
clartv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarz(3)            - (unknown subject)
clarzb(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarzb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clarz.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
clarzt(3)           - (unknown subject)
clarzt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clascl2(3)          - (unknown subject)
clascl2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
clascl(3)           - (unknown subject)
clascl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
claset(3)           - (unknown subject)
claset.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clasr(3)            - (unknown subject)
clasr.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
class(n)            - create a class of objects
classq(3)           - (unknown subject)
classq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
Class.Struct(3pm)   - declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
claswp(3)           - (unknown subject)
claswp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_syamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
cla_syamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
clasyf(3)           - (unknown subject)
clasyf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clasyf_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
clasyf_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_syrcond_c(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_syrcond_c.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_syrcond_x(3)    - (unknown subject)
cla_syrcond_x.f(3)  - (unknown subject)
cla_syrfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_syrfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
cla_syrpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
cla_syrpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
clatbs(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatbs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatdf(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatdf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatps(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatps.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatrz(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatrz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clatzm(3)           - (unknown subject)
clatzm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clauu2(3)           - (unknown subject)
clauu2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
clauum(3)           - (unknown subject)
clauum.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cla_wwaddw(3)       - (unknown subject)
cla_wwaddw.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
cleanlinks(1)       - remove dangling symbolic links and empty directories
clear(1)            - clear the terminal screen
clear(3x)           - clear all or part of a curses window
clearerr(3)         - (unknown subject)
clearok(3x)         - curses output options
ClientWhitePointOfCCC(3) - Color Conversion Context macros
clipboard(n)        - Manipulate Tk clipboard
clisp(1)            - ANSI Common Lisp compiler, interpreter and debugger.
clock(1)            - display the time in an icon or window
clock(3)            - (unknown subject)
clock(n)            - Obtain and manipulate dates and times
Clone(3pm)          - recursively copy Perl datatypes
CLOSE(7)            - close a cursor
close(n)            - Close an open channel
clrtobot(3x)        - clear all or part of a curses window
clrtoeol(3x)        - clear all or part of a curses window
CLUSTER(7)          - cluster a table according to an index
clusterdb(1)        - cluster a PostgreSQL database
cmake(1)            - Cross-Platform Makefile Generator.
cmakecommands(1)    - Reference of available CMake commands.
cmakecompat(1)      - Reference of CMake compatibility commands.
cmakemodules(1)     - Reference of available CMake modules.
cmakepolicies(1)    - Reference of CMake policies.
cmakeprops(1)       - Reference of CMake properties.
cmakevars(1)        - Reference of CMake variables.
cmdtool(1)          - run a shell (or other program) in an OpenWindows enhanced terminal window
cmp(1)              - compare two files byte by byte
cms(1)              - CMS utility
CMS_add0_cert(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add0_crl(3)     - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add0_recipient_key(3) - add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure
CMS_add1_cert(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add1_ReceiptRequest(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_add1_recipient_cert(3) - add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure
CMS_compress(3)     - create a CMS CompressedData structure
CMS_decrypt(3)      - decrypt content from a CMS envelopedData structure
CMS_encrypt(3)      - create a CMS envelopedData structure
CMS_final(3)        - finalise a CMS_ContentInfo structure
CMS_get0_eContentType(3) - get and set CMS content types
CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_get0_type(3)    - get and set CMS content types
CMS_get1_certs(3)   - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_get1_crls(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_ReceiptRequest_create0(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_ReceiptRequest_get0_values(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_RecipientInfo_decrypt(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_get0_id(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_id_cmp(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_cert_cmp(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_get0_signer_id(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_key(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_pkey(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_type(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_set1_eContentType(3) - get and set CMS content types
CMS_set1_signer_certs(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_sign(3)         - create a CMS SignedData structure
CMS_sign_add1_signer(3) - add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_SignerInfo_cert_cmp(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_SignerInfo_get0_signer_id(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_SignerInfo_sign(3) - add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_sign_receipt(3) - create a CMS signed receipt
CMS_uncompress(3)   - uncompress a CMS CompressedData structure
CMS_verify(3)       - verify a CMS SignedData structure
CMS_verify_receipt(3) - verify a CMS signed receipt
cmuwmtopbm(1)       - convert a CMU window manager bitmap into a PBM image
cntlist(5)          - file listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a semantic concordance, sorted most to least frequently tagged
co(1)               - check out RCS revisions
code2html(1)        - Converts a program source code to HTML
code(n)             - capture the namespace context for a code fragment
colcrt(1)           - filter nroff output for CRT previewing  - generate DocBook index files
color_content(3x)   - curses color manipulation routines
colordiff(1)        - a tool to colorize diff output
colorgcc(1)         - colorization wrapper for gcc
colorgccrc(5)       - configuration file for colorgcc
COLOR_PAIR(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
color_set(3x)       - curses character and window attribute control routines
colors(n)           - symbolic color names recognized by Tk
colrm(1)            - remove columns from a file
column(1)           - columnate lists
combinediff(1)      - create a cumulative unified patch from two incremental patches
com_err(3)          - common error display routine
comm(1)             - compare two sorted files line by line
command(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
COMMENT(7)          - define or change the comment of an object
COMMIT(7)           - commit the current transaction
COMMIT_PREPARED(7)  - commit a transaction that was earlier prepared for two-phase commit
common(3x)          - common functions used in other examples libAfterImage/tutorials/common.h
common.sense(3pm)   - save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!
comp(1)             - compose a message
compare(1)          - mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction.
comp_err(1)         - compile MySQL error message file
compface(1)         - compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
compface(3)         - compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
compgen(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
compile_et(1)       - error table compiler
complete(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Complex(3o)         - Complex numbers.
Compose(3)          - X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
Compose(5)          - X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
composite(1)        - overlaps one image over another.
Composite(3)        - The Composite widget class
Compress.Bzip2(3pm) - Interface to Bzip2 compression library
Compress.Raw.Bzip2(3pm) - Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
Compress.Raw.Zlib(3pm) - Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
Compress.Zlib(3pm)  - Interface to zlib compression library
concat(n)           - Join lists together
Config(3pm)         - access Perl configuration information
config(5)           - OpenSSL CONF library configuration files
configbody(n)       - change the "config" code for a public variable
config_data(1)      - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
Config.Extensions(3pm) - hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
config.guess-2.59(1) - guess the build system triplet
config.guess-2.64(1) - guess the build system triplet
Config.Perl.V(3pm)  - Structured data retrieval of perl - V output
config_perror(3)    - netsnmp_config_api functions
config_pwarn(3)     - netsnmp_config_api functions
config.sub-2.59(1)  - validate and canonicalize a configuration triplet
config.sub-2.64(1)  - validate and canonicalize a configuration triplet
Config.Tiny(3pm)    - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible
conflict(8)         - search for alias/password conflicts
CONF_modules_finish(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
CONF_modules_free(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
CONF_modules_load(3) - OpenSSL configuration functions
CONF_modules_load_file(3) - OpenSSL configuration functions
CONF_modules_unload(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
conjure(1)          - interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Scripting Language(MSL).
connect(1)          - SSH Proxy Command
ConnectionNumber(3) - Display macros and functions
connect-proxy(1)    - SSH Proxy Command
console(n)          - Control the console on systems without a real console
Consortium(7)       - X Consortium information
constant(3pm)       - Perl pragma to declare constants
Constraint(3)       - The Constraint widget class
context(1)          - (unknown subject)
context(3)          - (unknown subject)
continue(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
continue(n)         - Skip to the next iteration of a loop
convcal(1)          - convert dates to different formats
convert(1)          - convert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more.
convert-ly(1)       - manual page for convert-ly 2.14.1
convmv(1)           - converts filenames from one encoding to another
COPY(7)             - copy data between a file and a table
copyright-update(1) - Update Copyright information in files
copysign(3)         - (unknown subject)
copysignf(3)        - (unknown subject)
copywin(3x)         - overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows
CORE(3pm)           - Pseudo-namespace for Perl's core routines
Core(3)             - The Core widget class
corelist(1)         - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
corkscrew(1)        - Tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
cos(3)              - (unknown subject)
cosf(3)             - (unknown subject)
cosh(3)             - (unknown subject)
cp(1)               - copy files and directories
cpack(1)            - Packaging driver provided by CMake.
cpaldjvu(1)         - DjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
cpan(1)             - easily interact with CPAN from the command line
cpan2dist(1)        - The CPANPLUS distribution creator
CPAN(3pm)           - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites
CPAN.API.HOWTO(3pm) - a recipe book for programming with
CPAN.DistnameInfo(3pm) - Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename
CPAN.Distroprefs(3pm) - - read and match distroprefs
CPAN.FirstTime(3pm) - Utility for CPAN::Config file Initialization
CPAN.Kwalify(3pm)   - Interface between and
CPAN.Meta(3pm)      - the distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
CPAN.Meta.Converter(3pm) - Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures
CPAN.Meta.Feature(3pm) - an optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution
CPAN.Meta.History(3pm) - history of CPAN Meta Spec changes
CPAN.Meta.Prereqs(3pm) - a set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type
CPAN.Meta.Spec(3pm) - specification for CPAN distribution metadata
CPAN.Meta.Validator(3pm) - validate CPAN distribution metadata structures
CPAN.Meta.YAML(3pm) - Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
CPAN.Nox(3pm)       - Wrapper around without using any XS module
cpanp(1)            - The CPANPLUS launcher
CPANPLUS(3pm)       - API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors
CPANPLUS.Backend(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Backend.RV(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Config(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Configure(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Dist(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Dist.Autobundle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Dist.Base(3pm) - Base class for custom distribution classes
CPANPLUS.Dist.Build(3pm) - CPANPLUS plugin to install packages that use Build.PL
CPANPLUS.Dist.Build.Constants(3pm) - Constants for CPANPLUS::Dist::Build
CPANPLUS.Dist.MM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Dist.Sample(3pm) - - Sample code to create your own Dist::* plugin
CPANPLUS.Error(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.FAQ(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Hacking(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Extract(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Fetch(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Report(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Search(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Source(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Internals.Source.Memory(3pm) - In memory implementation
CPANPLUS.Internals.Source.SQLite(3pm) - SQLite implementation
CPANPLUS.Internals.Utils(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Module(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Module.Author(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Module.Author.Fake(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Module.Checksums(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Module.Fake(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Selfupdate(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Shell(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Shell.Classic(3pm) - emulation for CPANPLUS
CPANPLUS.Shell.Default(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Shell.Default.Plugins.CustomSource(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Shell.Default.Plugins.HOWTO(3pm) - - documentation on how to write your own plugins
CPANPLUS.Shell.Default.Plugins.Remote(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS.Shell.Default.Plugins.Source(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPAN.Reporter(3pm)  - Adds CPAN Testers reporting to
CPAN.Reporter.API(3pm) - Programmer's interface to CPAN::Reporter
CPAN.Reporter.Config(3pm) - Config file options for CPAN::Reporter
CPAN.Reporter.FAQ(3pm) - Answers and tips for using CPAN::Reporter
CPAN.Reporter.History(3pm) - Read or write a CPAN::Reporter history log
CPAN.Reporter.PrereqCheck(3pm) - Modulino for prerequisite tests
cpansign(1)         - CPAN signature management utility
CPAN.Testers.Fact.InstalledModules(3pm) - Versions of particular modules installed on a system
CPAN.Testers.Fact.LegacyReport(3pm) - an email-style report for CPAN Testers
CPAN.Testers.Fact.PerlConfig(3pm) - Perl build and configuration information for a CPAN Testers report
CPAN.Testers.Fact.Prereqs(3pm) - prerequisites detected in running a CPAN Testers report
CPAN.Testers.Fact.TestEnvironment(3pm) - Environment vars and other local context during a CPAN Testers report
CPAN.Testers.Fact.TesterComment(3pm) - comment about a CPAN Tester report
CPAN.Testers.Fact.TestOutput(3pm) - output from configuration, build and test
CPAN.Testers.Fact.TestSummary(3pm) - summary of a CPAN Testers analysis of a distribution
CPAN.Testers.Report(3pm) - CPAN Testers report object
CPAN.Version(3pm)   - utility functions to compare CPAN versions
cpbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbstf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbstf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cpbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cpbsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbtf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbtf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbtrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbtrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpftrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpftrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpftri(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpftri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpftrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpftrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpio(1)             - copy files to and from archives
cpio(5)             - format of cpio archive files
cpocon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpocon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpoequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpoequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
cpoequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cpoequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cporfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cporfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cporfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cporfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cposv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cposv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cposvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cposvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cposvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
cposvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cpotf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpotf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpotrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpotrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpotri(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpotri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpotrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpotrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpp(1)              - The C Preprocessor
cppcheck(1)         - Tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cppcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cppcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cppequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
cppequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cppi(1)             - indent the C preprocessor directives in FILE to reflect their nesting
cpprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cppsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cppsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cppsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cppsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpptrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpptrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cppunit-config(1)   - script to get information about the installed version of cppunit
cpstf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpstf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpstrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpstrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cptcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cptcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpteqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpteqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cptrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cptrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cptsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cptsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cptsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cptsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpttrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpttrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cpttrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
cpttrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cptts2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cptts2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
CREATE_AGGREGATE(7) - define a new aggregate function
CREATE_CAST(7)      - define a new cast
CREATE_COLLATION(7) - define a new collation
CREATE_CONVERSION(7) - define a new encoding conversion
CREATE_DATABASE(7)  - create a new database
createdb(1)         - create a new PostgreSQL database
CREATE_DOMAIN(7)    - define a new domain
CREATE_EVENT_TRIGGER(7) - define a new event trigger
CREATE_EXTENSION(7) - install an extension
CREATE_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER(7) - define a new foreign-data wrapper
CREATE_FOREIGN_TABLE(7) - define a new foreign table
CREATE_FUNCTION(7)  - define a new function
CREATE_GROUP(7)     - define a new database role
CREATE_INDEX(7)     - define a new index
createlang(1)       - install a PostgreSQL procedural language
CREATE_LANGUAGE(7)  - define a new procedural language
CREATE_MATERIALIZED_VIEW(7) - define a new materialized view
CREATE_OPERATOR(7)  - define a new operator
CREATE_OPERATOR_CLASS(7) - define a new operator class
CREATE_OPERATOR_FAMILY(7) - define a new operator family
CREATE_ROLE(7)      - define a new database role
CREATE_RULE(7)      - define a new rewrite rule
CREATE_SCHEMA(7)    - define a new schema
CREATE_SEQUENCE(7)  - define a new sequence generator
CREATE_SERVER(7)    - define a new foreign server
CREATE_TABLE(7)     - define a new table
CREATE_TABLE_AS(7)  - define a new table from the results of a query
CREATE_TABLESPACE(7) - define a new tablespace
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_CONFIGURATION(7) - define a new text search configuration
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_DICTIONARY(7) - define a new text search dictionary
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_PARSER(7) - define a new text search parser
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE(7) - define a new text search template
CREATE_TRIGGER(7)   - define a new trigger
CREATE_TYPE(7)      - define a new data type
createuser(1)       - define a new PostgreSQL user account
CREATE_USER(7)      - define a new database role
CREATE_USER_MAPPING(7) - define a new mapping of a user to a foreign server
CREATE_VIEW(7)      - define a new view
crl(1)              - CRL utility
crl2pkcs7(1)        - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
cron(8)             - daemon to execute scheduled commands (ISC Cron V4.1)
crontab(1)          - maintain crontab files for individual users (ISC Cron V4.1)
crontab(5)          - tables for driving cron (ISC Cron V4.1)
crot(3)             - (unknown subject)
crot.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
crotg(3)            - (unknown subject)
crotg.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
crypto(3)           - OpenSSL cryptographic library
CRYPTO_destroy_dynlockid(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_get_ex_data(3) - internal application specific data functions
CRYPTO_get_new_dynlockid(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_lock(3)      - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_num_locks(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_create_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_destroy_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_lock_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3) - internal application specific data functions
CRYPTO_set_locking_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_cmp(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_cpy(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_current(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_get_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_hash(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_set_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
Crypt.Rijndael_PP(3pm) - Perl implementation of Rijndael
Crypt.SSLeay(3pm)   - OpenSSL support for LWP
cs2cs(1)            - cartographic coordinate system filter
csc(1)              - driver program for the Chicken Scheme compiler
cscal(3)            - (unknown subject)
cscal.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cscope(1)           - interactively examine a C program
cscope-indexer(1)   - Script to index files for cscope
csepdjvu(1)         - DjVu encoder for separated data files.
csi(1)              - Chicken Scheme interpreter
cspcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
cspcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csplit(1)           - split a file into sections determined by context lines
cspmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cspmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cspr(3)             - (unknown subject)
cspr.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
csprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
csprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cspsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
cspsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
cspsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
cspsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csptrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
csptrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
csptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
csptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csrot(3)            - (unknown subject)
csrot.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csrscl(3)           - (unknown subject)
csrscl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csscal(3)           - (unknown subject)
csscal.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cstedc(3)           - (unknown subject)
cstedc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cstegr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cstegr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cstein(3)           - (unknown subject)
cstein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cstemr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cstemr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csteqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
csteqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csv1(5)             - Format of the csv1 zone file that MaraDNS uses
csv2(5)             - Description of the csv2 zone file that MaraDNS uses
csv2_txt(5)         - Description of txt and raw resource records in the csv2 zone file
cswap(3)            - (unknown subject)
cswap.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csycon(3)           - (unknown subject)
csycon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csycon_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
csycon_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
csyconv(3)          - (unknown subject)
csyconv.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csyequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
csyequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csymm(3)            - (unknown subject)
csymm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csymv(3)            - (unknown subject)
csymv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csyr2k(3)           - (unknown subject)
csyr2k.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csyr(3)             - (unknown subject)
csyr.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
csyrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
csyrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csyrfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
csyrfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csyrk(3)            - (unknown subject)
csyrk.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csysv(3)            - (unknown subject)
csysv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
csysv_rook(3)       - (unknown subject)
csysv_rook.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
csysvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
csysvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csysvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
csysvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csyswapr(3)         - (unknown subject)
csyswapr.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
csytf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
csytf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csytf2_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
csytf2_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
csytrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
csytrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csytrf_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
csytrf_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
csytri2(3)          - (unknown subject)
csytri2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csytri2x(3)         - (unknown subject)
csytri2x.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
csytri(3)           - (unknown subject)
csytri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csytri_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
csytri_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
csytrs2(3)          - (unknown subject)
csytrs2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
csytrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
csytrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
csytrs_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
csytrs_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
ctags(1)            - Generate tag files for source code
ctangle(1)          - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
ctanify(1)          - Prepare a package for upload to CTAN
ctbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctest(1)            - Testing driver provided by CMake.
ctfsm(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctfsm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctftri(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctftri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctfttp(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctfttp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctfttr(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctfttr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgevc(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgevc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgex2(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgex2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgexc(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgexc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgsen(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgsen.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgsja(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgsja.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgsna(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgsna.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgsy2(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgsy2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctgsyl(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctgsyl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctie(1)             - merge or apply CWEB change files
ctime(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctorrent(1)         - program that allows a user to download bittorrent files by using a terminal, even used remotely with an ssh access
ctpcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctpcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctpmqrt(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctpmqrt.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
ctpmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctpmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctpqrt2(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctpqrt2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
ctpqrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctpqrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctprfb(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctprfb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctpsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctpsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctpttf(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctpttf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctpttr(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctpttr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrevc(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrevc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrexc(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrexc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctris(6)            - (unknown subject)
ctrmm(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctrmm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctrmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctrmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctrrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrsen(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrsen.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrsm(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctrsm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctrsna(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrsna.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
ctrsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
ctrsyl(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrsyl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrti2(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrti2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrtri(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrtri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrttf(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrttf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctrttp(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctrttp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctxtools(1)         - (unknown subject)
ctzrqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctzrqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ctzrzf(3)           - (unknown subject)
ctzrzf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunbdb1(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb1.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb2(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb3(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb3.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunbdb4(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb4.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb5(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb5.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb6(3)          - (unknown subject)
cunbdb6.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
cunbdb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cuncsd2by1(3)       - (unknown subject)
cuncsd2by1.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
cuncsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
cuncsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cung2l(3)           - (unknown subject)
cung2l.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cung2r(3)           - (unknown subject)
cung2r.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungbr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungbr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunghr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunghr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungl2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungl2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunglq(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunglq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungql(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungql.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungrq(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungrq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cungtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cungtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
CUnit(3)            - A unit testing framework for C
cunm2l(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunm2l.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunm2r(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunm2r.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmbr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmbr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmhr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmhr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunml2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunml2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmlq(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmlq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmql(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmql.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmr3(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmr3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmrq(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmrq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmrz(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmrz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cunmtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cunmtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cupgtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cupgtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
cupmtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
cupmtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
curl(1)             - transfer a URL
curl-config(1)      - Get information about a libcurl installation
curl_easy_cleanup(3) - End a libcurl easy session
curl_easy_duphandle(3) - Clone a libcurl session handle
curl_easy_escape(3) - URL encodes the given string
curl_easy_getinfo(3) - extract information from a curl handle
curl_easy_init(3)   - Start a libcurl easy session
curl_easy_pause(3)  - pause and unpause a connection
curl_easy_perform(3) - Perform a file transfer
curl_easy_recv(3)   - receives raw data on an "easy" connection
curl_easy_reset(3)  - reset all options of a libcurl session handle
curl_easy_send(3)   - sends raw data over an "easy" connection
curl_easy_setopt(3) - set options for a curl easy handle
curl_easy_strerror(3) - return string describing error code
curl_easy_unescape(3) - URL decodes the given string
curl_escape(3)      - URL encodes the given string
curl_formadd(3)     - add a section to a multipart/formdata HTTP POST
curl_formfree(3)    - free a previously build multipart/formdata HTTP POST chain
curl_formget(3)     - serialize a previously built multipart/formdata HTTP POST chain
curl_free(3)        - reclaim memory that has been obtained through a libcurl call
curl_getdate(3)     - Convert a date string to number of seconds since January 1, 1970
curl_getenv(3)      - return value for environment name
curl_global_cleanup(3) - global libcurl cleanup
curl_global_init(3) - Global libcurl initialisation
curl_global_init_mem(3) - Global libcurl initialisation with memory callbacks
curl_mprintf(3)     - formatted output conversion
curl_multi_add_handle(3) - add an easy handle to a multi session
curl_multi_assign(3) - set data to association with an internal socket
curl_multi_cleanup(3) - close down a multi session
curl_multi_fdset(3) - extracts file descriptor information from a multi handle
curl_multi_info_read(3) - read multi stack informationals
curl_multi_init(3)  - create a multi handle
curl_multi_perform(3) - reads/writes available data from each easy handle
curl_multi_remove_handle(3) - remove an easy handle from a multi session
curl_multi_setopt(3) - set options for a curl multi handle
curl_multi_socket(3) - reads/writes available data
curl_multi_socket_action(3) - reads/writes available data given an action
curl_multi_strerror(3) - return string describing error code
curl_multi_timeout(3) - how long to wait for action before proceeding
curl_multi_wait(3)  - polls on all easy handles in a multi handle
curl_share_cleanup(3) - Clean up a shared object
curl_share_init(3)  - Create a shared object
curl_share_setopt(3) - Set options for a shared object
curl_share_strerror(3) - return string describing error code
curl_slist_append(3) - add a string to an slist
curl_slist_free_all(3) - free an entire curl_slist list
curl_strequal(3)    - case insensitive string comparisons
curl_unescape(3)    - URL decodes the given string
curl_version(3)     - returns the libcurl version string
curl_version_info(3) - returns run-time libcurl version info
current_field(3x)   - set and get form page number
current_item(3x)    - set and get current_menu_item
curs_addch(3x)      - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
curs_addchstr(3x)   - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addstr(3x)     - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_add_wch(3x)    - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
curs_add_wchstr(3x) - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addwstr(3x)    - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_attr(3x)       - curses character and window attribute control routines
curs_beep(3x)       - curses bell and screen flash routines
curs_bkgd(3x)       - curses window background manipulation routines
curs_bkgrnd(3x)     - curses window complex background manipulation routines
curs_border(3x)     - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
curs_border_set(3x) - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
curs_clear(3x)      - clear all or part of a curses window
curs_color(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
curs_delch(3x)      - delete character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_deleteln(3x)   - delete and insert lines in a curses window
curses_version(3x)  - miscellaneous curses extensions
curs_extend(3x)     - miscellaneous curses extensions
curs_getcchar(3x)   - Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-character string
curs_getch(3x)      - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getstr(3x)     - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_get_wch(3x)    - get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal keyboard
curs_get_wstr(3x)   - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
curs_getyx(3x)      - get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_inch(3x)       - get a character and attributes from a curses window
curs_inchstr(3x)    - get a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_initscr(3x)    - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
curs_inopts(3x)     - curses input options
curs_insch(3x)      - insert a character before cursor in a curses window
curs_insstr(3x)     - insert string before cursor in a curses window
curs_instr(3x)      - get a string of characters from a curses window
curs_ins_wch(3x)    - insert a complex character and rendition into a window
curs_ins_wstr(3x)   - insert a wide-character string into a curses window
curs_in_wch(3x)     - extract a complex character and rendition from a window
curs_in_wchstr(3x)  - get an array of complex characters and renditions from a curses window
curs_inwstr(3x)     - get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
curs_kernel(3x)     - low-level curses routines
curs_legacy(3x)     - get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_memleaks(3x)   - curses memory-leak checking
curs_mouse(3x)      - mouse interface through curses
curs_move(3x)       - move curses window cursor
curs_opaque(3x)     - curses window properties
cursors(n)          - mouse cursors available in Tk
curs_outopts(3x)    - curses output options
curs_overlay(3x)    - overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows
curs_pad(3x)        - create and display curses pads
curs_print(3x)      - ship binary data to printer
curs_printw(3x)     - print formatted output in curses windows
curs_refresh(3x)    - refresh curses windows and lines
curs_scanw(3x)      - convert formatted input from a curses window
curs_scr_dump(3x)   - read(write) a curses screen from(to) a file
curs_scroll(3x)     - scroll a curses window
curs_set(3x)        - low-level curses routines
curs_slk(3x)        - curses soft label routines
curs_termattrs(3x)  - curses environment query routines
curs_termcap(3x)    - direct curses interface to the terminfo capability database
curs_terminfo(3x)   - curses interfaces to terminfo database
curs_threads(3x)    - curses thread support
curs_touch(3x)      - curses refresh control routines
curs_trace(3x)      - curses debugging routines
curs_util(3x)       - miscellaneous curses utility routines
curs_window(3x)     - create curses windows
cut(1)              - remove sections from each line of files
cvs(1)              - Concurrent Versions System
cvs(5)              - Concurrent Versions System support files
cvsbug(8)           - send problem report(PR) about CVS to a central support site
cvschroot(1)        - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsco(1)            - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsdiscard(1)       - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsdo(1)            - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsps(1)            - create patchset information from CVS
cvspurge(1)         - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvstrim(1)          - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsu(1)             - CVS utilities for use in working directories
cvsutils(1)         - CVS utilities for use in working directories
Cwd(3pm)            - get pathname of current working directory
cweave(1)           - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
cweb(1)             - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
cwebp(1)            - compress an image file to a WebP file
cxpm(1)             - Check an XPM (X PixMap) file, versions XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cxpm-noX(1)         - Check an XPM (X PixMap) file - XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cygcheck(1)         - (unknown subject)
cygpath(1)          - (unknown subject)
cygport(1)          - Cygwin source packaging tool
cygstart(1)         - start a program or open a file or URL
cygwin(1)           - Introduction to the Cygwin Environment
cygwin_attach_handle_to_fd(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_conv_path(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_conv_path_list(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_create_path(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_detach_dll(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_internal(3)  - (unknown subject)
cygwin_logon_user(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_posix_path_list_p(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_set_impersonation_token(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_split_path(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_stackdump(3) - (unknown subject)
cygwin_winpid_to_pid(3) - (unknown subject)
d2i_509_CRL_fp(3)   - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_DHparams(3)     - PKCS#3 DH parameter functions.
d2i_DSAPrivateKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSA_PUBKEY(3)   - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSAPublicKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSA_SIG(3)      - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_Netscape_RSA(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey_bio(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey_fp(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_RSAPrivateKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_RSA_PUBKEY(3)   - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_RSAPublicKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_SSL_SESSION(3)  - convert SSL_SESSION object from/to ASN1 representation
d2i_X509(3)         - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_ALGOR(3)   - AlgorithmIdentifier functions.
d2i_X509_bio(3)     - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_CRL(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_CRL_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_fp(3)      - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_NAME(3)    - X509_NAME encoding functions
d2i_X509_REQ(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_REQ_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_REQ_fp(3)  - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_SIG(3)     - DigestInfo functions.
d2u(1)              - DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dash(1)             - command interpreter(shell)
dasum(3)            - (unknown subject)
dasum.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
data(3)             - (unknown subject)
data_ahead(3x)      - test for off-screen data in given forms
Data.Alias(3pm)     - Comprehensive set of aliasing operations
data_behind(3x)     - test for off-screen data in given forms
datacopy(1)         - move table data between two servers
Data.Dumper(3pm)    - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and "eval"
Data.GUID(3pm)      - globally unique identifiers
Data.OptList(3pm)   - parse and validate simple name/value option pairs
Data.UUID(3pm)      - Perl extension for generating Globally/Universally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs/UUIDs).
date(1)             - print or set the system date and time
date@ (1)            - print the date on a host
Date.Manip(3pm)     - Date manipulation routines
Date.Manip.Base(3pm) - Base methods for date manipulation
Date.Manip.Calc(3pm) - describes date calculations
Date.Manip.Changes5(3pm) - changes in Date::Manip 5.xx
Date.Manip.Changes5to6(3pm) - describes differences between 5.xx and 6.00
Date.Manip.Changes6(3pm) - changes in Date::Manip 6.xx
Date.Manip.Config(3pm) - Date::Manip configuration
Date.Manip.ConfigFile(3pm) - sample config file
Date.Manip.Date(3pm) - Methods for working with dates
Date.Manip.Delta(3pm) - Methods for working with deltas
Date.Manip.DM5(3pm) - Date manipulation routines
Date.Manip.DM5abbrevs(3pm) - A list of all timezone abbreviations
Date.Manip.DM6(3pm) - Date manipulation routines
Date.Manip.Examples(3pm) - examples of how to use Date::Manip
Date.Manip.Holidays(3pm) - describes holidays and events
Date.Manip.Lang(3pm) - language support for Date::Manip
Date.Manip.Lang.catalan(3pm) - Catalan language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.danish(3pm) - Danish language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.dutch(3pm) - Dutch language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.english(3pm) - English language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.finnish(3pm) - Finnish language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.french(3pm) - French language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.german(3pm) - German language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.index(3pm) - An index of languages supported by Date::Manip
Date.Manip.Lang.italian(3pm) - Italian language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.norwegian(3pm) - Norwegian language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.polish(3pm) - Polish language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.portugue(3pm) - Portuguese language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.romanian(3pm) - Romanian language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.russian(3pm) - Russian language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.spanish(3pm) - Spanish language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.swedish(3pm) - Swedish language support.
Date.Manip.Lang.turkish(3pm) - Turkish language support.
Date.Manip.Migration5to6(3pm) - how to upgrade from 5.xx to 6.00
Date.Manip.Misc(3pm) - Miscellaneous information about Date::Manip
Date.Manip.Obj(3pm) - Base class for Date::Manip objects
Date.Manip.Objects(3pm) - A description of the various Date::Manip objects
Date.Manip.Offset.off000(3pm) - Support for the +00:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off001(3pm) - Support for the +00:04:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off002(3pm) - Support for the +00:06:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off003(3pm) - Support for the +00:08:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off004(3pm) - Support for the +00:09:21 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off005(3pm) - Support for the +00:10:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off006(3pm) - Support for the +00:12:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off007(3pm) - Support for the +00:13:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off008(3pm) - Support for the +00:17:30 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off009(3pm) - Support for the +00:19:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off010(3pm) - Support for the +00:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off011(3pm) - Support for the +00:24:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off012(3pm) - Support for the +00:26:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off013(3pm) - Support for the +00:29:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off014(3pm) - Support for the +00:29:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off015(3pm) - Support for the +00:34:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off016(3pm) - Support for the +00:34:39 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off017(3pm) - Support for the +00:35:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off018(3pm) - Support for the +00:37:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off019(3pm) - Support for the +00:38:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off020(3pm) - Support for the +00:38:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off021(3pm) - Support for the +00:40:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off022(3pm) - Support for the +00:43:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off023(3pm) - Support for the +00:49:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off024(3pm) - Support for the +00:50:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off025(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off026(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off027(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off028(3pm) - Support for the +00:53:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off029(3pm) - Support for the +00:57:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off030(3pm) - Support for the +00:58:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off031(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off032(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off033(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:14 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off034(3pm) - Support for the +01:01:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off035(3pm) - Support for the +01:01:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off036(3pm) - Support for the +01:05:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off037(3pm) - Support for the +01:08:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off038(3pm) - Support for the +01:12:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off039(3pm) - Support for the +01:14:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off040(3pm) - Support for the +01:16:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off041(3pm) - Support for the +01:19:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off042(3pm) - Support for the +01:19:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off043(3pm) - Support for the +01:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off044(3pm) - Support for the +01:22:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off045(3pm) - Support for the +01:24:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off046(3pm) - Support for the +01:29:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off047(3pm) - Support for the +01:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off048(3pm) - Support for the +01:33:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off049(3pm) - Support for the +01:34:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off050(3pm) - Support for the +01:35:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off051(3pm) - Support for the +01:36:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off052(3pm) - Support for the +01:39:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off053(3pm) - Support for the +01:39:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off054(3pm) - Support for the +01:41:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off055(3pm) - Support for the +01:43:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off056(3pm) - Support for the +01:44:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off057(3pm) - Support for the +01:49:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off058(3pm) - Support for the +01:50:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off059(3pm) - Support for the +01:50:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off060(3pm) - Support for the +01:52:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off061(3pm) - Support for the +01:53:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off062(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off063(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off064(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off065(3pm) - Support for the +01:56:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off066(3pm) - Support for the +01:57:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off067(3pm) - Support for the +02:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off068(3pm) - Support for the +02:00:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off069(3pm) - Support for the +02:02:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off070(3pm) - Support for the +02:04:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off071(3pm) - Support for the +02:04:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off072(3pm) - Support for the +02:05:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off073(3pm) - Support for the +02:06:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off074(3pm) - Support for the +02:09:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off075(3pm) - Support for the +02:10:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off076(3pm) - Support for the +02:10:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off077(3pm) - Support for the +02:13:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off078(3pm) - Support for the +02:16:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off079(3pm) - Support for the +02:16:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off080(3pm) - Support for the +02:17:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off081(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off082(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:23 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off083(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off084(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off085(3pm) - Support for the +02:22:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off086(3pm) - Support for the +02:23:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off087(3pm) - Support for the +02:25:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off088(3pm) - Support for the +02:27:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off089(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off090(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off091(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off092(3pm) - Support for the +02:34:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off093(3pm) - Support for the +02:35:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off094(3pm) - Support for the +02:35:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off095(3pm) - Support for the +02:36:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off096(3pm) - Support for the +02:37:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off097(3pm) - Support for the +02:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off098(3pm) - Support for the +02:52:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off099(3pm) - Support for the +02:53:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off100(3pm) - Support for the +02:57:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off101(3pm) - Support for the +02:57:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off102(3pm) - Support for the +02:58:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off103(3pm) - Support for the +02:59:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off104(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off105(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off106(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off107(3pm) - Support for the +03:01:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off108(3pm) - Support for the +03:06:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off109(3pm) - Support for the +03:10:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off110(3pm) - Support for the +03:11:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off111(3pm) - Support for the +03:19:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off112(3pm) - Support for the +03:20:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off113(3pm) - Support for the +03:21:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off114(3pm) - Support for the +03:22:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off115(3pm) - Support for the +03:25:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off116(3pm) - Support for the +03:25:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off117(3pm) - Support for the +03:26:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off118(3pm) - Support for the +03:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off119(3pm) - Support for the +03:30:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off120(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off121(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off122(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off123(3pm) - Support for the +03:48:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off124(3pm) - Support for the +03:50:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off125(3pm) - Support for the +03:53:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off126(3pm) - Support for the +03:54:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off127(3pm) - Support for the +04:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off128(3pm) - Support for the +04:02:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off129(3pm) - Support for the +04:21:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off130(3pm) - Support for the +04:27:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off131(3pm) - Support for the +04:28:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off132(3pm) - Support for the +04:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off133(3pm) - Support for the +04:30:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off134(3pm) - Support for the +04:35:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off135(3pm) - Support for the +04:36:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off136(3pm) - Support for the +04:37:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off137(3pm) - Support for the +04:49:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off138(3pm) - Support for the +04:53:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off139(3pm) - Support for the +04:54:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off140(3pm) - Support for the +04:58:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off141(3pm) - Support for the +05:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off142(3pm) - Support for the +05:03:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off143(3pm) - Support for the +05:07:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off144(3pm) - Support for the +05:19:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off145(3pm) - Support for the +05:19:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off146(3pm) - Support for the +05:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off147(3pm) - Support for the +05:31:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off148(3pm) - Support for the +05:41:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off149(3pm) - Support for the +05:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off150(3pm) - Support for the +05:48:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off151(3pm) - Support for the +05:50:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off152(3pm) - Support for the +05:53:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off153(3pm) - Support for the +05:53:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off154(3pm) - Support for the +05:58:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off155(3pm) - Support for the +06:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off156(3pm) - Support for the +06:01:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off157(3pm) - Support for the +06:06:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off158(3pm) - Support for the +06:11:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off159(3pm) - Support for the +06:24:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off160(3pm) - Support for the +06:24:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off161(3pm) - Support for the +06:27:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off162(3pm) - Support for the +06:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off163(3pm) - Support for the +06:42:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off164(3pm) - Support for the +06:46:46 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off165(3pm) - Support for the +06:50:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off166(3pm) - Support for the +06:55:25 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off167(3pm) - Support for the +06:57:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off168(3pm) - Support for the +06:59:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off169(3pm) - Support for the +07:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off170(3pm) - Support for the +07:02:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off171(3pm) - Support for the +07:06:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off172(3pm) - Support for the +07:06:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off173(3pm) - Support for the +07:07:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off174(3pm) - Support for the +07:07:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off175(3pm) - Support for the +07:17:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off176(3pm) - Support for the +07:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off177(3pm) - Support for the +07:21:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off178(3pm) - Support for the +07:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off179(3pm) - Support for the +07:34:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off180(3pm) - Support for the +07:36:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off181(3pm) - Support for the +07:38:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off182(3pm) - Support for the +07:39:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off183(3pm) - Support for the +07:43:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off184(3pm) - Support for the +07:57:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off185(3pm) - Support for the +08:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off186(3pm) - Support for the +08:04:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off187(3pm) - Support for the +08:05:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off188(3pm) - Support for the +08:06:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off189(3pm) - Support for the +08:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off190(3pm) - Support for the +08:22:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off191(3pm) - Support for the +08:23:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off192(3pm) - Support for the +08:26:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off193(3pm) - Support for the +08:27:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off194(3pm) - Support for the +08:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off195(3pm) - Support for the +08:35:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off196(3pm) - Support for the +08:38:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off197(3pm) - Support for the +08:43:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off198(3pm) - Support for the +08:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off199(3pm) - Support for the +08:47:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off200(3pm) - Support for the +08:57:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off201(3pm) - Support for the +09:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off202(3pm) - Support for the +09:14:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off203(3pm) - Support for the +09:18:59 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off204(3pm) - Support for the +09:22:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off205(3pm) - Support for the +09:25:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off206(3pm) - Support for the +09:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off207(3pm) - Support for the +09:30:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off208(3pm) - Support for the +09:35:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off209(3pm) - Support for the +09:39:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off210(3pm) - Support for the +09:39:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off211(3pm) - Support for the +09:43:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off212(3pm) - Support for the +09:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off213(3pm) - Support for the +09:48:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off214(3pm) - Support for the +09:48:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off215(3pm) - Support for the +09:49:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off216(3pm) - Support for the +09:55:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off217(3pm) - Support for the +10:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off218(3pm) - Support for the +10:03:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off219(3pm) - Support for the +10:04:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off220(3pm) - Support for the +10:07:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off221(3pm) - Support for the +10:12:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off222(3pm) - Support for the +10:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off223(3pm) - Support for the +10:32:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off224(3pm) - Support for the +10:34:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off225(3pm) - Support for the +10:36:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off226(3pm) - Support for the +10:39:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off227(3pm) - Support for the +10:51:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off228(3pm) - Support for the +11:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off229(3pm) - Support for the +11:05:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off230(3pm) - Support for the +11:06:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off231(3pm) - Support for the +11:07:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off232(3pm) - Support for the +11:09:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off233(3pm) - Support for the +11:11:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off234(3pm) - Support for the +11:12:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off235(3pm) - Support for the +11:13:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off236(3pm) - Support for the +11:24:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off237(3pm) - Support for the +11:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off238(3pm) - Support for the +11:32:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off239(3pm) - Support for the +11:39:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off240(3pm) - Support for the +11:49:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off241(3pm) - Support for the +11:53:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off242(3pm) - Support for the +11:56:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off243(3pm) - Support for the +12:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off244(3pm) - Support for the +12:13:21 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off245(3pm) - Support for the +12:13:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off246(3pm) - Support for the +12:15:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off247(3pm) - Support for the +12:19:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off248(3pm) - Support for the +12:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off249(3pm) - Support for the +12:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off250(3pm) - Support for the +12:33:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off251(3pm) - Support for the +12:37:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off252(3pm) - Support for the +12:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off253(3pm) - Support for the +12:58:21 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off254(3pm) - Support for the +13:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off255(3pm) - Support for the +13:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off256(3pm) - Support for the +14:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off257(3pm) - Support for the +14:00:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off258(3pm) - Support for the +14:41:05 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off259(3pm) - Support for the +14:58:47 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off260(3pm) - Support for the +15:02:19 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off261(3pm) - Support for the +15:13:42 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off262(3pm) - Support for the - 00:00:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off263(3pm) - Support for the - 00:01:15 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off264(3pm) - Support for the - 00:06:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off265(3pm) - Support for the - 00:14:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off266(3pm) - Support for the - 00:16:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off267(3pm) - Support for the - 00:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off268(3pm) - Support for the - 00:21:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off269(3pm) - Support for the - 00:21:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off270(3pm) - Support for the - 00:22:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off271(3pm) - Support for the - 00:25:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off272(3pm) - Support for the - 00:25:21 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off273(3pm) - Support for the - 00:27:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off274(3pm) - Support for the - 00:30:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off275(3pm) - Support for the - 00:32:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off276(3pm) - Support for the - 00:36:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off277(3pm) - Support for the - 00:43:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off278(3pm) - Support for the - 00:44:30 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off279(3pm) - Support for the - 00:52:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off280(3pm) - Support for the - 00:53:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off281(3pm) - Support for the - 00:54:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off282(3pm) - Support for the - 01:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off283(3pm) - Support for the - 01:01:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off284(3pm) - Support for the - 01:02:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off285(3pm) - Support for the - 01:03:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off286(3pm) - Support for the - 01:06:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off287(3pm) - Support for the - 01:07:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off288(3pm) - Support for the - 01:09:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off289(3pm) - Support for the - 01:14:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off290(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off291(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off292(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off293(3pm) - Support for the - 01:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off294(3pm) - Support for the - 01:34:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off295(3pm) - Support for the - 01:42:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off296(3pm) - Support for the - 01:54:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off297(3pm) - Support for the - 02:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off298(3pm) - Support for the - 02:09:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off299(3pm) - Support for the - 02:19:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off300(3pm) - Support for the - 02:22:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off301(3pm) - Support for the - 02:26:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off302(3pm) - Support for the - 02:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off303(3pm) - Support for the - 02:30:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off304(3pm) - Support for the - 02:34:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off305(3pm) - Support for the - 02:34:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off306(3pm) - Support for the - 03:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off307(3pm) - Support for the - 03:06:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off308(3pm) - Support for the - 03:12:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off309(3pm) - Support for the - 03:13:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off310(3pm) - Support for the - 03:26:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off311(3pm) - Support for the - 03:29:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off312(3pm) - Support for the - 03:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off313(3pm) - Support for the - 03:30:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off314(3pm) - Support for the - 03:32:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off315(3pm) - Support for the - 03:38:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off316(3pm) - Support for the - 03:38:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off317(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off318(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off319(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off320(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off321(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off322(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off323(3pm) - Support for the - 03:45:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off324(3pm) - Support for the - 03:48:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off325(3pm) - Support for the - 03:50:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off326(3pm) - Support for the - 03:51:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off327(3pm) - Support for the - 03:52:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off328(3pm) - Support for the - 03:53:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off329(3pm) - Support for the - 03:58:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off330(3pm) - Support for the - 03:59:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off331(3pm) - Support for the - 04:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off332(3pm) - Support for the - 04:00:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off333(3pm) - Support for the - 04:01:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off334(3pm) - Support for the - 04:02:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off335(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off336(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off337(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off338(3pm) - Support for the - 04:05:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off339(3pm) - Support for the - 04:06:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off340(3pm) - Support for the - 04:06:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off341(3pm) - Support for the - 04:07:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off342(3pm) - Support for the - 04:07:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off343(3pm) - Support for the - 04:08:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off344(3pm) - Support for the - 04:10:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off345(3pm) - Support for the - 04:12:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off346(3pm) - Support for the - 04:14:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off347(3pm) - Support for the - 04:15:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off348(3pm) - Support for the - 04:16:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off349(3pm) - Support for the - 04:18:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off350(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off351(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off352(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off353(3pm) - Support for the - 04:20:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off354(3pm) - Support for the - 04:21:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off355(3pm) - Support for the - 04:21:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off356(3pm) - Support for the - 04:23:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off357(3pm) - Support for the - 04:24:25 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off358(3pm) - Support for the - 04:25:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off359(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off360(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off361(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off362(3pm) - Support for the - 04:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off363(3pm) - Support for the - 04:31:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off364(3pm) - Support for the - 04:32:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off365(3pm) - Support for the - 04:33:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off366(3pm) - Support for the - 04:34:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off367(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off368(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off369(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off370(3pm) - Support for the - 04:36:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off371(3pm) - Support for the - 04:39:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off372(3pm) - Support for the - 04:39:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off373(3pm) - Support for the - 04:40:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off374(3pm) - Support for the - 04:40:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off375(3pm) - Support for the - 04:42:46 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off376(3pm) - Support for the - 04:44:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off377(3pm) - Support for the - 04:49:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off378(3pm) - Support for the - 04:49:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off379(3pm) - Support for the - 04:54:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off380(3pm) - Support for the - 04:56:02 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off381(3pm) - Support for the - 04:56:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off382(3pm) - Support for the - 05:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off383(3pm) - Support for the - 05:07:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off384(3pm) - Support for the - 05:08:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off385(3pm) - Support for the - 05:08:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off386(3pm) - Support for the - 05:09:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off387(3pm) - Support for the - 05:14:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off388(3pm) - Support for the - 05:17:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off389(3pm) - Support for the - 05:18:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off390(3pm) - Support for the - 05:19:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off391(3pm) - Support for the - 05:19:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off392(3pm) - Support for the - 05:25:32 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off393(3pm) - Support for the - 05:29:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off394(3pm) - Support for the - 05:29:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off395(3pm) - Support for the - 05:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off396(3pm) - Support for the - 05:32:11 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off397(3pm) - Support for the - 05:36:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off398(3pm) - Support for the - 05:39:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off399(3pm) - Support for the - 05:40:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off400(3pm) - Support for the - 05:43:02 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off401(3pm) - Support for the - 05:44:38 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off402(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:08 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off403(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off404(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:23 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off405(3pm) - Support for the - 05:46:25 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off406(3pm) - Support for the - 05:46:30 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off407(3pm) - Support for the - 05:47:03 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off408(3pm) - Support for the - 05:47:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off409(3pm) - Support for the - 05:48:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off410(3pm) - Support for the - 05:49:07 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off411(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:07 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off412(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:27 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off413(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off414(3pm) - Support for the - 05:52:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off415(3pm) - Support for the - 05:53:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off416(3pm) - Support for the - 05:56:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off417(3pm) - Support for the - 05:57:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off418(3pm) - Support for the - 05:58:24 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off419(3pm) - Support for the - 05:58:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off420(3pm) - Support for the - 06:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off421(3pm) - Support for the - 06:02:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off422(3pm) - Support for the - 06:06:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off423(3pm) - Support for the - 06:18:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off424(3pm) - Support for the - 06:28:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off425(3pm) - Support for the - 06:36:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off426(3pm) - Support for the - 06:40:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off427(3pm) - Support for the - 06:41:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off428(3pm) - Support for the - 06:45:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off429(3pm) - Support for the - 06:45:39 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off430(3pm) - Support for the - 06:47:07 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off431(3pm) - Support for the - 06:57:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off432(3pm) - Support for the - 06:58:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off433(3pm) - Support for the - 06:59:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off434(3pm) - Support for the - 07:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off435(3pm) - Support for the - 07:01:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off436(3pm) - Support for the - 07:04:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off437(3pm) - Support for the - 07:05:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off438(3pm) - Support for the - 07:11:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off439(3pm) - Support for the - 07:17:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off440(3pm) - Support for the - 07:17:44 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off441(3pm) - Support for the - 07:23:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off442(3pm) - Support for the - 07:28:18 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off443(3pm) - Support for the - 07:33:52 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off444(3pm) - Support for the - 07:39:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off445(3pm) - Support for the - 07:44:49 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off446(3pm) - Support for the - 07:46:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off447(3pm) - Support for the - 07:48:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off448(3pm) - Support for the - 07:52:58 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off449(3pm) - Support for the - 08:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off450(3pm) - Support for the - 08:00:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off451(3pm) - Support for the - 08:12:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off452(3pm) - Support for the - 08:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off453(3pm) - Support for the - 08:40:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off454(3pm) - Support for the - 08:46:18 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off455(3pm) - Support for the - 08:57:41 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off456(3pm) - Support for the - 08:59:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off457(3pm) - Support for the - 09:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off458(3pm) - Support for the - 09:00:12 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off459(3pm) - Support for the - 09:01:13 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off460(3pm) - Support for the - 09:17:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off461(3pm) - Support for the - 09:18:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off462(3pm) - Support for the - 09:18:55 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off463(3pm) - Support for the - 09:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off464(3pm) - Support for the - 09:58:16 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off465(3pm) - Support for the - 09:59:36 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off466(3pm) - Support for the - 10:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off467(3pm) - Support for the - 10:29:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off468(3pm) - Support for the - 10:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off469(3pm) - Support for the - 10:31:26 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off470(3pm) - Support for the - 10:39:04 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off471(3pm) - Support for the - 10:40:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off472(3pm) - Support for the - 11:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off473(3pm) - Support for the - 11:01:38 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off474(3pm) - Support for the - 11:19:40 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off475(3pm) - Support for the - 11:20:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off476(3pm) - Support for the - 11:22:48 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off477(3pm) - Support for the - 11:24:20 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off478(3pm) - Support for the - 11:24:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off479(3pm) - Support for the - 11:26:56 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off480(3pm) - Support for the - 11:30:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off481(3pm) - Support for the - 11:46:38 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off482(3pm) - Support for the - 11:49:28 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off483(3pm) - Support for the - 12:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off484(3pm) - Support for the - 13:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off485(3pm) - Support for the - 14:00:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off486(3pm) - Support for the - 14:17:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off487(3pm) - Support for the - 14:21:00 offset
Date.Manip.Offset.off488(3pm) - Support for the - 15:56:00 offset
Date.Manip.Problems(3pm) - problems and bugs
Date.Manip.Recur(3pm) - methods for working with recurring events
Date.Manip.TZ(3pm)  - an interface to the time zone data
Date.Manip.TZ.a00(3pm) - Support for the A time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afabid00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Abidjan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afaccr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Accra time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afaddi00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Addis_Ababa time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afalgi00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Algiers time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afasma00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Asmara time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbama00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bamako time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbang00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bangui time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbanj00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Banjul time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbiss00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bissau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afblan00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Blantyre time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbraz00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Brazzaville time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afbuju00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bujumbura time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afcair00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Cairo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afcasa00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Casablanca time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afceut00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ceuta time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afcona00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Conakry time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afdaka00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Dakar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afdar_00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Dar_es_Salaam time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afdjib00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Djibouti time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afdoua00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Douala time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afel_a00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/El_Aaiun time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.affree00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Freetown time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afgabo00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Gaborone time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afhara00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Harare time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afjoha00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Johannesburg time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afjuba00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Juba time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afkamp00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kampala time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afkhar00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Khartoum time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afkiga00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kigali time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afkins00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kinshasa time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aflago00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lagos time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aflibr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Libreville time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aflome00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lome time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afluan00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Luanda time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aflubu00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lubumbashi time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aflusa00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lusaka time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmala00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Malabo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmapu00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Maputo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmase00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Maseru time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmbab00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Mbabane time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmoga00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Mogadishu time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afmonr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Monrovia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afnair00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Nairobi time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afndja00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ndjamena time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afniam00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Niamey time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afnoua00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Nouakchott time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afouag00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ouagadougou time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afport00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Porto-Novo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afsao_00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Sao_Tome time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aftrip00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Tripoli time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aftuni00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Tunis time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.afwind00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Windhoek time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amadak00(3pm) - Support for the America/Adak time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amanch00(3pm) - Support for the America/Anchorage time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amangu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Anguilla time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amanti00(3pm) - Support for the America/Antigua time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amarag00(3pm) - Support for the America/Araguaina time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amarub00(3pm) - Support for the America/Aruba time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amasun00(3pm) - Support for the America/Asuncion time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amatik00(3pm) - Support for the America/Atikokan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambahi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Bahia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambahi01(3pm) - Support for the America/Bahia_Banderas time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambarb00(3pm) - Support for the America/Barbados time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambele00(3pm) - Support for the America/Belem time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambeli00(3pm) - Support for the America/Belize time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambeul00(3pm) - Support for the America/North_Dakota/Beulah time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amblan00(3pm) - Support for the America/Blanc-Sablon time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amboa_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Boa_Vista time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambogo00(3pm) - Support for the America/Bogota time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambois00(3pm) - Support for the America/Boise time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ambuen00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcamb00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cambridge_Bay time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcamp00(3pm) - Support for the America/Campo_Grande time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcanc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cancun time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcara00(3pm) - Support for the America/Caracas time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcata00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Catamarca time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcaye00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cayenne time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcaym00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cayman time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcent00(3pm) - Support for the America/North_Dakota/Center time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amchic00(3pm) - Support for the America/Chicago time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amchih00(3pm) - Support for the America/Chihuahua time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcord00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Cordoba time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcost00(3pm) - Support for the America/Costa_Rica time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcres00(3pm) - Support for the America/Creston time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcuia00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cuiaba time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amcura00(3pm) - Support for the America/Curacao time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdanm00(3pm) - Support for the America/Danmarkshavn time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdaws00(3pm) - Support for the America/Dawson time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdaws01(3pm) - Support for the America/Dawson_Creek time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdenv00(3pm) - Support for the America/Denver time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdetr00(3pm) - Support for the America/Detroit time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amdomi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Dominica time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amedmo00(3pm) - Support for the America/Edmonton time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ameiru00(3pm) - Support for the America/Eirunepe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amel_s00(3pm) - Support for the America/El_Salvador time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amfort00(3pm) - Support for the America/Fortaleza time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amglac00(3pm) - Support for the America/Glace_Bay time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amgodt00(3pm) - Support for the America/Godthab time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amgoos00(3pm) - Support for the America/Goose_Bay time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amgran00(3pm) - Support for the America/Grand_Turk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amgren00(3pm) - Support for the America/Grenada time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amguad00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guadeloupe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amguat00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guatemala time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amguay00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guayaquil time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amguya00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guyana time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amhali00(3pm) - Support for the America/Halifax time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amhava00(3pm) - Support for the America/Havana time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amherm00(3pm) - Support for the America/Hermosillo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amindi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Indianapolis time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aminuv00(3pm) - Support for the America/Inuvik time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amiqal00(3pm) - Support for the America/Iqaluit time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amjama00(3pm) - Support for the America/Jamaica time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amjuju00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Jujuy time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amjune00(3pm) - Support for the America/Juneau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amknox00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Knox time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amla_p00(3pm) - Support for the America/La_Paz time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amla_r00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/La_Rioja time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amlima00(3pm) - Support for the America/Lima time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amlos_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Los_Angeles time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amloui00(3pm) - Support for the America/Kentucky/Louisville time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammace00(3pm) - Support for the America/Maceio time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammana00(3pm) - Support for the America/Managua time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammana01(3pm) - Support for the America/Manaus time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammare00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Marengo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammart00(3pm) - Support for the America/Martinique time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammata00(3pm) - Support for the America/Matamoros time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammaza00(3pm) - Support for the America/Mazatlan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammend00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Mendoza time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammeno00(3pm) - Support for the America/Menominee time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammeri00(3pm) - Support for the America/Merida time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammetl00(3pm) - Support for the America/Metlakatla time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammexi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Mexico_City time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammiqu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Miquelon time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammonc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Moncton time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammont00(3pm) - Support for the America/Kentucky/Monticello time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammont01(3pm) - Support for the America/Monterrey time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammont02(3pm) - Support for the America/Montevideo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammont03(3pm) - Support for the America/Montreal time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ammont04(3pm) - Support for the America/Montserrat time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnass00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nassau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnew_00(3pm) - Support for the America/New_York time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnew_01(3pm) - Support for the America/North_Dakota/New_Salem time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnipi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nipigon time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnome00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nome time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amnoro00(3pm) - Support for the America/Noronha time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amojin00(3pm) - Support for the America/Ojinaga time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ampana00(3pm) - Support for the America/Panama time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ampang00(3pm) - Support for the America/Pangnirtung time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ampara00(3pm) - Support for the America/Paramaribo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ampete00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Petersburg time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amphoe00(3pm) - Support for the America/Phoenix time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amport00(3pm) - Support for the America/Port-au-Prince time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amport01(3pm) - Support for the America/Port_of_Spain time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amport02(3pm) - Support for the America/Porto_Velho time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ampuer00(3pm) - Support for the America/Puerto_Rico time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amrain00(3pm) - Support for the America/Rainy_River time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amrank00(3pm) - Support for the America/Rankin_Inlet time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amreci00(3pm) - Support for the America/Recife time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amregi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Regina time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amreso00(3pm) - Support for the America/Resolute time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amrio_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amrio_01(3pm) - Support for the America/Rio_Branco time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsalt00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Salta time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsan_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/San_Juan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsan_01(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/San_Luis time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsant00(3pm) - Support for the America/Santa_Isabel time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsant01(3pm) - Support for the America/Santarem time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsant02(3pm) - Support for the America/Santiago time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsant03(3pm) - Support for the America/Santo_Domingo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsao_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Sao_Paulo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amscor00(3pm) - Support for the America/Scoresbysund time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amsitk00(3pm) - Support for the America/Sitka time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amst_j00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Johns time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amst_k00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Kitts time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amst_l00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Lucia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amst_t00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Thomas time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amst_v00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Vincent time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amswif00(3pm) - Support for the America/Swift_Current time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtegu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tegucigalpa time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtell00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Tell_City time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amthul00(3pm) - Support for the America/Thule time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amthun00(3pm) - Support for the America/Thunder_Bay time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtiju00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tijuana time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtoro00(3pm) - Support for the America/Toronto time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtort00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tortola time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amtucu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Tucuman time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amushu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Ushuaia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amvanc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Vancouver time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amveva00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Vevay time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amvinc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Vincennes time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amwhit00(3pm) - Support for the America/Whitehorse time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amwina00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Winamac time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amwinn00(3pm) - Support for the America/Winnipeg time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amyaku00(3pm) - Support for the America/Yakutat time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.amyell00(3pm) - Support for the America/Yellowknife time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ancase00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Casey time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.andavi00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Davis time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.andumo00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/DumontDUrville time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anmacq00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Macquarie time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anmaws00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Mawson time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anmcmu00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/McMurdo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anpalm00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Palmer time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anroth00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Rothera time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ansyow00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Syowa time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.anvost00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Vostok time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asaden00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aden time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asalma00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Almaty time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asamma00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Amman time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asanad00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Anadyr time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asaqta00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aqtau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asaqto00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aqtobe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asashg00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ashgabat time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbagh00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Baghdad time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbahr00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bahrain time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbaku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Baku time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbang00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bangkok time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbeir00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Beirut time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbish00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bishkek time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asbrun00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Brunei time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aschoi00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Choibalsan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aschon00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Chongqing time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ascolo00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Colombo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asdama00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Damascus time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asdhak00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dhaka time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asdili00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dili time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asduba00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dubai time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asdush00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dushanbe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asgaza00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Gaza time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asharb00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Harbin time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ashebr00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Hebron time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asho_c00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ashong00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Hong_Kong time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ashovd00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Hovd time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asirku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Irkutsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asjaka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jakarta time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asjaya00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jayapura time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asjeru00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jerusalem time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askabu00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kabul time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askamc00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kamchatka time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askara00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Karachi time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askash00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kashgar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askath00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kathmandu time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askolk00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kolkata time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askras00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Krasnoyarsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askual00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuala_Lumpur time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askuch00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuching time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.askuwa00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuwait time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asmaca00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Macau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asmaga00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Magadan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asmaka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Makassar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asmani00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Manila time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asmusc00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Muscat time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asnico00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Nicosia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asnovo00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Novokuznetsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asnovo01(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Novosibirsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asomsk00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Omsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asoral00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Oral time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asphno00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Phnom_Penh time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aspont00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Pontianak time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aspyon00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Pyongyang time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asqata00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Qatar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asqyzy00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Qyzylorda time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asrang00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Rangoon time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asriya00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Riyadh time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.assakh00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Sakhalin time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.assama00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Samarkand time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asseou00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Seoul time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asshan00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Shanghai time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.assing00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Singapore time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.astaip00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Taipei time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.astash00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tashkent time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.astbil00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tbilisi time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.astehr00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tehran time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asthim00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Thimphu time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.astoky00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tokyo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asulaa00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ulaanbaatar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asurum00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Urumqi time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asvien00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Vientiane time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asvlad00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Vladivostok time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asyaku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yakutsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asyeka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yekaterinburg time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.asyere00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yerevan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atazor00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Azores time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atberm00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Bermuda time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atcana00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Canary time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atcape00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Cape_Verde time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atfaro00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Faroe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atmade00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Madeira time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atreyk00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Reykjavik time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atsout00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/South_Georgia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atstan00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Stanley time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.atst_h00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/St_Helena time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.auadel00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Adelaide time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aubris00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Brisbane time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aubrok00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Broken_Hill time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aucurr00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Currie time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.audarw00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Darwin time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aueucl00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Eucla time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.auhoba00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Hobart time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aulind00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Lindeman time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aulord00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Lord_Howe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aumelb00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Melbourne time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.aupert00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Perth time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ausydn00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Sydney time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.b00(3pm) - Support for the B time zone
Date.Manip.TZ_Base(3pm) - Methods common to the TZ and Base classes
Date.Manip.TZ.c00(3pm) - Support for the C time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.cet00(3pm) - Support for the CET time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.d00(3pm) - Support for the D time zone
Date.Manip.TZdata(3pm) - - Internal module for working with the tzdata files
Date.Manip.TZ.e00(3pm) - Support for the E time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eet00(3pm) - Support for the EET time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmt00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-1 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm01(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-10 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm02(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-11 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm03(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-12 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm04(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-13 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm05(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-14 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm06(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-2 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm07(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-3 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm08(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-4 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm09(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-5 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm10(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-6 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm11(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-7 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm12(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-8 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtm13(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-9 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+1 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp01(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+10 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp02(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+11 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp03(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+12 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp04(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+2 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp05(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+3 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp06(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+4 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp07(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+5 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp08(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+6 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp09(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+7 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp10(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+8 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.etgmtp11(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+9 time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euamst00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Amsterdam time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euando00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Andorra time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euathe00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Athens time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eubelg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Belgrade time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euberl00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Berlin time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eubrus00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Brussels time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eubuch00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Bucharest time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eubuda00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Budapest time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euchis00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Chisinau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eucope00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Copenhagen time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eudubl00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Dublin time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eugibr00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Gibraltar time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euhels00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Helsinki time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euista00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Istanbul time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eukali00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Kaliningrad time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eukiev00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Kiev time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eulisb00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Lisbon time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eulond00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/London time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euluxe00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Luxembourg time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eumadr00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Madrid time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eumalt00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Malta time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eumins00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Minsk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eumona00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Monaco time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eumosc00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Moscow time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euoslo00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Oslo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eupari00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Paris time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euprag00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Prague time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euriga00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Riga time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eurome00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Rome time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eusama00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Samara time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eusimf00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Simferopol time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eusofi00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Sofia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eustoc00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Stockholm time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eutall00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Tallinn time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.eutira00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Tirane time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euuzhg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Uzhgorod time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euvadu00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vaduz time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euvien00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vienna time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euviln00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vilnius time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euvolg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Volgograd time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euwars00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Warsaw time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euzapo00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Zaporozhye time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.euzuri00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Zurich time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.f00(3pm) - Support for the F time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.g00(3pm) - Support for the G time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.h00(3pm) - Support for the H time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.i00(3pm) - Support for the I time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inanta00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Antananarivo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inchag00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Chagos time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inchri00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Christmas time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.incoco00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Cocos time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.incomo00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Comoro time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inkerg00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Kerguelen time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inmahe00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mahe time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inmald00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Maldives time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inmaur00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mauritius time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inmayo00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mayotte time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.inreun00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Reunion time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.k00(3pm) - Support for the K time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.l00(3pm) - Support for the L time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.m00(3pm) - Support for the M time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.met00(3pm) - Support for the MET time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.n00(3pm) - Support for the N time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.o00(3pm) - Support for the O time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.p00(3pm) - Support for the P time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paapia00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Apia time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paauck00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Auckland time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pachat00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Chatham time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pachuu00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Chuuk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paeast00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Easter time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paefat00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Efate time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paende00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Enderbury time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pafaka00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Fakaofo time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pafiji00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Fiji time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pafuna00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Funafuti time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pagala00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Galapagos time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pagamb00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Gambier time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paguad00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Guadalcanal time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paguam00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Guam time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pahono00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Honolulu time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pakiri00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kiritimati time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pakosr00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kosrae time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pakwaj00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kwajalein time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pamaju00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Majuro time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pamarq00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Marquesas time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pamidw00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Midway time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.panaur00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Nauru time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paniue00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Niue time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.panorf00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Norfolk time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.panoum00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Noumea time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.papago00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Pago_Pago time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.papala00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Palau time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.papitc00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Pitcairn time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.papohn00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Pohnpei time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.paport00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Port_Moresby time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pararo00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Rarotonga time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pasaip00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Saipan time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.patahi00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tahiti time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.patara00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tarawa time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.patong00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tongatapu time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pawake00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Wake time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.pawall00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Wallis time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.q00(3pm) - Support for the Q time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.r00(3pm) - Support for the R time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.s00(3pm) - Support for the S time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.t00(3pm) - Support for the T time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.u00(3pm) - Support for the U time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.ut00(3pm) - Support for the UT time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.utc00(3pm) - Support for the UTC time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.v00(3pm) - Support for the V time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.w00(3pm) - Support for the W time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.wet00(3pm) - Support for the WET time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.x00(3pm) - Support for the X time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.y00(3pm) - Support for the Y time zone
Date.Manip.TZ.z00(3pm) - Support for the Z time zone
Date.Manip.Zones(3pm) - Time zone information
daxpy(3)            - (unknown subject)
daxpy.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
db2x_manxml(1)      - Make man pages from Man-XML
db2x_texixml(1)     - Make Texinfo files from Texi-XML
db2x_xsltproc(1)    - XSLT processor invocation wrapper
DB(3pm)             - programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API
dbbcsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dbbcsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DBD.DBM(3pm)        - a DBI driver for DBM & MLDBM files
DBD.File(3pm)       - Base class for writing file based DBI drivers
DBD.File.Developers(3pm) - Developers documentation for DBD::File
DBD.File.HowTo(3pm) - Guide to create DBD::File based driver
DBD.File.Roadmap(3pm) - Planned Enhancements for DBD::File and pure Perl DBD's
DBD.Gofer(3pm)      - A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI
DBD.Gofer.Policy.Base(3pm) - Base class for DBD::Gofer policies
DBD.Gofer.Policy.classic(3pm) - The 'classic' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD.Gofer.Policy.pedantic(3pm) - The 'pedantic' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD.Gofer.Policy.rush(3pm) - The 'rush' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD.Gofer.Transport.Base(3pm) - base class for DBD::Gofer client transports
DBD.Gofer.Transport.corostream(3pm) - Async DBD::Gofer stream transport using Coro and AnyEvent
DBD.Gofer.Transport.null(3pm) - DBD::Gofer client transport for testing
DBD.Gofer.Transport.pipeone(3pm) - DBD::Gofer client transport for testing - DBD::Gofer transport for stdio streaming
DBD.mysql(3pm)      - MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface(DBI)
DBD.mysql.INSTALL(3pm) - How to install and configure DBD::mysql
DBD.Proxy(3pm)      - A proxy driver for the DBI
dbdsdc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dbdsdc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DBD.Sponge(3pm)     - Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data
DBD.SQLite(3pm)     - Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver
DBD.SQLite.Cookbook(3pm) - The DBD::SQLite Cookbook
dbdsqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dbdsqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DBE(3)              - Double Buffer Extension
DB_File(3pm)        - Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x
DBI(3pm)            - Database independent interface for Perl
DBI.Const.GetInfo.ANSI(3pm) - ISO/IEC SQL/CLI Constants for GetInfo
DBI.Const.GetInfo.ODBC(3pm) - ODBC Constants for GetInfo
DBI.Const.GetInfoReturn(3pm) - Data and functions for describing GetInfo results
DBI.Const.GetInfoType(3pm) - Data describing GetInfo type codes
DBI.DBD(3pm)        - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide
DBI.DBD.Metadata(3pm) - Generate the code and data for some DBI metadata methods
DBI.DBD.SqlEngine(3pm) - Base class for DBI drivers without their own SQL engine
DBI.DBD.SqlEngine.Developers(3pm) - Developers documentation for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
DBI.DBD.SqlEngine.HowTo(3pm) - Guide to create DBI::DBD::SqlEngine based driver
DBI.FAQ(3pm)        - - The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Database Interface
DBI.Gofer.Execute(3pm) - Executes Gofer requests and returns Gofer responses
DBI.Gofer.Request(3pm) - Encapsulate a request from DBD::Gofer to DBI::Gofer::Execute
DBI.Gofer.Response(3pm) - Encapsulate a response from DBI::Gofer::Execute to DBD::Gofer
DBI.Gofer.Serializer.Base(3pm) - base class for Gofer serialization
DBI.Gofer.Serializer.DataDumper(3pm) - Gofer serialization using DataDumper
DBI.Gofer.Serializer.Storable(3pm) - Gofer serialization using Storable
DBI.Gofer.Transport.Base(3pm) - Base class for Gofer transports
DBI.Gofer.Transport.pipeone(3pm) - DBD::Gofer server-side transport for pipeone - DBD::Gofer server-side transport for stream
dbilogstrip(1)      - filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing
dbiprof(1)          - command-line client for DBI::ProfileData
DBI.Profile(3pm)    - Performance profiling and benchmarking for the DBI
DBI.ProfileData(3pm) - manipulate DBI::ProfileDumper data dumps
DBI.ProfileDumper(3pm) - profile DBI usage and output data to a file
DBI.ProfileDumper.Apache(3pm) - capture DBI profiling data from Apache/mod_perl
DBI.ProfileSubs(3pm) - Subroutines for dynamic profile Path
dbiproxy(1)         - A proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver
DBI.ProxyServer(3pm) - a server for the DBD::Proxy driver
DBI.PurePerl(3pm)   - - a DBI emulation using pure perl (no C/XS compilation required)
DBI.SQL.Nano(3pm)   - a very tiny SQL engine
DBI.Util.CacheMemory(3pm) - a very fast but very minimal subset of Cache::Memory
DBI.W32ODBC(3pm)    - An experimental DBI emulation layer for Win32::ODBC
dbl2png(1)          - convert a dbl file to an png file
dblatex(1)          - convert DocBook to LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, and PDF
DBM_Filter(3pm)     - - Filter DBM keys/values
DBM_Filter.compress(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter.encode(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter.int32(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter.null(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter.utf8(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
dbmmanage2(1)       - Manage user authentication files in DBM format
dbus-binding-tool(1) - C language GLib bindings generation utility.
dbus-cleanup-sockets(1) - clean up leftover sockets in a directory
dbus-daemon(1)      - Message bus daemon
dbus-launch(1)      - Utility to start a message bus from a shell script
dbus-monitor(1)     - debug probe to print message bus messages
dbus-send(1)        - Send a message to a message bus
dbus-uuidgen(1)     - Utility to generate UUIDs
dc(1)               - an arbitrary precision calculator
dcabs1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dcabs1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dcgettext(3)        - translate message
dcngettext(3)       - translate message and choose plural form
dconf(1)            - Simple tool for manipulating a dconf database
dconf(7)            - A configuration systen
dconf-editor(1)     - Graphical editor for dconf
dconf-service(1)    - D-Bus service for writes to the dconf database
dcopy(3)            - (unknown subject)
dcopy.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
ddbugtopbm(1)       - convert Diddle or DiddleBug sketches to PBM files
ddd(1)              - The Data Display Debugger
dde(n)              - Execute a Dynamic Data Exchange command
ddir(1)             - display hierarchical directory tree
ddisna(3)           - (unknown subject)
ddisna.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
ddjvu(1)            - Command line DjVu decoder.
ddns-confgen(8)     - ddns key generation tool
ddot(3)             - (unknown subject)
ddot.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
ddrescue(1)         - data recovery tool
ddrescuelog(1)      - tool for ddrescue logfiles
Deadwood(1)         - A fully recursive caching DNS resolver
DEALLOCATE(7)       - deallocate a prepared statement
debugfs(8)          - ext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger
declare(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
DECLARE(7)          - define a cursor
DefaultColormap(3)  - Display macros and functions
DefaultColormapOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
default_colors(3x)  - use terminal's default colors
DefaultDepth(3)     - Display macros and functions
DefaultDepthOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
DefaultGC(3)        - Display macros and functions
DefaultGCOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros       - PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script
defaultpapername(3) - return names for managing system paper information
defaultpapersizefile(3) - return names for managing system paper information
DefaultRootWindow(3) - Display macros and functions
DefaultScreen(3)    - Display macros and functions
DefaultScreenOfDisplay(3) - Display macros and functions
default_store(3)    - generic storage of global data.
DefaultVisual(3)    - Display macros and functions
DefaultVisualOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
define_key(3x)      - define a keycode
defncopy(1)         - extract procedures and views from a Microsoft server.
def_prog_mode(3x)   - low-level curses routines
def_shell_mode(3x)  - low-level curses routines
dehtmldiff(1)       - get usable diff from an HTML page
delay_output(3x)    - miscellaneous curses utility routines
delch(3x)           - delete character under the cursor in a curses window
delcr(1)            - remove a CR before each LF
del_curterm(3x)     - curses interfaces to terminfo database
DELETE(7)           - delete rows of a table
deleteln(3x)        - delete and insert lines in a curses window
delete(n)           - delete things in the interpreter
del_panel(3x)       - panel stack extension for curses
delscreen(3x)       - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
delta(1)            - heuristic minimizer of interesting files
delwin(3x)          - create curses windows
deprecate(3pm)      - Perl pragma for deprecating the core version of a module
deroff(1)           - remove roff and preprocessor constructs
derwin(3x)          - create curses windows
des(3)              - DES encryption
DES_cbc_cksum(3)    - DES encryption
DES_cbc_cksum(3)    - (unknown subject)
DES_cbc_encrypt(3)  - (unknown subject)
DES_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_cfb64_encrypt(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_cfb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_check_key_parity(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_crypt(3)        - DES encryption
des_crypt(3t)       - "fast DES encryption"
DES_ecb2_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ecb3_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ecb3_encrypt(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_ecb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_ecb_encrypt(3)  - (unknown subject)
DES_ede2_cbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede2_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede2_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_ede3_cbcm_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_enc_read(3)     - DES encryption
DES_encrypt(3)      - (unknown subject)
DES_enc_write(3)    - DES encryption
DES_fcrypt(3)       - DES encryption
DES_init_random_number_generator(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_is_weak_key(3)  - DES encryption
DES_is_weak_key(3)  - (unknown subject)
DES_key_sched(3)    - DES encryption
DES_key_sched(3)    - (unknown subject)
desktop-file-edit(1) - Installation and edition of desktop files
desktop-file-install(1) - Installation and edition of desktop files
desktop-file-validate(1) - Validate desktop entry files
des_modes(7)        - the variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL
DES_ncbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_new_random_key(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ofb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_pcbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_pcbc_encrypt(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_quad_cksum(3)   - DES encryption
DES_random_key(3)   - DES encryption
DES_random_key(3)   - (unknown subject)
des_read_2passwords(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_password(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_pw(3)      - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_pw_string(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
DES_set_key(3)      - DES encryption
DES_set_key(3)      - (unknown subject)
DES_set_key_checked(3) - DES encryption
DES_set_key_checked(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_set_key_unchecked(3) - DES encryption
DES_set_key_unchecked(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_set_odd_parity(3) - DES encryption
DES_set_odd_parity(3) - (unknown subject)
DES_string_to_2keys(3) - DES encryption
DES_string_to_key(3) - DES encryption
DES_string_to_key(3) - (unknown subject)
destroy(n)          - Destroy one or more windows
destroySWFMovie(3)  - destroy a SWFMovie
DES_xcbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
detex(1)            - a filter to strip TeX commands from a .tex file.
deurlname(1)        - Remove URL-encoded characters from file names.
devdump(1)          - Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
Devel.Autoflush(3pm) - Set autoflush from the command line
Devel.DProf(3pm)    - a DEPRECATED Perl code profiler
Devel.InnerPackage(3pm) - find all the inner packages of a package
Devel.Peek(3pm)     - A data debugging tool for the XS programmer
Devel.PPPort(3pm)   - Perl/Pollution/Portability
Devel.SelfStubber(3pm) - generate stubs for a SelfLoading module
Devel.Symdump(3pm)  - dump symbol names or the symbol table
deweb(1)            - strips away C & CWEB commands from CWEB sources
df(1)               - report file system disk space usage
dgbbrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbbrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgbequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgbequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbrfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgbrfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgbsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbsvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgbsvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgbtf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbtf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbtrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbtrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgebak(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgebak.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgebal(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgebal.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgebd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgebd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgebrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgebrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgecon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgecon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgeequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgees(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgees.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeesx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeesx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgeev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgegs(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgegs.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgegv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgegv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgehd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgehd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgehrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgehrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgejsv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgejsv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgelq2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelq2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgelqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgels(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgelsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgels.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgelss(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelss.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgelsx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelsx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgelsy(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgelsy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgemm(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgemm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgemqrt(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgemqrt.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgemv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgemv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeql2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeql2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqlf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqlf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqp3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqp3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqpf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqpf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqr2p(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeqr2p.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgeqrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgeqrfp(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeqrfp.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt3(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt3.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgeqrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dger(3)             - (unknown subject)
dger.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgerfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgerfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgerfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgerfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgerq2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgerq2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgerqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgerqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesc2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgesc2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesdd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgesdd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgesvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgesvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgesvj(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgesvj.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgesvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgesvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgesvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dgetc2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgetc2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgetf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgetf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgetrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgetrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgetri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgetri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgetrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgetrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgettext(3)         - translate message
dggbak(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggbak.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggbal(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggbal.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgges(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgges.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dggesx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggesx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dggev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dggevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggglm(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggglm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgghrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgghrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgglse(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgglse.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggqrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggqrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggrqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggrqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggsvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggsvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dggsvp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dggsvp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgst(1)             - message digests
dgsvj0(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgsvj0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgsvj1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgsvj1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgtcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgtcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgtrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgtrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgtsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dgtsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dgtsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgtsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgttrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgttrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgttrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgttrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dgtts2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dgtts2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dh(3)               - Diffie-Hellman key agreement
DH_check(3)         - generate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
DH_check_pubkey(3)  - (unknown subject)
DH_compute_key(3)   - perform Diffie-Hellman key exchange
DH_compute_key(3)   - (unknown subject)
DH_free(3)          - allocate and free DH objects
DH_free(3)          - (unknown subject)
DH_generate_key(3)  - perform Diffie-Hellman key exchange
DH_generate_key(3)  - (unknown subject)
DH_generate_parameters(3) - generate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
DH_generate_parameters_ex(3) - (unknown subject)
dhgeqz(3)           - (unknown subject)
dhgeqz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DH_get_default_method(3) - select DH method
DH_get_default_method(3) - (unknown subject)
DH_get_ex_data(3)   - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_get_ex_data(3)   - (unknown subject)
DH_get_ex_new_index(3) - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_ltm_method(3)    - (unknown subject)
DH_new(3)           - allocate and free DH objects
DH_new(3)           - (unknown subject)
DH_new_method(3)    - select DH method
DH_new_method(3)    - (unknown subject)
DH_null_method(3)   - (unknown subject)
DH_OpenSSL(3)       - select DH method
dhparam(1)          - DH parameter manipulation and generation
DHparams_print(3)   - print cryptographic parameters
DHparams_print_fp(3) - print cryptographic parameters
dhsein(3)           - (unknown subject)
dhsein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dhseqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dhseqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DH_set_default_method(3) - select DH method
DH_set_default_method(3) - (unknown subject)
DH_set_ex_data(3)   - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_set_ex_data(3)   - (unknown subject)
DH_set_method(3)    - select DH method
DH_set_method(3)    - (unknown subject)
DH_size(3)          - get Diffie-Hellman prime size
DH_size(3)          - (unknown subject)
dhttpd(1)           - Minimal webserver without cgi-bin support.
DH_up_ref(3)        - (unknown subject)
diagnostics(3pm)    - produce verbose warning diagnostics
dialog(1)           - display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dialog(3)           - widgets and utilities for the  program
dict(n)             - Manipulate dictionaries
diff(1)             - compare files line by line
diff3(1)            - compare three files line by line
diffpp(1)           - pretty-print diff outputs with GNU enscript
diffstat(1)         - make histogram from diff-output
difftime(3)         - (unknown subject)
dig(1)              - DNS lookup utility
Digest(3o)          - MD5 message digest.
Digest(3pm)         - Modules that calculate message digests
Digest.base(3pm)    - Digest base class
Digest.file(3pm)    - Calculate digests of files
digest_file_auth(8) - (unknown subject)
Digest.HMAC(3pm)    - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest.HMAC_MD5(3pm) - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest.HMAC_SHA1(3pm) - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest.MD5(3pm)     - Perl interface to the MD5 Algorithm
Digest.SHA(3pm)     - Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
dino(1)             - the interpreter of the programming language DINO
diprintf(3)         - (unknown subject)
dir(1)              - list directory contents
dircolors(1)        - color setup for ls
DirHandle(3pm)      - supply object methods for directory handles
dirname(1)          - strip last component from file name
dirs(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
dirsplit(1)         - splits directory into multiple with equal size
dirtail(1)          - follow tail on all files in a directory
DISCARD(7)          - discard session state
disdvi(1)           - `disassemble' a(p)TeX or XeTeX DVI file
disklist(5)         - List of partitions to back up for Amanda
disnan(3)           - (unknown subject)
disnan.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
disown(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
display(1)          - displays an image or image sequence on any X server.
display-aa(7)       - (unknown subject)
display-auto(7)     - (unknown subject)
DisplayCells(3)     - Display macros and functions
display-directx(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-fbdev(7)    - (unknown subject)
display-file(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-glide(7)    - (unknown subject)
DisplayHeight(3)    - image format functions and macros
DisplayHeightMM(3)  - image format functions and macros
display-mansync(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-memory(7)   - (unknown subject)
display-monotext(7) - (unknown subject)
display-multi(7)    - (unknown subject)
DisplayOfCCC(3)     - Color Conversion Context macros
DisplayOfScreen(3)  - screen information functions and macros
display-palemu(7)   - (unknown subject)
DisplayPlanes(3)    - Display macros and functions
display-quartz(7)   - (unknown subject)
DisplayString(3)    - Display macros and functions
display-sub(7)      - (unknown subject)
display-svgalib(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-tele(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-terminfo(7) - (unknown subject)
display-tile(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-trueemu(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-vcsa(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-vgl(7)      - (unknown subject)
DisplayWidth(3)     - image format functions and macros
DisplayWidthMM(3)   - image format functions and macros
display-x(7)        - (unknown subject)
dist(1)             - redistribute a message to additional addresses
distcc(1)           - distributed C/C++/ObjC compiler
distccd(1)          - distributed C/C++ compiler server
distccmon-text(1)   - Displays current compilation jobs in text form.
ditroff(7)          - classical device independent roff
div(3)              - (unknown subject)
djpeg(1)            - decompress a JPEG file to an image file
djvm(1)             - Manipulate bundled multi-page DjVu documents.
djvmcvt(1)          - Convert multi-page DjVu documents.
djvu(1)             - DjVu and DjVuLibre.
djvudump(1)         - Display internal structure of DjVu files.
djvuextract(1)      - Extract chunks from DjVu image files.
djvumake(1)         - Assemble DjVu image files.
djvups(1)           - Convert DjVu documents to PostScript.
djvused(1)          - Multi-purpose DjVu document editor.
djvuserve(1)        - Generate indirect DjVu documents on the fly.
djvutxt(1)          - Extract the hidden text from DjVu documents.
dlabad(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlabad.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlabrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlabrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlacn2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlacn2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlacon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlacon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlacpy(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlacpy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dladiv1(3)          - (unknown subject)
dladiv2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dladiv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dladiv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlae2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlae2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlaebz(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaebz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed0(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed4(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed4.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed5(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed5.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed6(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed6.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed7(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed7.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed8(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed8.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaed9(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaed9.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaeda(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaeda.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaein(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaev2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaev2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaexc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaexc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlag2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlag2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlag2s(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlag2s.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dla_gbamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
dla_gbamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrcond(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrcond.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
dla_gbrpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
dla_geamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
dla_geamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_gercond(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_gercond.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dla_gerfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_gerfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_gerpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
dla_gerpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
dlags2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlags2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlagtf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlagtf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlagtm(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlagtm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlagts(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlagts.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlagv2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlagv2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlahqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlahqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlahr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlahr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlahrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlahrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaic1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaic1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaisnan(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaisnan.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
dla_lin_berr(3)     - (unknown subject)
dla_lin_berr.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
dlaln2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaln2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlals0(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlals0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlalsa(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlalsa.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlalsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlalsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlamc1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamc2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamc3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamc4(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamc5(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamch(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamch.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlamchf77.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
__dlamchtst.f__(3)  - (unknown subject)
dlamchtst.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
dlamrg(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlamrg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaneg(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaneg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlangb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlangb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlange(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlange.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlangt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlangt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlanhs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlanhs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlansb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlansb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlansf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlansf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlansp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlansp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlanst(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlanst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlansy(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlansy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlantb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlantb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlantp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlantp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlantr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlantr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlanv2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlanv2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlapll(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlapll.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlapmr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlapmr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlapmt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlapmt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dla_porcond(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_porcond.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dla_porfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_porfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_porpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
dla_porpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
dlapy2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlapy2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlapy3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlapy3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqgb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqgb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqge(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqge.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqp2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqp2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqps(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqps.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr0(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr4(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr4.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqr5(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqr5.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqsb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqsb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqsp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqsp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqsy(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqsy.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaqtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaqtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlar1v(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlar1v.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlar2v(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlar2v.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarf(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlarfb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarfb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarf.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlarfg(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarfg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarfgp(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlarfgp.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dlarft(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarft.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarfx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarfx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlargv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlargv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarnv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarnv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarra(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarra.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarre(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarre.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrj(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrj.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrk(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrk.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarrv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarrv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarscl2(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarscl2.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
dlartg(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlartg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlartgp(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlartgp.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dlartgs(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlartgs.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dlartv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlartv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaruv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaruv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarz(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlarzb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarzb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlarz.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlarzt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlarzt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlas2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlas2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlascl2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlascl2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dlascl(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlascl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd0(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd0.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd4(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd4.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd5(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd5.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd6(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd6.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd7(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd7.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasd8(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasd8.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasda(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasda.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasdq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasdq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasdt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasdt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaset(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaset.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq4(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq4.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq5(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq5.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasq6(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasq6.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasr(3)            - (unknown subject)
dlasr.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dlasrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlassq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlassq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasv2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasv2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlaswp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlaswp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasy2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasy2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dla_syamv(3)        - (unknown subject)
dla_syamv.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
dlasyf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlasyf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlasyf_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dlasyf_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dla_syrcond(3)      - (unknown subject)
dla_syrcond.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dla_syrfsx_extended(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_syrfsx_extended.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dla_syrpvgrw(3)     - (unknown subject)
dla_syrpvgrw.f(3)   - (unknown subject)
dlat2s(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlat2s.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatbs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatbs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatdf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatdf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatps(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatps.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatrz(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatrz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlatzm(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlatzm.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlauu2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlauu2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dlauum(3)           - (unknown subject)
dlauum.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dla_wwaddw(3)       - (unknown subject)
dla_wwaddw.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
dlltool(1)          - Create files needed to build and use DLLs.
dmail(1)            - procmail Mail Delivery Module
dm_date(1)          - print out the system date and time
DMX(3)              - X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension
DMXAddInput(3)      - attach a new input
DMXAddScreen(3)     - attach a new back-end screen
DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3) - change global bounding box
DMXChangeScreensAttributes(3) - change back-end screen attributes
DMXForceWindowCreation(3) - force immediate back-end window creation
DMXGetDesktopAttributes(3) - determine global bounding box
DMXGetInputAttributes(3) - determine input device attributes
DMXGetInputCount(3) - determine number of input devices
DMXGetScreenAttributes(3) - determine back-end screen attributes
DMXGetScreenCount(3) - determine number of back-end screens
DMXGetWindowAttributes(3) - determine back-end window attributes
DMXQueryExtension(3) - determine if DMX is available
DMXQueryVersion(3)  - determine DMX extension version
DMXRemoveInput(3)   - detach an input
DMXRemoveScreen(3)  - detach a back-end screen
DMXSync(3)          - flush protocol requests between Xdmx and back-end X servers
dmxtodmx(1)         - dmx configuration file parser and printer
dm_zdump(1)         - timezone dumper
dngettext(3)        - translate message and choose plural form
dnrm2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dnrm2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dnssec-checkds(8)   - A DNSSEC delegation consistency checking tool.
dnssec-coverage(8)  - checks future DNSKEY coverage for a zone
dnssec-dsfromkey(8) - DNSSEC DS RR generation tool
dnssec-keyfromlabel(8) - DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-keygen(8)    - DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-revoke(8)    - Set the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key
dnssec-settime(8)   - Set the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key
dnssec-signzone(8)  - DNSSEC zone signing tool
dnssec-verify(8)    - DNSSEC zone verification tool
do(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
DO(7)               - execute an anonymous code block
docbook2dvi(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2html(1)     - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2man(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats - convert DocBook RefEntries to man pages
docbook2pdf(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2ps(1)       - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2rtf(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2tex(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2texi(1)     - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats - convert DocBook Booksto Texinfo documents
docbook2x-man(1)    - Convert DocBook to man pages
docbook2x-texi(1)   - Convert DocBook to Texinfo
DoesBackingStore(3) - screen information functions and macros
DoesSaveUnders(3)   - screen information functions and macros
dog(1)              - better than cat
domain(3)           - (unknown subject)
done(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
dopgtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dopgtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dopmtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dopmtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorbdb1(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb1.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb3(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb3.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorbdb4(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb4.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb5(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb5.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb6(3)          - (unknown subject)
dorbdb6.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dorbdb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorcsd2by1(3)       - (unknown subject)
dorcsd2by1.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
dorcsd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorcsd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorg2l(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorg2l.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorg2r(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorg2r.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgbr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgbr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorghr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorghr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgl2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgl2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorglq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorglq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgql(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgql.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgrq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgrq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorgtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorgtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorm2l(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorm2l.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorm2r(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorm2r.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormbr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormbr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormhr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormhr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dorml2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dorml2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormlq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormlq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormql(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormql.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormr2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormr2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormr3(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormr3.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormrq(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormrq.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormrz(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormrz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dormtr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dormtr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dos2unix(1)         - DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dosepsbin(1)        - - Extract PS/WMF/TIFF sections from DOS EPS binary files
doupdate(3x)        - refresh curses windows and lines
doxygen(1)          - documentation system for various programming languages
doxywizard(1)       - a tool to configure and run doxygen on your source files
dp(8)               - parse dates 822-style
dpbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbstf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbstf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dpbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dpbsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbtf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbtf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbtrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbtrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpftrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpftrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpftri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpftri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpftrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpftrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DPMSCapable(3)      - returns the DPMS capability of the X server
DPMSDisable(3)      - disables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSEnable(3)       - enables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSForceLevel(3)   - forces a DPMS capable display into the specified power level
DPMSGetTimeouts(3)  - retrieves the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
DPMSGetVersion(3)   - returns the version of the DPMS extension implemented by the X server
DPMSInfo(3)         - returns information about the current DPMS state
DPMSQueryExtension(3) - queries the X server to determine the availability of the DPMS Extension
DPMSSetTimeouts(3)  - permits applications to set the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
dpocon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpocon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpoequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpoequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
dpoequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dpoequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dporfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dporfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dporfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dporfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dposv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dposv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dposvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dposvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dposvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dposvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dpotf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpotf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpotrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpotrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpotri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpotri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpotrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpotrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dppcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dppcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dppequ(3)           - (unknown subject)
dppequ.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dppsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dppsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dppsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dppsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpptrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpptrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dprintf(3)          - (unknown subject)
dprofpp(1)          - display perl profile data
dpstf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpstf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpstrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpstrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dptcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dptcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpteqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpteqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dptrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dptrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dptsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dptsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dptsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dptsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpttrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpttrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dpttrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dpttrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dptts2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dptts2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
DROP_AGGREGATE(7)   - remove an aggregate function
DROP_CAST(7)        - remove a cast
DROP_COLLATION(7)   - remove a collation
DROP_CONVERSION(7)  - remove a conversion
DROP_DATABASE(7)    - remove a database
dropdb(1)           - remove a PostgreSQL database
DROP_DOMAIN(7)      - remove a domain
DROP_EVENT_TRIGGER(7) - remove an event trigger
DROP_EXTENSION(7)   - remove an extension
DROP_FOREIGN_DATA_WRAPPER(7) - remove a foreign-data wrapper
DROP_FOREIGN_TABLE(7) - remove a foreign table
DROP_FUNCTION(7)    - remove a function
DROP_GROUP(7)       - remove a database role
DROP_INDEX(7)       - remove an index
droplang(1)         - remove a PostgreSQL procedural language
DROP_LANGUAGE(7)    - remove a procedural language
DROP_MATERIALIZED_VIEW(7) - remove a materialized view
DROP_OPERATOR(7)    - remove an operator
DROP_OPERATOR_CLASS(7) - remove an operator class
DROP_OPERATOR_FAMILY(7) - remove an operator family
DROP_OWNED(7)       - remove database objects owned by a database role
DROP_ROLE(7)        - remove a database role
DROP_RULE(7)        - remove a rewrite rule
DROP_SCHEMA(7)      - remove a schema
DROP_SEQUENCE(7)    - remove a sequence
DROP_SERVER(7)      - remove a foreign server descriptor
DROP_TABLE(7)       - remove a table
DROP_TABLESPACE(7)  - remove a tablespace
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_CONFIGURATION(7) - remove a text search configuration
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_DICTIONARY(7) - remove a text search dictionary
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_PARSER(7) - remove a text search parser
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE(7) - remove a text search template
DROP_TRIGGER(7)     - remove a trigger
DROP_TYPE(7)        - remove a data type
dropuser(1)         - remove a PostgreSQL user account
DROP_USER(7)        - remove a database role
DROP_USER_MAPPING(7) - remove a user mapping for a foreign server
DROP_VIEW(7)        - remove a view
drot(3)             - (unknown subject)
drot.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
drotg(3)            - (unknown subject)
drotg.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
drotm(3)            - (unknown subject)
drotm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
drotmg(3)           - (unknown subject)
drotmg.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
drscl(3)            - (unknown subject)
drscl.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsa(1)              - DSA key processing
dsa(3)              - Digital Signature Algorithm
DSA_do_sign(3)      - raw DSA signature operations
DSA_do_verify(3)    - raw DSA signature operations
DSA_dup_DH(3)       - create a DH structure out of DSA structure
DSA_free(3)         - allocate and free DSA objects
DSA_generate_key(3) - generate DSA key pair
DSA_generate_parameters(3) - generate DSA parameters
DSA_get_default_method(3) - select DSA method
DSA_get_ex_data(3)  - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_get_ex_new_index(3) - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_new(3)          - allocate and free DSA objects
DSA_new_method(3)   - select DSA method
DSA_OpenSSL(3)      - select DSA method
dsaparam(1)         - DSA parameter manipulation and generation
DSAparams_print(3)  - print cryptographic parameters
DSAparams_print_fp(3) - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_print(3)        - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_print_fp(3)     - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_set_default_method(3) - select DSA method
DSA_set_ex_data(3)  - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_set_method(3)   - select DSA method
DSA_SIG_free(3)     - allocate and free DSA signature objects
DSA_sign(3)         - DSA signatures
DSA_SIG_new(3)      - allocate and free DSA signature objects
DSA_sign_setup(3)   - DSA signatures
DSA_size(3)         - get DSA signature size
DSA_verify(3)       - DSA signatures
dsbev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsbevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsbev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsbevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsbgst(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbgst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsbgv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsbgvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbgvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsbgv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsbgvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbgvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsbtrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsbtrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dscal(3)            - (unknown subject)
dscal.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsdot(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsdot.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsecnd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsecnd_EXT_ETIME_.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dsecnd_EXT_ETIME.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dsecnd_INT_CPU_TIME.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dsecnd_INT_ETIME.f(3) - (unknown subject)
dsecnd_NONE.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
__dsecndtst.f__(3)  - (unknown subject)
dsecndtst.f(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsfrk(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsfrk.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsgesv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsgesv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dspevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dspevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspgst(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspgst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspgv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dspgvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspgvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspgv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dspgvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspgvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dspmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsposv(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsposv.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspr2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dspr2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dspr(3)             - (unknown subject)
dspr.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dspsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dspsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dspsvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dspsvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsptrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsptrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsptrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsptrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstebz(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstebz.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstedc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstedc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstegr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstegr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstein(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstein.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstemr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstemr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsteqr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsteqr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsterf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsterf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dstevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dstevr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstevr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dstevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dstevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dswap(3)            - (unknown subject)
dswap.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsycon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsycon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsycon_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsycon_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dsyconv(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyconv.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsyequb(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyequb.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsyev(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsyevd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyevd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsyev.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyevr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyevr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsyevx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyevx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsygs2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsygs2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsygst(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsygst.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsygv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsygvd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsygvd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsygv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsygvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsygvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsymm(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsymm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsymv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsymv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyr2(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsyr2.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyr2k(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyr2k.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsyr(3)             - (unknown subject)
dsyr.f(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsyrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsyrfsx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsyrfsx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsyrk(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsyrk.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsysv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dsysv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsysv_rook(3)       - (unknown subject)
dsysv_rook.f(3)     - (unknown subject)
dsysvx(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsysvx.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsysvxx(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsysvxx.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsyswapr(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsyswapr.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
dsytd2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytd2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytf2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytf2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytf2_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsytf2_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dsytrd(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytrd.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytrf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytrf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytrf_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsytrf_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dsytri2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsytri2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsytri2x(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytri2x.f(3)       - (unknown subject)
dsytri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytri_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsytri_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dsytrs2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dsytrs2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dsytrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dsytrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dsytrs_rook(3)      - (unknown subject)
dsytrs_rook.f(3)    - (unknown subject)
dt2dv(1)            - convert a DTL text representation of a TeX DVI file to a binary DVI file
dtbcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtbcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtbmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtbmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtbrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtbrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtbsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtbsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtbtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtbtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtfsm(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtfsm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtftri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtftri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtfttp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtfttp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtfttr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtfttr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgevc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgevc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgex2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgex2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgexc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgexc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgsen(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgsen.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgsja(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgsja.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgsna(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgsna.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgsy2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgsy2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtgsyl(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtgsyl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtpcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtpcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtpmqrt(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtpmqrt.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dtpmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtpmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtpqrt2(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtpqrt2.f(3)        - (unknown subject)
dtpqrt(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtpqrt.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtprfb(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtprfb.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtprfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtprfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtpsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtpsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtptri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtptri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtptrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtptrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtpttf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtpttf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtpttr(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtpttr.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrcon(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrcon.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrevc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrevc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrexc(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrexc.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrmm(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtrmm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtrmv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtrmv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtrrfs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrrfs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrsen(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrsen.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrsm(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtrsm.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtrsna(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrsna.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrsv(3)            - (unknown subject)
dtrsv.f(3)          - (unknown subject)
dtrsyl(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrsyl.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrti2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrti2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrtri(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrtri.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrtrs(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrtrs.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrttf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrttf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtrttp(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtrttp.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtzrqf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtzrqf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dtzrzf(3)           - (unknown subject)
dtzrzf.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
du(1)               - estimate file space usage
duende(8)           - run a child process as a daemon
duff(1)             - duplicate file finder
dumpe2fs(8)         - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information
dumper(1)           - (unknown subject)
Dumpvalue(3pm)      - provides screen dump of Perl data.
dup_field(3x)       - create and destroy form fields
dupwin(3x)          - create curses windows
dv2dt(1)            - convert a binary TeX DVI file to DTL text representation
dvi2fax(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to G3 fax format
dvi2tty(1)          - preview a TeX DVI-file on an ordinary ascii terminal
dvibook(1)          - rearrange pages in DVI file into signatures
dviconcat(1)        - concatenate DVI files
dvicopy(1)          - produce modified copy of DVI file
dvidvi(1)           - selects and/or re-arranges pages in a TeX dvi file
dvigif(1)           - A DVI-to-PNG translator
dvihp(1)            - convert a TeX DVI file to Hewlett-Packard PCL
dvilj(1)            - convert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvilj2p(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvilj4(1)           - convert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvilj4l(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvilj6(1)           - convert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvipdf(1)           - Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips
dvipdfm(1)          - produce PDF files directly from DVI files
dvipdft(1)          - create thumbnail images for use with dvipdfm
dvipng(1)           - A DVI-to-PNG translator
dvipos(1)           - compute positions in a DVI file
dvips(1)            - convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
dvired(1)           - print dvi-files
dviselect(1)        - extract pages from DVI files
dvisvgm(1)          - converts DVI files to the XML-based SVG format
dvitodvi(1)         - rearrange pages in a DVI file
dvitomp(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to a MetaPost MPXFILE
dvitype(1)          - translate a dvi file for humans
dwebp(1)            - decompress a WebP file to an image file
DynaLoader(3pm)     - Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code
dynamic_field_info(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
dzasum(3)           - (unknown subject)
dzasum.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dznrm2(3)           - (unknown subject)
dznrm2.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
dzsum1(3)           - (unknown subject)
dzsum1.f(3)         - (unknown subject)
e2freefrag(8)       - report free space fragmentation information
e2fsck(8)           - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
e2fsck.conf(5)      - Configuration file for e2fsck
e2fsimage(1)        - create and populate an ext2 filesystem image as non-root user
e2image(8)          - Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file
e2label(8)          - Change the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
e2pall(1)           - convert all EPS files in a LaTeX document to PDF
e2undo(8)           - Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
ebb(1)              - extract bounding box information from graphics files
ebrowse(1)          - create a class hierarchy database
ec(1)               - EC key processing
ecalloc(3)          - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
ecdsa(3)            - Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
echo(1)             - display a line of text
echo(3x)            - curses input options
echochar(3x)        - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
echo_wchar(3x)      - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
ecparam(1)          - EC parameter manipulation and generation
ecpg(1)             - embedded SQL C preprocessor
ecvt(3)             - (unknown subject)
ecvtbuf(3)          - (unknown subject)
ed(1)               - line-oriented text editor
editdiff(1)         - fix offsets and counts of a hand-edited diff
editline(3)         - line editor, history and tokenization functions
editrc(5)           - configuration file for editline library
editres(1)          - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
editrights(1)       - edit Windows user rights and privileges
egrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
el_deletestr(3)     - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_end(3)           - line editor, history and tokenization functions
elfedit(1)          - Update the ELF header of ELF files.
el_get(3)           - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_getc(3)          - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_gets(3)          - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_history(3)       - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_history_end(3)   - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_history_init(3)  - line editor, history and tokenization functions
elif(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
el_init(3)          - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_insertstr(3)     - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_line(3)          - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_parse(3)         - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_push(3)          - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_reset(3)         - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_resize(3)        - line editor, history and tokenization functions
else(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
el_set(3)           - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_source(3)        - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_tok_end(3)       - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_tok_init(3)      - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_tok_line(3)      - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_tok_reset(3)     - line editor, history and tokenization functions
el_tok_str(3)       - line editor, history and tokenization functions
emacs(1)            - GNU project Emacs
emacsclient(1)      - tells a running Emacs to visit a file
email(1)            - Encrypted SMTP email via Command line
emalloc(3)          - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
enable(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
enc(1)              - symmetric cipher routines
enc2xs(1)           - - Perl Encode Module Generator
enchant(1)          - a spellchecker
Encode(3pm)         - character encodings
Encode.Alias(3pm)   - alias definitions to encodings
Encode.Byte(3pm)    - Single Byte Encodings
Encode.CJKConstants(3pm) - - Internally used by Encode::??::ISO_2022_*
Encode.CN(3pm)      - China-based Chinese Encodings
Encode.CN.HZ(3pm)   - - internally used by Encode::CN
Encode.Config(3pm)  - - internally used by Encode
Encode.EBCDIC(3pm)  - EBCDIC Encodings
Encode.Encoder(3pm) - - Object Oriented Encoder
Encode.Encoding(3pm) - Encode Implementation Base Class
Encode.GSM0338(3pm) - - ESTI GSM 03.38 Encoding
Encode.Guess(3pm)   - - Guesses encoding from data
Encode.JP(3pm)      - Japanese Encodings
Encode.JP.H2Z(3pm)  - - internally used by Encode::JP::2022_JP*
Encode.JP.JIS7(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::JP
encode_keychange(1) - produce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3
Encode.KR.2022_KR(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::KR
Encode.KR(3pm)      - Korean Encodings
Encode.Locale(3pm)  - Determine the locale encoding
Encode.MIME.Header(3pm) - - MIME 'B' and 'Q' header encoding
Encode.MIME.Name(3pm) - - internally used by Encode
Encode.PerlIO(3pm)  - - a detailed document on Encode and PerlIO
Encode.Supported(3pm) - - Encodings supported by Encode
Encode.Symbol(3pm)  - Symbol Encodings
Encode.TW(3pm)      - Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings
Encode.Unicode(3pm) - - Various Unicode Transformation Formats
Encode.Unicode.UTF7(3pm) - - UTF-7 encoding
encoding(3pm)       - allows you to write your script in non-ascii or non-utf8
encoding(n)         - Manipulate encodings
encoding.warnings(3pm) - Warn on implicit encoding conversions
END(7)              - commit the current transaction
endwin(3x)          - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
engine(3)           - ENGINE cryptographic module support
English(3pm)        - use nice English (or awk) names for ugly punctuation variables
enscript(1)         - convert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and overstrikes
ensemble(n)         - create or modify a composite command
entry(n)            - Create and manipulate entry widgets
env(1)              - run a program in a modified environment
Env(3pm)            - perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays
__env_lock(3)       - (unknown subject)
envsubst(1)         - substitutes environment variables in shell format strings
eof(n)              - Check for end of file condition on channel
eplain(1)           - expanded plain TeX
eps2eps(1)          - Ghostscript PostScript "distiller"
epsffit(1)          - fit encapsulated PostScript file(EPSF) into constrained size
epstool(1)          - Edit preview images and fix bounding boxes in EPS files.
epstopdf(1)         - convert an EPS file to PDF
epylint(1)          - Emacs and Flymake compatible Pylint
eqn(1)              - format equations for troff or MathML
eqn2graph(1)        - convert an EQN equation into a cropped image
erase(3x)           - clear all or part of a curses window
erasechar(3x)       - curses environment query routines
erasewchar(3x)      - curses environment query routines
erb(1)              - Ruby Templating
eread(3)            - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
erealloc(3)         - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
erf(3)              - (unknown subject)
erfc(3)             - (unknown subject)
erfcf(3)            - (unknown subject)
erff(3)             - (unknown subject)
err(3)              - error codes
ERR_add_error_data(3) - record an error
ERR_clear_error(3)  - clear the error queue
ERR_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_error_string_n(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_free_strings(3) - load and free error strings
ERR_func_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_get_error(3)    - obtain error code and data
ERR_get_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_get_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_GET_FUNC(3)     - get library, function and reason code
ERR_GET_LIB(3)      - get library, function and reason code
ERR_get_next_error_library(3) - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_GET_REASON(3)   - get library, function and reason code
ERR_lib_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_load_crypto_strings(3) - load and free error strings
ERR_load_strings(3) - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_load_UI_strings(3) - New User Interface
Errno(3pm)          - System errno constants
Error(3pm)          - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
error(n)            - Generate an error
Error.Simple(3pm)   - the simple error sub-class of Error
ERR_PACK(3)         - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_peek_error(3)   - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_pop_to_mark(3)  - set marks and pop errors until mark
ERR_print_errors(3) - print error messages
ERR_print_errors_fp(3) - print error messages
ERR_put_error(3)    - record an error
ERR_reason_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_remove_state(3) - free a thread's error queue
ERR_set_mark(3)     - set marks and pop errors until mark
errstr(1)           - lookup error codes
esac(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
esdcat(1)           - play a sound file from stdin
esdcompat(1)        - PulseAudio ESD wrapper script
esd-config(1)       - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esdctl(1)           - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esdfilt(1)          - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esdloop(1)          - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esdmon(1)           - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
esdplay(1)          - attempt to reroute audio device to esd
esdrec(1)           - record a sound file
esdsample(1)        - play a sample
esetenv(3)          - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
espdiff(1)          - apply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches
estrdup(3)          - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
etags(1)            - Generate tag files for source code
etex(1)             - extended(plain) TeX
etf2ly(1)           - manual page for etf2ly(LilyPond) 2.14.1
eval(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
eval(n)             - Evaluate a Tcl script
EventMaskOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
event(n)            - Miscellaneous event facilities: define virtual events and generate events
eview(1)            - easy Vim, edit a file with Vim and setup for modeless editing
evim(1)             - easy Vim, edit a file with Vim and setup for modeless editing
evp(3)              - high-level cryptographic functions
EVP_aes_128_cbc(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_aes_128_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_aes_192_cbc(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_aes_192_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_aes_256_cbc(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_aes_256_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_BytesToKey(3)   - password based encryption routine
EVP_BytesToKey(3)   - (unknown subject)
EVP_camellia_128_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_camellia_192_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_camellia_256_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_asn1_to_param(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_block_size(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_block_size(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cipher(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cipher(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_flags(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_flags(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_app_data(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_app_data(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_iv_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_iv_length(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_key_length(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_mode(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_mode(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_nid(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_rand_key(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_app_data(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_app_data(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_padding(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_type(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherFinal(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherFinal_ex(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_flags(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherInit(3)   - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherInit_ex(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_iv_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_iv_length(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_key_length(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_CIPHER_mode(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_nid(3)   - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_param_to_asn1(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_type(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherUpdate(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_DecryptFinal(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptInit(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_des_cbc(3)      - (unknown subject)
EVP_des_ede3_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_Digest(3)       - (unknown subject)
EVP_DigestFinal_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestFinal_ex(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_DigestInit(3)   - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestInit_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestInit_ex(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_DigestSignFinal(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestSignInit(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestSignUpdate(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestUpdate(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestUpdate(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_DigestVerifyFinal(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_DigestVerifyInit(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_DigestVerifyUpdate(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_dss1(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_dss(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_enc_null(3)     - (unknown subject)
EVP_EncryptFinal(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptInit(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbyname(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbyname(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_get_cipherbynid(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbyobj(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_digestbyname(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_get_digestbynid(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_get_digestbyobj(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_hcrypto_aes_128_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_aes_128_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_aes_192_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_aes_192_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_aes_256_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_aes_256_cfb8(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_128_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_192_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_camellia_256_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_des_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_des_ede3_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_md2(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_md4(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_md5(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_40_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_64_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_rc2_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_sha1(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_sha256(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_sha384(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_hcrypto_sha512(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_md2(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_md2(3)          - (unknown subject)
EVP_md4(3)          - (unknown subject)
EVP_md5(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_md5(3)          - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_block_size(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_block_size(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_mdc2(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_block_size(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_block_size(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_copy(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_copy_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_create(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_create(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_destroy(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_destroy(3) - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_init(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_init(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_md(3)    - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_md(3)    - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_size(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_size(3)  - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_CTX_type(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_md_null(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_md_null(3)      - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_pkey_type(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_size(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_size(3)      - (unknown subject)
EVP_MD_type(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_OpenFinal(3)    - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_OpenInit(3)     - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_OpenUpdate(3)   - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_PKEVP_PKEY_CTX_set_app_data(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_assign_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_cmp(3)     - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_cmp_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_copy_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_ctrl(3)    - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_ctrl_str(3) - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_CTX_ctrl(3) - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_CTX_dup(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_free(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_app_data(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_cb(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_keygen_info(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_new(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_id(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_cb(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_decrypt(3) - decrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_decrypt_init(3) - decrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_derive(3)  - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_derive_init(3) - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_derive_set_peer(3) - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_encrypt(3) - encrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_encrypt_init(3) - encrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_free(3)    - private key allocation functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest(3) - get default signature digest
EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest_nid(3) - get default signature digest
EVP_PKEY_keygen(3)  - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_keygen_init(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_missing_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_new(3)     - private key allocation functions.
EVP_PKEY_paramgen(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_paramgen_init(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_print_params(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_print_private(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_print_public(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_set1_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_sign(3)    - sign using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_sign_init(3) - sign using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_type(3)    - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_verify(3)  - signature verification using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verify_init(3) - signature verification using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verify_recover(3) - recover signature using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verify_recover_init(3) - recover signature using a public key algorithm
EVP_rc2_40_cbc(3)   - (unknown subject)
EVP_rc2_64_cbc(3)   - (unknown subject)
EVP_rc2_cbc(3)      - (unknown subject)
EVP_rc4(3)          - (unknown subject)
EVP_rc4_40(3)       - (unknown subject)
EVP_ripemd160(3)    - EVP digest routines
EVP_SealFinal(3)    - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_SealInit(3)     - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_SealUpdate(3)   - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_sha1(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha1(3)         - (unknown subject)
EVP_sha224(3)       - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha256(3)       - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha256(3)       - (unknown subject)
EVP_sha384(3)       - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha384(3)       - (unknown subject)
EVP_sha(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha(3)          - (unknown subject)
EVP_sha512(3)       - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha512(3)       - (unknown subject)
EVP_SignFinal(3)    - EVP signing functions
EVP_SignInit(3)     - EVP signing functions
EVP_SignUpdate(3)   - EVP signing functions
EVP_VerifyFinal(3)  - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_VerifyInit(3)   - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_VerifyUpdate(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_wincrypt_des_ede3_cbc(3) - (unknown subject)
ewrite(3)           - exit-on-failure wrapper functions
ex(1)               - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor
exa(4)              - new 2D acceleration architecture for X.Org
exec(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
exec(n)             - Invoke subprocesses
EXECUTE(7)          - execute a prepared statement
exif(1)             - shows EXIF information in JPEG files
exifautotran(1)     - Transforms Exif files so that Orientation becomes 1
exim(8)             - a Mail Transfer Agent
exit(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
_exit(3)            - (unknown subject)
exit(3)             - (unknown subject)
exit(n)             - End the application
exp2(3)             - (unknown subject)
exp2f(3)            - (unknown subject)
exp(3)              - (unknown subject)
expand(1)           - convert tabs to spaces
expect(1)           - programmed dialogue with interactive programs, Version 5
expf(3)             - (unknown subject)
EXPLAIN(7)          - show the execution plan of a statement
expm1(3)            - (unknown subject)
expm1f(3)           - (unknown subject)
export(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
export(3x)          - functionality for writing images into files libAfterImage/export.h
Exporter(3pm)       - Implements default import method for modules
Exporter.Heavy(3pm) - Exporter guts
exports(5)          - NFS file systems being exported
expr(1)             - evaluate expressions
expr(n)             - Evaluate an expression
extconv(1)          - convert a TeX document in either Big 5+ or GBK encoding into `preprocessed' form.
ext_edirectory_userip_acl(8) - (unknown subject)
extendedopacity(5)  - theory of netpbm interpolation and extrapolation
ext_file_userip_acl(8) - (unknown subject)
ext_ldap_group_acl(8) - (unknown subject)
extractbb(1)        - extract bounding box information from graphics files
extractres(1)       - filter to extract resources from a PostScript document
extresso(1)         - wrapper for wrestool and icotool
ext_session_acl(8)  - (unknown subject)
ext_sql_session_acl(8) - SQL Database session lookup helper for Squid
ext_time_quota_acl(8) - (unknown subject)
ext_unix_group_acl(8) - (unknown subject)
ExtUtils.CBuilder(3pm) - Compile and link C code for Perl modules
ExtUtils.CBuilder.Platform.Windows(3pm) - Builder class for Windows platforms
ExtUtils.Command(3pm) - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
ExtUtils.Command.MM(3pm) - Commands for the MM's to use in Makefiles
ExtUtils.Constant(3pm) - generate XS code to import C header constants
ExtUtils.Constant.Base(3pm) - base class for ExtUtils::Constant objects
ExtUtils.Constant.Utils(3pm) - helper functions for ExtUtils::Constant
ExtUtils.Constant.XS(3pm) - generate C code for XS modules' constants.
ExtUtils.Depends(3pm) - Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
ExtUtils.Embed(3pm) - Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ applications
ExtUtils.Install(3pm) - install files from here to there
ExtUtils.Installed(3pm) - Inventory management of installed modules
ExtUtils.Liblist(3pm) - determine libraries to use and how to use them
ExtUtils.MakeMaker(3pm) - Create a module Makefile
ExtUtils.MakeMaker.Config(3pm) - Wrapper around
ExtUtils.MakeMaker.FAQ(3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions About MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MakeMaker.Tutorial(3pm) - Writing a module with MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MakeMaker.YAML(3pm) - clone of YAML::Tiny
ExtUtils.Manifest(3pm) - utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file
ExtUtils.Miniperl(3pm) - write the C code for perlmain.c
ExtUtils.Mkbootstrap(3pm) - make a bootstrap file for use by DynaLoader
ExtUtils.Mksymlists(3pm) - write linker options files for dynamic extension
ExtUtils.MM(3pm)    - OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass
ExtUtils.MM_AIX(3pm) - AIX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils.MM_Any(3pm) - Platform-agnostic MM methods
ExtUtils.MM_BeOS(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_Cygwin(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_Darwin(3pm) - special behaviors for OS X
ExtUtils.MM_DOS(3pm) - DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils.MM_MacOS(3pm) - once produced Makefiles for MacOS Classic
ExtUtils.MM_NW5(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_OS2(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_QNX(3pm) - QNX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils.MM_Unix(3pm) - methods used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_UWIN(3pm) - U/WIN specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils.MM_VMS(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_VOS(3pm) - VOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils.MM_Win32(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils.MM_Win95(3pm) - method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X
ExtUtils.MY(3pm)    - ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass for customization
ExtUtils.Packlist(3pm) - manage .packlist files
ExtUtils.ParseXS(3pm) - converts Perl XS code into C code
ExtUtils.PkgConfig(3pm) - simplistic interface to pkg-config
ExtUtils.testlib(3pm) - add blib/* directories to @INC
ExtUtils.XSSymSet(3pm) - keep sets of symbol names palatable to the VMS linker
ext_wbinfo_group_acl(8) - external ACL helper for Squid to verify NT Domain group membership using wbinfo.
eyuvtoppm(1)        - convert a Berkeley YUV file to a PPM file
fabs(3)             - (unknown subject)
fabsf(3)            - (unknown subject)
factor(1)           - factor numbers
false(1)            - do nothing, unsuccessfully
Fatal(3pm)          - Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die
fax2ps(1)           - convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed
fax2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data
fbdevhw(4)          - os-specific submodule for framebuffer device access
fblocked(n)         - Test whether the last input operation exhausted all available input
fc(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
FcAtomicCreate(3)   - create an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicDeleteNew(3) - delete new file
FcAtomicDestroy(3)  - destroy an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicLock(3)     - lock a file
FcAtomicNewFile(3)  - return new temporary file name
FcAtomicOrigFile(3) - return original file name
FcAtomicReplaceOrig(3) - replace original with new
FcAtomicUnlock(3)   - unlock a file
FcBlanksAdd(3)      - Add a character to an FcBlanks
FcBlanksCreate(3)   - Create an FcBlanks
FcBlanksDestroy(3)  - Destroy and FcBlanks
FcBlanksIsMember(3) - Query membership in an FcBlanks
fc-cache(1)         - build font information cache files
FcCacheCopySet(3)   - Returns a copy of the fontset from cache
FcCacheCreateTagFile(3) - Create CACHEDIR.TAG at cache directory.
FcCacheDir(3)       - Return directory of cache
FcCacheNumFont(3)   - Returns the number of fonts in cache.
FcCacheNumSubdir(3) - Return the number of subdirectories in cache.
FcCacheSubdir(3)    - Return the i'th subdirectory.
fc-cat(1)           - read font information cache files
FcCharSetAddChar(3) - Add a character to a charset
FcCharSetCopy(3)    - Copy a charset
FcCharSetCount(3)   - Count entries in a charset
FcCharSetCoverage(3) - DEPRECATED return coverage for a Unicode page
FcCharSetCreate(3)  - Create an empty character set
FcCharSetDelChar(3) - Add a character to a charset
FcCharSetDestroy(3) - Destroy a character set
FcCharSetEqual(3)   - Compare two charsets
FcCharSetFirstPage(3) - Start enumerating charset contents
FcCharSetHasChar(3) - Check a charset for a char
FcCharSetIntersect(3) - Intersect charsets
FcCharSetIntersectCount(3) - Intersect and count charsets
FcCharSetIsSubset(3) - Test for charset inclusion
FcCharSetMerge(3)   - Merge charsets
FcCharSetNew(3)     - DEPRECATED alias for FcCharSetCreate
FcCharSetNextPage(3) - Continue enumerating charset contents
FcCharSetSubtract(3) - Subtract charsets
FcCharSetSubtractCount(3) - Subtract and count charsets
FcCharSetUnion(3)   - Add charsets
FcConfigAppFontAddDir(3) - Add fonts from directory to font database
FcConfigAppFontAddFile(3) - Add font file to font database
FcConfigAppFontClear(3) - Remove all app fonts from font database
FcConfigBuildFonts(3) - Build font database
FcConfigCreate(3)   - Create a configuration
FcConfigDestroy(3)  - Destroy a configuration
FcConfigEnableHome(3) - controls use of the home directory.
FcConfigFilename(3) - Find a config file
FcConfigGetBlanks(3) - Get config blanks
FcConfigGetCache(3) - DEPRECATED used to return per-user cache filename
FcConfigGetCacheDirs(3) - return the list of directories searched for cache files
FcConfigGetConfigDirs(3) - Get config directories
FcConfigGetConfigFiles(3) - Get config files
FcConfigGetCurrent(3) - Return current configuration
FcConfigGetFontDirs(3) - Get font directories
FcConfigGetFonts(3) - Get config font set
FcConfigGetRescanInterval(3) - Get config rescan interval
FcConfigGetSysRoot(3) - Obtain the system root directory
FcConfigHome(3)     - return the current home directory.
FcConfigParseAndLoad(3) - load a configuration file
FcConfigReference(3) - Increment config reference count
FcConfigSetCurrent(3) - Set configuration as default
FcConfigSetRescanInterval(3) - Set config rescan interval
FcConfigSetSysRoot(3) - Set the system root directory
FcConfigSubstitute(3) - Execute substitutions
FcConfigSubstituteWithPat(3) - Execute substitutions
FcConfigUptoDate(3) - Check timestamps on config files
FcDefaultSubstitute(3) - Perform default substitutions in a pattern
FcDirCacheClean(3)  - This tries to clean up the cache directory of cache_dir.This returns FcTrue if the operation is successfully complete. otherwise FcFalse.
FcDirCacheLoad(3)   - load a directory cache
FcDirCacheLoadFile(3) - load a cache file
FcDirCacheRead(3)   - read or construct a directory cache
FcDirCacheUnlink(3) - Remove all caches related to dir
FcDirCacheUnload(3) - unload a cache file
FcDirCacheValid(3)  - check directory cache
FcDirSave(3)        - DEPRECATED: formerly used to save a directory cache
FcDirScan(3)        - scan a font directory without caching it
FcFileIsDir(3)      - check whether a file is a directory
FcFileScan(3)       - scan a font file
FcFini(3)           - finalize fontconfig library
FcFontList(3)       - List fonts
FcFontMatch(3)      - Return best font
FcFontRenderPrepare(3) - Prepare pattern for loading font file
FcFontSetAdd(3)     - Add to a font set
FcFontSetCreate(3)  - Create a font set
FcFontSetDestroy(3) - Destroy a font set
FcFontSetList(3)    - List fonts from a set of font sets
FcFontSetMatch(3)   - Return the best font from a set of font sets
FcFontSetPrint(3)   - Print a set of patterns to stdout
FcFontSetSort(3)    - Add to a font set
FcFontSetSortDestroy(3) - DEPRECATED destroy a font set
FcFontSort(3)       - Return list of matching fonts
FcFreeTypeCharIndex(3) - map Unicode to glyph id
FcFreeTypeCharSet(3) - compute Unicode coverage
FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing(3) - compute Unicode coverage and spacing type
FcFreeTypeQuery(3)  - compute pattern from font file (and index)
FcFreeTypeQueryFace(3) - compute pattern from FT_Face
FcGetDefaultLangs(3) - Get the default languages list
FcGetLangs(3)       - Get list of languages
FcGetVersion(3)     - library version number
FcInit(3)           - initialize fontconfig library
FcInitBringUptoDate(3) - reload configuration files if needed
FcInitLoadConfig(3) - load configuration
FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts(3) - load configuration and font data
FcInitReinitialize(3) - re-initialize library
FcIsLower(3)        - check for lower case ASCII character
FcIsUpper(3)        - check for upper case ASCII character
FcLangGetCharSet(3) - Get character map for a language
FcLangNormalize(3)  - Normalize the language string
FcLangSetAdd(3)     - add a language to a langset
FcLangSetCompare(3) - compare language sets
FcLangSetContains(3) - check langset subset relation
FcLangSetCopy(3)    - copy a langset object
FcLangSetCreate(3)  - create a langset object
FcLangSetDel(3)     - delete a language from a langset
FcLangSetDestroy(3) - destroy a langset object
FcLangSetEqual(3)   - test for matching langsets
FcLangSetHash(3)    - return a hash value for a langset
FcLangSetHasLang(3) - test langset for language support
FcLangSetSubtract(3) - Subtract langsets
FcLangSetUnion(3)   - Add langsets
fc-list(1)          - list available fonts
fclose(3)           - (unknown subject)
fcloseall(3)        - (unknown subject)
fc-match(1)         - match available fonts
FcMatrixCopy(3)     - Copy a matrix
FcMatrixEqual(3)    - Compare two matrices
FcMatrixInit(3)     - initialize an FcMatrix structure
FcMatrixMultiply(3) - Multiply matrices
FcMatrixRotate(3)   - Rotate a matrix
FcMatrixScale(3)    - Scale a matrix
FcMatrixShear(3)    - Shear a matrix
FcNameConstant(3)   - Get the value for a symbolic constant
FcNameGetConstant(3) - Lookup symbolic constant
FcNameGetObjectType(3) - Lookup an object type
FcNameParse(3)      - Parse a pattern string
FcNameRegisterConstants(3) - Register symbolic constants
FcNameRegisterObjectTypes(3) - Register object types
FcNameUnparse(3)    - Convert a pattern back into a string that can be parsed
FcNameUnregisterConstants(3) - Unregister symbolic constants
FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes(3) - Unregister object types
Fcntl(3pm)          - load the C Fcntl.h defines
FcObjectSetAdd(3)   - Add to an object set
FcObjectSetBuild(3) - Build object set from args
FcObjectSetCreate(3) - Create an object set
FcObjectSetDestroy(3) - Destroy an object set
fconfigure(n)       - Set and get options on a channel
fcopy(n)            - Copy data from one channel to another
fc-pattern(1)       - parse and show pattern
FcPatternAdd(3)     - Add a value to a pattern
FcPatternAdd-Type(3) - Add a typed value to a pattern
FcPatternAddWeak(3) - Add a value to a pattern with weak binding
FcPatternBuild(3)   - Create patterns from arguments
FcPatternCreate(3)  - Create a pattern
FcPatternDel(3)     - Delete a property from a pattern
FcPatternDestroy(3) - Destroy a pattern
FcPatternDuplicate(3) - Copy a pattern
FcPatternEqual(3)   - Compare patterns
FcPatternEqualSubset(3) - Compare portions of patterns
FcPatternFilter(3)  - Filter the objects of pattern
FcPatternFormat(3)  - Format a pattern into a string according to a format specifier
FcPatternGet(3)     - Return a value from a pattern
FcPatternGet-Type(3) - Return a typed value from a pattern
FcPatternHash(3)    - Compute a pattern hash value
FcPatternPrint(3)   - Print a pattern for debugging
FcPatternReference(3) - Increment pattern reference count
FcPatternRemove(3)  - Remove one object of the specified type from the pattern
fc-query(1)         - query font files
fcrackzip(1)        - a Free/Fast Zip Password Cracker
fcrackzipinfo(1)    - tell me about a zip file
fc-scan(1)          - scan font files or directories
FcStrBasename(3)    - last component of filename
FcStrCmp(3)         - compare UTF-8 strings
FcStrCmpIgnoreCase(3) - compare UTF-8 strings ignoring case
FcStrCopy(3)        - duplicate a string
FcStrCopyFilename(3) - create a complete path from a filename
FcStrDirname(3)     - directory part of filename
FcStrDowncase(3)    - create a lower case translation of a string
FcStrFree(3)        - free a string
FcStrListCreate(3)  - create a string iterator
FcStrListDone(3)    - destroy a string iterator
FcStrListNext(3)    - get next string in iteration
FcStrPlus(3)        - concatenate two strings
FcStrSetAdd(3)      - add to a string set
FcStrSetAddFilename(3) - add a filename to a string set
FcStrSetCreate(3)   - create a string set
FcStrSetDel(3)      - delete from a string set
FcStrSetDestroy(3)  - destroy a string set
FcStrSetEqual(3)    - check sets for equality
FcStrSetMember(3)   - check set for membership
FcStrStr(3)         - locate UTF-8 substring
FcStrStrIgnoreCase(3) - locate UTF-8 substring ignoring ASCII case
FcToLower(3)        - convert upper case ASCII to lower case
FcUcs4ToUtf8(3)     - convert UCS4 to UTF-8
FcUtf16Len(3)       - count UTF-16 encoded chars
FcUtf16ToUcs4(3)    - convert UTF-16 to UCS4
FcUtf8Len(3)        - count UTF-8 encoded chars
FcUtf8ToUcs4(3)     - convert UTF-8 to UCS4
fc-validate(1)      - validate font files
FcValueDestroy(3)   - Free a value
FcValueEqual(3)     - Test two values for equality
FcValuePrint(3)     - Print a value to stdout
FcValueSave(3)      - Copy a value
fdim(3)             - (unknown subject)
fdimf(3)            - (unknown subject)
fdisk(8)            - manipulate disk partition table
fdopen(3)           - (unknown subject)
fdupes(1)           - finds duplicate files in a given set of directories
feature(3pm)        - Perl pragma to enable new features
feof(3)             - (unknown subject)
ferror(3)           - (unknown subject)
FETCH(7)            - retrieve rows from a query using a cursor
fetchmail(1)        - fetch mail from a POP, IMAP, ETRN, or ODMR-capable server
fetchmailconf(1)    - fetch mail from a POP, IMAP, ETRN, or ODMR-capable server
fetchzone(1)        - get dns zone from server
ffi(3)              - Foreign Function Interface
ffi_call(3)         - Invoke a foreign function.
ffi_prep_cif(3)     - Prepare a ffi_cif structure for use with ffi_call
ffi_prep_cif_var(3) - Prepare a ffi_cif structure for use with ffi_call for variadic functions.
fflush(3)           - (unknown subject)
ffs(3)              - (unknown subject)
fftwf-wisdom(1)     - create wisdom (pre-optimized FFTs)
fftw-wisdom(1)      - create wisdom (pre-optimized FFTs)
fftw-wisdom-to-conf(1) - generate FFTW wisdom (pre-planned transforms)
fg(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
fgetc(3)            - (unknown subject)
fgetpos(3)          - (unknown subject)
fgetpos64(3)        - (unknown subject)
fgets(3)            - (unknown subject)
fgetwc(3)           - (unknown subject)
fgetws(3)           - (unknown subject)
fgetxattr(2)        - retrieve an extended attribute value
fgrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
fi(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
fiascotopnm(1)      - Convert compressed FIASCO image to PGM, or PPM
field_arg(3x)       - data type validation for fields
field_back(3x)      - color and attribute control for form fields
field_buffer(3x)    - field buffer control
field_count(3x)     - make and break connections between fields and forms
field_fore(3x)      - color and attribute control for form fields
field_index(3x)     - set and get form page number
field_info(3x)      - retrieve field characteristics
field_init(3x)      - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
field_just(3x)      - retrieve field characteristics
field_opts(3x)      - set and get field options
field_opts_off(3x)  - set and get field options
field_opts_on(3x)   - set and get field options
field_pad(3x)       - color and attribute control for form fields
fields(3pm)         - compile-time class fields
field_status(3x)    - field buffer control
field_term(3x)      - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
field_type(3x)      - data type validation for fields
field_userptr(3x)   - associate application data with a form field
fig2dev(1)          - translates Fig code to various graphics languages
fig2ps(1)           - conversion of xfig pictures to postscript
fig2ps2tex(1)       - generate a TeX file for including a PostScript file
figlet(6)           - display large characters made up of ordinary screen characters
file(1)             - determine file type
File.Basename(3pm)  - Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
FileCache(3pm)      - keep more files open than the system permits
File.CheckTree(3pm) - run many filetest checks on a tree
File.Compare(3pm)   - Compare files or filehandles
File.Copy(3pm)      - Copy files or filehandles
File.Copy.Recursive(3pm) - Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories
File.DosGlob(3pm)   - DOS like globbing and then some
fileevent(n)        - Execute a script when a channel becomes readable or writable
File.Fetch(3pm)     - A generic file fetching mechanism
File.Find(3pm)      - Traverse a directory tree.
filefrag(8)         - report on file fragmentation
filefuncs(3am)      - provide some file related functionality to gawk
File.Glob(3pm)      - Perl extension for BSD glob routine
File.GlobMapper(3pm) - Extend File Glob to Allow Input and Output Files
FileHandle(3pm)     - supply object methods for filehandles
File.HomeDir(3pm)   - Find your home and other directories on any platform
File.HomeDir.Darwin(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Darwin (OS X)
File.HomeDir.Darwin.Carbon(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Darwin (OS X)
File.HomeDir.Darwin.Cocoa(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Darwin (OS X)
File.HomeDir.Driver(3pm) - Base class for all File::HomeDir drivers
File.HomeDir.FreeDesktop(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Unix
File.HomeDir.MacOS9(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on legacy Macs
File.HomeDir.Test(3pm) - Prevent the accidental creation of user-owned files during testing
File.HomeDir.Unix(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on legacy Unix
File.HomeDir.Windows(3pm) - Find your home and other directories on Windows
File.Listing(3pm)   - parse directory listing
Filename(3o)        - Operations on file names.
filename(n)         - File name conventions supported by Tcl commands
file(n)             - Manipulate file names and attributes
fileno(3)           - (unknown subject)
File.Path(3pm)      - Create or remove directory trees
File.pushd(3pm)     - change directory temporarily for a limited scope
File.Spec(3pm)      - portably perform operations on file names
File.Spec.Cygwin(3pm) - methods for Cygwin file specs
File.Spec.Epoc(3pm) - methods for Epoc file specs
File.Spec.Functions(3pm) - portably perform operations on file names
File.Spec.Mac(3pm)  - File::Spec for Mac OS(Classic)
File.Spec.OS2(3pm)  - methods for OS/2 file specs
File.Spec.Unix(3pm) - File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules
File.Spec.VMS(3pm)  - methods for VMS file specs
File.Spec.Win32(3pm) - methods for Win32 file specs
File.stat(3pm)      - by-name interface to Perl's built-in stat() functions
File.Temp(3pm)      - return name and handle of a temporary file safely
filetest(3pm)       - Perl pragma to control the filetest permission operators
File.Which(3pm)     - Portable implementation of the `which' utility
filter(3x)          - miscellaneous curses utility routines
filterdiff(1)       - extract or exclude diffs from a diff file
filter-key(7)       - (unknown subject)
filter-keytrans(7)  - (unknown subject)
filter-mouse(7)     - (unknown subject)
filter-save(7)      - (unknown subject)
Filter.Simple(3pm)  - Simplified source filtering
filter-tcp(7)       - (unknown subject)
Filter.Util.Call(3pm) - Perl Source Filter Utility Module
find(1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
find2perl(1)        - translate find command lines to Perl code
FindBin(3pm)        - Locate directory of original perl script
findfs(8)           - find a filesystem by label or UUID
findhyph(1)         - find words hyphenated by TeX in a document
find(n)             - search for classes and objects
finger@ (1)          - get user information from a host
finite(3)           - (unknown subject)
finitef(3)          - (unknown subject)
fish(1)             - fish - the friendly interactive shell
fishd(1)            - fishd - universal variable daemon
fish_indent(1)      - fish_indent - indenter and prettifier
fish_pager(1)       - fish_pager - internal command used by fish
fisql(1)            - interactive SQL shell
fitstopnm(1)        - convert a FITS file into a PNM image
fixcr(1)            - make sure that there is a CR before each LF
fixcvsdiff(1)       - fix problematic diff files
fixdlsrps(1)        - filter to fix DviLaser/PS documents to work with PSUtils
fixfmps(1)          - filter to fix Framemaker documents so PSUtils work
fixproc(1)          - Fixes a process by performing the specified action.
fixps(1)            - sanitize PostScript files
fixpsditps(1)       - filter to fix Transcript psdit documents so PSUtils work
fixpspps(1)         - filter to fix PSPrint PostScript so PSUtils work
fixscribeps(1)      - filter to fix Scribe documents so PSUtils work
fixtpps(1)          - filter to fix Tpscript documents to work with PSUtils
fixwfwps(1)         - filter to fix Word for Windows documents so PSUtils work
fixwpps(1)          - filter to fix WP documents so PSUtils work
fixwwps(1)          - filter to fix Windows Write documents so PSUtils work
fiz(1)              - analyze damaged zoo archive for data recovery
flac(1)             - Free Lossless Audio Codec
flags(3)            - (unknown subject)
flash(3x)           - curses bell and screen flash routines
flawfinder(1)       - find potential security flaws ("hits") in source code
flea(1)             - Report a bug (or rather a flea) in mutt.
flex(1)             - the fast lexical analyser generator
flip(1)             - do newline conversions between **IX and MS-DOS
flipdiff(1)         - exchange the order of two incremental patches
flist(1)            - list the number of messages in given sequence(s)
flists(1)           - list the number of messages in given sequence(s)
flistxattr(2)       - list extended attribute names
flock(1)            - manage locks from shell scripts
flog(1)             - dump STDIN to file and reopen on SIGHUP
floor(3)            - (unknown subject)
floorf(3)           - (unknown subject)
fltk(3)             - the fast light tool kit
fltk-config(1)      - script to get information about the installed version of fltk.
fluid(1)            - the fast light user-interface designer
flushinp(3x)        - miscellaneous curses utility routines
flush(n)            - Flush buffered output for a channel
fma(3)              - (unknown subject)
fmaf(3)             - (unknown subject)
fmax(3)             - (unknown subject)
fmaxf(3)            - (unknown subject)
fmemopen(3)         - (unknown subject)
fmin(3)             - (unknown subject)
fminf(3)            - (unknown subject)
fmod(3)             - (unknown subject)
fmodf(3)            - (unknown subject)
fmt(1)              - simple optimal text formatter
fmtdump(8)          - decode nmh format files
fmtutil(1)          - utility for maintaining TeX format files
fmtutil.cnf(5)      - configuration file for fmtutil
fmtutil-sys(1)      - utility for maintaining TeX format files system-wide
fnext(1)            - set current folder to next folder with new messages
fnmatch(3am)        - compare a string against a filename wildcard
focus(n)            - Manage the input focus
fold(1)             - wrap each input line to fit in specified width
folder(1)           - set/list current folder/message
folders(1)          - set/list current folder/message
font2c(1)           - Write PostScript Type 0 or Type 1 font as C code
fontinst(1)         - utility to run TeX as fontinst
font(n)             - Create and inspect fonts.
fonts-conf(5)       - Font configuration files
fonttosfnt(1)       - Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt(TrueType) wrapper
fopen(3)            - (unknown subject)
fopen64(3)          - (unknown subject)
fopencookie(3)      - (unknown subject)
for(1)              - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
foreach(n)          - Iterate over all elements in one or more lists
fork(3am)           - basic process management
form(3x)            - curses extension for programming forms
formail(1)          - mail(re)formatter
Format(3o)          - Pretty printing.
format(n)           - Format a string in the style of sprintf
form_cursor(3x)     - position a form window cursor
form_data(3x)       - test for off-screen data in given forms
form_driver(3x)     - command-processing loop of the form system
form_field(3x)      - make and break connections between fields and forms
form_field_attributes(3x) - color and attribute control for form fields
form_field_buffer(3x) - field buffer control
form_field_info(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
form_field_just(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
form_field_new(3x)  - create and destroy form fields
form_field_opts(3x) - set and get field options
form_fields(3x)     - make and break connections between fields and forms
form_fieldtype(3x)  - define validation-field types
form_field_userptr(3x) - associate application data with a form field
form_field_validation(3x) - data type validation for fields
form_hook(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_init(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_new(3x)        - create and destroy forms
form_new_page(3x)   - form pagination functions
form_opts(3x)       - set and get form options
form_opts_off(3x)   - set and get form options
form_opts_on(3x)    - set and get form options
form_page(3x)       - set and get form page number
form_post(3x)       - write or erase forms from associated subwindows
form_request_by_name(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_request_name(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_requestname(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_sub(3x)        - make and break form window and subwindow associations
form_term(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_userptr(3x)    - associate application data with a form item
form_win(3x)        - make and break form window and subwindow associations
for(n)              - 'For' loop
fortune(6)          - print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
forw(1)             - forward messages
fossil(1)           - Distributed Version Control System
fpclassify(3)       - (unknown subject)
fprev(1)            - set current folder to previous folder with new messages
fprint_description(3) - netsnmp_mib_api functions
fprint_objid(3)     - netsnmp_mib_api functions
fprint_value(3)     - netsnmp_varbind_api functions
fprint_variable(3)  - netsnmp_varbind_api functions
fpurge(3)           - (unknown subject)
fputc(3)            - (unknown subject)
fputs(3)            - (unknown subject)
fputwc(3)           - (unknown subject)
fputws(3)           - (unknown subject)
frame(n)            - Create and manipulate frame widgets
fread(3)            - (unknown subject)
free(1)             - Display amount of free and used memory in the system
freebcp(1)          - bulk loading utility for Sybase and Microsoft databases
free_field(3x)      - create and destroy form fields
free_fieldtype(3x)  - define validation-field types
free_form(3x)       - create and destroy forms
free_item(3x)       - create and destroy menu items
free_menu(3x)       - create and destroy menus
freetds.conf(5)     - configuration file for FreeTDS
fremovexattr(2)     - remove an extended attribute
freopen(3)          - (unknown subject)
freopen64(3)        - (unknown subject)
freshclam(1)        - update virus databases
freshclam.conf(5)   - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus database update tool
frexp(3)            - (unknown subject)
frexpf(3)           - (unknown subject)
fribidi_charset_to_unicode(3) - convert string to Unicode
fribidi_debug_status(3) - FRIBIDI_BEGIN_DECLS should be used at the beginning of your declarations,
fribidi_get_bidi_type(3) - get character bidi type
fribidi_get_bidi_type_name(3) - get bidi type name
fribidi_get_bidi_types(3) - get bidi types for an string of characters
fribidi_get_joining_type(3) - get character joining type
fribidi_get_joining_type_name(3) - get joining type name
fribidi_get_joining_types(3) - get joining types for an string of characters
fribidi_get_mirror_char(3) - get mirrored character
fribidi_get_par_direction(3) - get base paragraph direction
fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels(3) - get bidi embedding levels of a paragraph
fribidi_get_type(3) - get character bidi type
fribidi_get_type_internal(3) - get character bidi type
fribidi_join_arabic(3) - do Arabic joining
fribidi_log2vis(3)  - get visual string
fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels(3) - get embedding levels
fribidi_mirroring_status(3) - get current mirroring status
fribidi_parse_charset(3) - parse character set name
fribidi_remove_bidi_marks(3) - remove bidi marks out of an string
fribidi_reorder_line(3) - reorder a line of logical string to visual
fribidi_reorder_nsm_status(3) - get current marks reordering status
fribidi_set_mirroring(3) - set mirroring on or off
fribidi_set_reorder_nsm(3) - set marks reordering on or off
fribidi_shape(3)    - do bidi-aware shaping
fribidi_shape_mirroring(3) - do mirroring shaping
fribidi_unicode_to_charset(3) - convert string from Unicode
frontend-spec(7)    - interface between jw and its frontends
fsck(8)             - check and repair a Linux filesystem
fsck.ext2(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext3(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext4(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext4dev(8)     - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.minix(8)       - check consistency of Minix filesystem
fseek(3)            - (unknown subject)
fseeko64(3)         - (unknown subject)
fsetpos(3)          - (unknown subject)
fsetpos64(3)        - (unknown subject)
fsetxattr(2)        - set an extended attribute value
fsf-funding(7)      - Funding Free Software
fstopgm(1)          - convert a Usenix FaceSaver(tm) file into a PGM image
ftell(3)            - (unknown subject)
ftello64(3)         - (unknown subject)
ftp(1)              - File Transfer Protocol client.
ftpcount(1)         - show current number of connections for each proftpd server configuration
ftpd(8)             - File Transfer Protocol server.
ftpdctl(8)          - ProFTPD control program
ftpshut(8)          - shut down all proftpd servers at a given time
ftptop(1)           - display running status on proftpd server connections
ftpusers(5)         - (unknown subject)
ftpwho(1)           - show current process information for each FTP session
function(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
funopen(3)          - (unknown subject)
funzip(1)           - filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe
fuser(1)            - identify processes using files or sockets
fvwm(1)             - F? Virtual Window Manager for X11
fvwm2(1)            - F? Virtual Window Manager for X11
FvwmAnimate(1)      - the fvwm animate module
FvwmAuto(1)         - the fvwm auto-raise module
FvwmBacker(1)       - the fvwm background changer module
FvwmBanner(1)       - the Fvwm Banner module
fvwm-bug(1)         - report a bug in fvwm
FvwmButtons(1)      - the fvwm buttonbox module
FvwmCommand(1)      - fvwm command external interface
fvwm-config(1)      - query an existing fvwm installation
FvwmConsole(1)      - an fvwm command input interface  - Command editor for fvwm command input interface
fvwm-convert-2.4(1) - convert fvwm 2.2.x configuration file to fvwm 2.4 syntax
fvwm-convert-2.6(1) - convert fvwm 2.4.x configuration file to fvwm 2.6 style
FvwmCpp(1)          - the Fvwm Cpp pre-processor
FvwmDebug(1)        - the fvwm module debugger
FvwmDragWell(1)     - A XDND drag well
FvwmEvent(1)        - the fvwm event module
FvwmForm(1)         - input form module for Fvwm
FvwmGtkDebug(1)     - graphical interactive fvwm module debugger
FvwmIconBox(1)      - the fvwm icon box module
FvwmIconMan(1)      - an fvwm icon manager
FvwmIdent(1)        - the Fvwm identify-window module
FvwmM4(1)           - the fvwm M4 pre-processor
fvwm-menu-desktop(1) - builds GNOME and KDE menus and style commands for fvwm
fvwm-menu-directory(1) - builds a directory browsing menu for fvwm
fvwm-menu-headlines(1) - builds headlines menu definition for fvwm
fvwm-menu-xlock(1)  - builds xlock menu definition for fvwm
FvwmPager(1)        - the Fvwm Pager module
FvwmPerl(1)         - the fvwm perl manipulator and preprocessor
fvwm-perllib(1)     - shows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library
FvwmProxy(1)        - the fvwm proxy module
FvwmRearrange(1)    - rearrange fvwm windows
fvwm-root(1)        - Sets the root window of the current X display to image
FvwmSave(1)         - the Fvwm desktop-layout saving module
FvwmSaveDesk(1)     - another fvwm desktop-layout saving module
FvwmScript(1)       - module to build graphic user interface
FvwmScroll(1)       - the fvwm scroll-bar module
FvwmTabs(1)         - a generic tabbing module for the fvwm window manager.
FvwmTaskBar(1)      - the fvwm taskbar module
FvwmTheme(1)        - an fvwm module for managing the appearance of fvwm and its modules
FvwmWharf(1)        - the AfterStep application "dock" module ported to Fvwm.
FvwmWindowMenu(1)   - open configurable fvwm menu listing current windows
FvwmWinList(1)      - the fvwm window list module
fwide(3)            - (unknown subject)
fwrite(3)           - (unknown subject)
g++(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
g3topbm(1)          - convert a Group 3 fax file into a PBM image
gamma(3)            - (unknown subject)
gammaf(3)           - (unknown subject)
gammaf_r(3)         - (unknown subject)
gamma_r(3)          - (unknown subject)
gappletviewer(1)    - Load and runs an applet
gawk(1)             - pattern scanning and processing language
Gc(3o)              - Memory management control and statistics; finalised values.
gc-analyze(1)       - Analyze Garbage Collector(GC) memory dumps
gcc(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
gccmakedep(1)       - create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gcj(1)              - Ahead-of-time compiler for the Java language
gcj-dbtool(1)       - Manipulate class file mapping databases for libgcj
gcjh(1)             - - generate header files from Java class files
gconftool-2(1)      - GNOME configuration tool
gcov(1)             - coverage testing tool
gdb(1)              - The GNU Debugger
gdbinit(5)          - GDB initialization scripts
gdbm(3)             - The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability. (Version .)
GDBM_File(3pm)      - Perl5 access to the gdbm library.
gdbus(1)            - Tool for working with D-Bus objects
gdbus-codegen(1)    - D-Bus code and documentation generator
gdiffmk(1)          - mark differences between groff/nroff/troff files
gdk-pixbuf-csource(1) - C code generation utility for GdkPixbuf images
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders(1) - GdkPixbuf loader registration utility
gemtopbm(1)         - replaced by gemtopnm
gemtopnm(1)         - convert a GEM .img file into a PNM image
gendiff(1)          - utility to aid in error-free diff file generation
gendsa(1)           - generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters
genisoimage(1)      - create ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
genisoimagerc(5)    - startup configuration file for genisoimage
Genlex(3o)          - A generic lexical analyzer.
genpkey(1)          - generate a private key
genrandom(8)        - generate a file containing random data
genresscript(1)     - generate resource script from PE and NE binaries
genrsa(1)           - generate an RSA private key
geod(1)             - direct geodesic computations
geoipexport(1)      - a program for exporting the GeoIP IP-to-country database
geoiplookup(1)      - look up country using IP Address or hostname
geoipupdate(1)      - a program for updating the MaxMind GeoIP databases
getafm(1)           - create an AFM file for a PostScript font.
getarg(3)           - collect command line options
getbegx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbegy(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbegyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbkgd(3x)         - curses window background manipulation routines
getbkgrnd(3x)       - curses window complex background manipulation routines
getc(3)             - (unknown subject)
getcchar(3x)        - Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-character string
getch(3x)           - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
getchar(3)          - (unknown subject)
getchar_unlocked(3) - (unknown subject)
getc_unlocked(3)    - (unknown subject)
getcurx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getcury(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getdelim(3)         - (unknown subject)
geteltorito(1)      - an El Torito boot image extractor
getent(1)           - get entries from Name Service Switch libraries
getenv(3)           - (unknown subject)
getfacl(1)          - (unknown subject)
getfattr(1)         - get extended attributes of filesystem objects
geticonset(1x)      - gets the current Window Maker iconset
getline(3)          - (unknown subject)
getmail(1)          - retrieve messages from one or more POP3, IMAP4, or SDPS mailboxes and deliver to a maildir, mboxrd-format mbox file, or external MDA
getmail_fetch(1)    - retrieve messages from one or more POP3 or POP3-over-SSL mailboxes and deliver to a maildir, mboxrd-format mbox file, or external MDA
getmail_maildir(1)  - read a message from stdin and deliver to a named maildir
getmail_mbox(1)     - read a message from stdin and deliver to a named mboxrd-format mbox file with fcntl-style locking.
getmaxx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getmaxy(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getmaxyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
get_module_node(3)  - netsnmp_mib_api functions
getmouse(3x)        - mouse interface through curses
getnetconfig(3t)    - get network configuration database entry
getnetpath(3t)      - get
getnstr(3x)         - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
getn_wstr(3x)       - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
getopt(1)           - parse command options(enhanced)
Getopt.Long(3pm)    - Extended processing of command line options
getopts(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Getopt.Std(3pm)     - Process single-character switches with switch clustering
getparx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getpary(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getparyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getrpcent(3t)       - get RPC entry
getrpcport(3t)      - get RPC port number
gets(3)             - (unknown subject)
gets(n)             - Read a line from a channel
getstr(3x)          - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
getstyle(1x)        - dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates a theme pack.
getsyx(3x)          - low-level curses routines
gettext(1)          - translate message
gettext(3)          - translate message
gettextize(1)       - install or upgrade gettext infrastructure
getw(3)             - (unknown subject)
get_wch(3x)         - get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal keyboard
getwchar(3)         - (unknown subject)
getwin(3x)          - miscellaneous curses utility routines
get-wings-flags(1)  - output libWINGs compile and linker flags
get-wraster-flags(1) - output libwraster compile and linker flags
get_wstr(3x)        - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
get-wutil-flags(1)  - output libwutil compile and linker flags
getxattr(2)         - retrieve an extended attribute value
getyx(3x)           - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getzone(1)          - get dns zone from server
gfdl(7)             - GNU Free Documentation License
gfortran(1)         - GNU Fortran compiler
gftodvi(1)          - make proof sheets from generic font files
gftopk(1)           - convert generic font files to packed font files
gftype(1)           - translate a generic font file for humans to read
ggAddObserver(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggAddTask(3)        - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_EMPTY(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_ENTRY(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_FIRST(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_FOREACH(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_FOREACH_REVERSE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_HEAD(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_INIT(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_INSERT_AFTER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_INSERT_BEFORE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_INSERT_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_INSERT_TAIL(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_LAST(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_NEXT(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_PREV(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_CIRCLEQ_REMOVE(3) - (unknown subject)
ggCleanupForceExit(3) - (unknown subject)
ggClearPublisher(3) - (unknown subject)
ggConfigIterLocation(3) - (unknown subject)
ggConfigIterTarget(3) - (unknown subject)
ggCurTime(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggDelObserver(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggDelScope(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggDelTask(3)        - (unknown subject)
gg-error(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggExit(3)           - (unknown subject)
ggFreeConfig(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggFromScope(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggGetScope(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggGetSwarType(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggGetUserDir(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiAddEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiAddFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckGraphMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckSimpleMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckTextMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiClose(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggi_color(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggi_colormap(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi_colormap_region(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_coord(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiCopyBox(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiCrossBlit(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi-cube3d(1)       - (unknown subject)
ggiDBGetBuffer(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiDBGetNumBuffers(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi-demo(1)         - (unknown subject)
ggiDetachInput(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggidev-abs_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-add_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_int_3(3) - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_unsigned_3(3) - (unknown subject)
ggidev-bits_3(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggidev-dec_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-divmod_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-eq0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-eq_3(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggidev-ge0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-ge_3(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggidev-gt0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-inc_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-invert_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-le0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-lshift_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-lt0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-mul_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-negate_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-rshift_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-sign_3(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggidev-sub_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-triple-int(7) - (unknown subject)
ggi_directbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawBox(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawHLine(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawPixel(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawVLine(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi-error(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiEventPoll(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventRead(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventSelect(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiEventSend(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventsQueued(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiExit(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiFillscreen(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiFlush(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiFlushRegion(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiFPrintMode(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiGammaMax(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetBox(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiGetc(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiGetCharSize(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiGetDisplayFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiGetFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGamma(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGammaMap(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCBackground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCClipping(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCForeground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetHLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetInput(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetMode(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiGetOrigin(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPalette(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPixel(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPixelFormat(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetRayPos(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiGetReadFrame(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiGetVLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetWriteFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_graphtype(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiInit(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiJoinInputs(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiKbhit(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiMapColor(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggi_mode(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggi-monitest(1)     - (unknown subject)
ggInit(3)           - (unknown subject)
ggiOpen(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPackColors(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiPanic(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiParseMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixel(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixelformat(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixellinearbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixelplanarbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiPrintMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiPutBox(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiPutc(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPutHLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiPutPixel(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiPuts(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPutVLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiRemoveEventMask(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiRemoveFlags(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceAcquire(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceMustAcquire(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceRelease(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_samplelinearbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_sampleplanarbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetColorfulPalette(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetDisplayFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGamma(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGammaMap(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCBackground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCClipping(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCForeground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGraphMode(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetMode(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiSetOrigin(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiSetPalette(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiSetReadFrame(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetSimpleMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetSplitline(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetTextMode(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiSetWriteFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSPrintMode(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiteleserver(1)    - (unknown subject)
ggiUnmapPixel(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiUnpackPixels(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiWaitRayPos(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhAllowResize(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhAttach(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhDetach(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhExit(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhGetPos(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhGetSize(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhIconify(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhInit(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhMaximize(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhMove(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhMoveIcon(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhResize(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhSetIconTitle(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhSetTitle(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiWmhZOrder(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_EMPTY(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_ENTRY(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_FIRST(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_FOREACH(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_HEAD(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_INIT(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_INSERT_AFTER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_INSERT_BEFORE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_INSERT_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_NEXT(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_LIST_REMOVE(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggLoadConfig(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggLock(3)           - (unknown subject)
ggLockCreate(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggLockDestroy(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggNewScope(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggNotifyObservers(3) - (unknown subject)
ggParseOptions(3)   - (unknown subject)
gg-queue(3)         - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_EMPTY(3)      - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_ENTRY(3)      - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_FIND(3)       - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_FOREACH(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_GENERATE(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_HEAD(3)       - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_INIT(3)       - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_INSERT(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_LEFT(3)       - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_MAX(3)        - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_MIN(3)        - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_NEXT(3)       - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_PARENT(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_PROTOTYPE(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_REMOVE(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_RIGHT(3)      - (unknown subject)
GG_RB_ROOT(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggRegisterCleanup(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SCHED_TICKS2USECS(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SCHED_USECS2TICKS(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_EMPTY(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_ENTRY(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_FIRST(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_FOREACH(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_HEAD(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_INIT(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_INSERT_AFTER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_INSERT_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_INSERT_TAIL(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_NEXT(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_REMOVE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SIMPLEQ_REMOVE_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_EMPTY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_ENTRY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_FIRST(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_FOREACH(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_HEAD(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_INIT2(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_INSERT_AFTER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_INSERT_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_NEXT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_REMOVE(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_EMPTY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_ENTRY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_FIND(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_FOREACH(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_GENERATE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_HEAD(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_INIT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_INSERT(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_LEFT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_MAX(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_MIN(3)     - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_NEXT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_PROTOTYPE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_REMOVE(3)  - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_RIGHT(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_SPLAY_ROOT(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggstrlcat(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggstrlcpy(3)        - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_EMPTY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_ENTRY(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_FIRST(3)   - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_FOREACH(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_HEAD(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_INIT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(3) - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_LAST(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_NEXT(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_PREV(3)    - (unknown subject)
GG_TAILQ_REMOVE(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggTimeBase(3)       - (unknown subject)
gg-tree(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggTryLock(3)        - (unknown subject)
gg-types(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggUnlock(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggUnregisterCleanup(3) - (unknown subject)
ggUSleep(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggUSlumber(3)       - (unknown subject)
gif2apng(1)         - convert animated GIF to animated PNG files
gif2dbl(1)          - convert a gif file to an dbl file using a RGB palette
gif2mask(1)         - convert a gif file to an aaaalpha mask
gif2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF file from a GIF87 format image file
gif2webp(1)         - Convert a GIF image to WebP
giftopnm(1)         - convert a GIF file into a PNM image
giiAddEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
gii_any_event(3)    - (unknown subject)
giiClose(3)         - (unknown subject)
gii_cmddata_getdevinfo(3) - (unknown subject)
gii_cmddata_getvalinfo(3) - (unknown subject)
gii_cmd_event(3)    - (unknown subject)
gii_cmd_nodata_event(3) - (unknown subject)
gii-error(3)        - (unknown subject)
gii_event(3)        - (unknown subject)
gii_event_mask(3)   - (unknown subject)
giiEventPoll(3)     - (unknown subject)
giiEventRead(3)     - (unknown subject)
giiEventSelect(3)   - (unknown subject)
giiEventSend(3)     - (unknown subject)
giiEventsQueued(3)  - (unknown subject)
gii_event_type(3)   - (unknown subject)
giiExit(3)          - (unknown subject)
gii_expose_event(3) - (unknown subject)
giiGetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
giiInit(3)          - (unknown subject)
giiJoinInputs(3)    - (unknown subject)
gii_key_event(3)    - (unknown subject)
giiMTInit(3)        - (unknown subject)
giiOpen(3)          - (unknown subject)
giiPanic(3)         - (unknown subject)
gii_pbutton_event(3) - (unknown subject)
gii_phystype(3)     - (unknown subject)
gii_pmove_event(3)  - (unknown subject)
giiQueryDeviceInfo(3) - (unknown subject)
giiQueryDeviceInfoByNumber(3) - (unknown subject)
giiQueryValInfo(3)  - (unknown subject)
giiRemoveEventMask(3) - (unknown subject)
giiSetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
giiSplitInputs(3)   - (unknown subject)
gii_val_event(3)    - (unknown subject)
gii_valrange(3)     - (unknown subject)
gij(1)              - GNU interpreter for Java bytecode
gio-querymodules(1) - GIO module cache creation
g-ir-compiler(1)    - typelib compiler.
g-ir-generate(1)    - typelib generator
g-ir-scanner(1)     - extracting C metadata from sources and headers
git(1)              - the stupid content tracker
Git(3pm)            - Perl interface to the Git version control system
git-add(1)          - Add file contents to the index
git-am(1)           - Apply a series of patches from a mailbox
git-annotate(1)     - Annotate file lines with commit information
git-apply(1)        - Apply a patch to files and/or to the index
git-archimport(1)   - Import an Arch repository into git
git-archive(1)      - Create an archive of files from a named tree
gitattributes(5)    - defining attributes per path
git-bisect(1)       - Find by binary search the change that introduced a bug
git-blame(1)        - Show what revision and author last modified each line of a file
git-branch(1)       - List, create, or delete branches
git-bundle(1)       - Move objects and refs by archive
git-cat-file(1)     - Provide content or type and size information for repository objects
git-check-attr(1)   - Display gitattributes information
git-checkout(1)     - Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree
git-checkout-index(1) - Copy files from the index to the working tree
git-check-ref-format(1) - Ensures that a reference name is well formed
git-cherry(1)       - Find commits not merged upstream
git-cherry-pick(1)  - Apply the changes introduced by some existing commits
git-citool(1)       - Graphical alternative to git-commit
git-clean(1)        - Remove untracked files from the working tree
gitcli(7)           - git command line interface and conventions
git-clone(1)        - Clone a repository into a new directory
git-commit(1)       - Record changes to the repository
git-commit-tree(1)  - Create a new commit object
git-config(1)       - Get and set repository or global options
gitcore-tutorial(7) - A git core tutorial for developers
git-count-objects(1) - Count unpacked number of objects and their disk consumption
git-credential-cache(1) - helper to temporarily store passwords in memory
git-credential-cache--daemon(1) - temporarily store user credentials in memory
gitcredentials(7)   - providing usernames and passwords to git
git-credential-store(1) - helper to store credentials on disk
git-cvsexportcommit(1) - Export a single commit to a CVS checkout
git-cvsimport(1)    - Salvage your data out of another SCM people love to hate
gitcvs-migration(7) - git for CVS users
git-cvsserver(1)    - A CVS server emulator for git
git-daemon(1)       - A really simple server for git repositories
git-describe(1)     - Show the most recent tag that is reachable from a commit
git-diff(1)         - Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc
gitdiffcore(7)      - Tweaking diff output
git-diff-files(1)   - Compares files in the working tree and the index
git-diff-index(1)   - Compares content and mode of blobs between the index and repository
git-difftool(1)     - Show changes using common diff tools
git-diff-tree(1)    - Compares the content and mode of blobs found via two tree objects
git-fast-export(1)  - Git data exporter
git-fast-import(1)  - Backend for fast Git data importers
git-fetch(1)        - Download objects and refs from another repository
git-fetch-pack(1)   - Receive missing objects from another repository
git-filter-branch(1) - Rewrite branches
git-fmt-merge-msg(1) - Produce a merge commit message
git-for-each-ref(1) - Output information on each ref
git-format-patch(1) - Prepare patches for e-mail submission
git-fsck(1)         - Verifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-fsck-objects(1) - Verifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-gc(1)           - Cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository
git-get-tar-commit-id(1) - Extract commit ID from an archive created using git-archive
gitglossary(7)      - A GIT Glossary
git-grep(1)         - Print lines matching a pattern
git-gui(1)          - A portable graphical interface to Git
git-hash-object(1)  - Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from a file
git-help(1)         - display help information about git
githooks(5)         - Hooks used by git
git-http-backend(1) - Server side implementation of Git over HTTP
git-http-fetch(1)   - Download from a remote git repository via HTTP
git-http-push(1)    - Push objects over HTTP/DAV to another repository
Git.I18N(3pm)       - Perl interface to Git's Gettext localizations
gitignore(5)        - Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
git-imap-send(1)    - Send a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder
git-index-pack(1)   - Build pack index file for an existing packed archive
git-init(1)         - Create an empty git repository or reinitialize an existing one
git-init-db(1)      - Creates an empty git repository
git-instaweb(1)     - Instantly browse your working repository in gitweb
gitk(1)             - The git repository browser
git-log(1)          - Show commit logs
git-lost-found(1)   - Recover lost refs that luckily have not yet been pruned
git-ls-files(1)     - Show information about files in the index and the working tree
git-ls-remote(1)    - List references in a remote repository
git-ls-tree(1)      - List the contents of a tree object
git-mailinfo(1)     - Extracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail message
git-mailsplit(1)    - Simple UNIX mbox splitter program
git-merge(1)        - Join two or more development histories together
git-merge-base(1)   - Find as good common ancestors as possible for a merge
git-merge-file(1)   - Run a three-way file merge
git-merge-index(1)  - Run a merge for files needing merging
git-merge-one-file(1) - The standard helper program to use with git-merge-index
git-mergetool(1)    - Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge conflicts
git-mergetool--lib(1) - Common git merge tool shell scriptlets
git-merge-tree(1)   - Show three-way merge without touching index
git-mktag(1)        - Creates a tag object
git-mktree(1)       - Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text
gitmodules(5)       - defining submodule properties
git-mv(1)           - Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink
git-name-rev(1)     - Find symbolic names for given revs
gitnamespaces(7)    - Git namespaces
git-notes(1)        - Add or inspect object notes
git-oodiff(1)       - Git diff filter for OpenOffice documents
git-p4(1)           - Import from and submit to Perforce repositories
git-pack-objects(1) - Create a packed archive of objects
git-pack-redundant(1) - Find redundant pack files
git-pack-refs(1)    - Pack heads and tags for efficient repository access
git-parse-remote(1) - Routines to help parsing remote repository access parameters
git-patch-id(1)     - Compute unique ID for a patch
git-peek-remote(1)  - List the references in a remote repository
git-prune(1)        - Prune all unreachable objects from the object database
git-prune-packed(1) - Remove extra objects that are already in pack files
git-pull(1)         - Fetch from and merge with another repository or a local branch
git-push(1)         - Update remote refs along with associated objects
git-quiltimport(1)  - Applies a quilt patchset onto the current branch
git-read-tree(1)    - Reads tree information into the index
git-rebase(1)       - Forward-port local commits to the updated upstream head
git-receive-pack(1) - Receive what is pushed into the repository
git-reflog(1)       - Manage reflog information
git-relink(1)       - Hardlink common objects in local repositories
git-remote(1)       - manage set of tracked repositories
git-remote-ext(1)   - Bridge smart transport to external command.
git-remote-fd(1)    - Reflect smart transport stream back to caller
git-remote-helpers(1) - Helper programs to interact with remote repositories
git-remote-testgit(1) - Example remote-helper
git-repack(1)       - Pack unpacked objects in a repository
git-replace(1)      - Create, list, delete refs to replace objects
git-repo-config(1)  - Get and set repository or global options
gitrepository-layout(5) - Git Repository Layout
git-request-pull(1) - Generates a summary of pending changes
git-rerere(1)       - Reuse recorded resolution of conflicted merges
git-reset(1)        - Reset current HEAD to the specified state
git-revert(1)       - Revert some existing commits
git-review(1)       - Submit changes to Gerrit for review
gitrevisions(7)     - specifying revisions and ranges for git
git-rev-list(1)     - Lists commit objects in reverse chronological order
git-rev-parse(1)    - Pick out and massage parameters
git-rm(1)           - Remove files from the working tree and from the index
git-send-email(1)   - Send a collection of patches as emails
git-send-pack(1)    - Push objects over git protocol to another repository
git-shell(1)        - Restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access
git-sh-i18n(1)      - Git's i18n setup code for shell scripts
git-sh-i18n--envsubst(1) - Git's own envsubst(1) for i18n fallbacks
git-shortlog(1)     - Summarize 'git log' output
git-show(1)         - Show various types of objects
git-show-branch(1)  - Show branches and their commits
git-show-index(1)   - Show packed archive index
git-show-ref(1)     - List references in a local repository
git-sh-setup(1)     - Common git shell script setup code
git-stage(1)        - Add file contents to the staging area
git-stash(1)        - Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away
git-status(1)       - Show the working tree status
git-stripspace(1)   - Remove unnecessary whitespace
git-submodule(1)    - Initialize, update or inspect submodules
git-svn(1)          - Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
git-symbolic-ref(1) - Read and modify symbolic refs
git-tag(1)          - Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG
git-tar-tree(1)     - Create a tar archive of the files in the named tree object
gittutorial-2(7)    - A tutorial introduction to git: part two
gittutorial(7)      - A tutorial introduction to git (for version 1.5.1 or newer)
git-unpack-file(1)  - Creates a temporary file with a blob's contents
git-unpack-objects(1) - Unpack objects from a packed archive
git-update-index(1) - Register file contents in the working tree to the index
git-update-ref(1)   - Update the object name stored in a ref safely
git-update-server-info(1) - Update auxiliary info file to help dumb servers
git-upload-archive(1) - Send archive back to git-archive
git-upload-pack(1)  - Send objects packed back to git-fetch-pack
git-var(1)          - Show a git logical variable
git-verify-pack(1)  - Validate packed git archive files
git-verify-tag(1)   - Check the GPG signature of tags
gitweb(1)           - Git web interface (web frontend to Git repositories)
git-web--browse(1)  - git helper script to launch a web browser
gitweb.conf(5)      - Gitweb (git web interface) configuration file
git-whatchanged(1)  - Show logs with difference each commit introduces
gitworkflows(7)     - An overview of recommended workflows with git
git-write-tree(1)   - Create a tree object from the current index
gjar(1)             - - Archive tool for Java archives
gjarsigner(1)       - Java ARchive(JAR) file signing and verification tool
gjavah(1)           - - generate header files from Java class files
gjdoc(1)            - GNU Classpath Tools Guide
gkeytool(1)         - Manage private keys and public certificates
gkill(1)            - send signals to processes, or list signals
glib-compile-resources(1) - GLib resource compiler
glib-compile-schemas(1) - GSettings schema compiler
glib-config(1)      - script to get information about the installed version of GLib
glib-genmarshal(1)  - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-gettextize(1)  - gettext internationalization utility
glib-mkenums(1)     - C language enum description generation utility
global(n)           - Access global variables
glob(n)             - Return names of files that match patterns
gm(1)               - command-line utility to create, edit, compare, convert, or display images
gmtime(3)           - (unknown subject)
gnative2ascii(1)    - - An encoding converter
gnome-keyring-daemon(1) - The gnome-keyring daemon
gnome-options(7)    - Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs
gnuattach(1)        - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnubg(6)            - GNU Backgammon program
gnucap(1)           - GNU Circuit Analysis Package
gnucap-ibis(1)      - GNU Circuit Analysis Package IBIS translator
gnuclient(1)        - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnudoit(1)          - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnugo(6)            - The GNU program to play the game of Go
gnupg(7)            - The GNU Privacy Guard suite of programs
gnuplot(1)          - an interactive plotting program
gnuserv(1)          - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnutls_alert_get(3) - API function
gnutls_alert_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_alert_get_strname(3) - API function
gnutls_alert_send(3) - API function
gnutls_alert_send_appropriate(3) - API function
gnutls_alpn_get_selected_protocol(3) - API function
gnutls_alpn_set_protocols(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_allocate_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_allocate_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_free_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_free_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_set_params_function(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_set_server_dh_params(3) - API function
gnutls_anon_set_server_params_function(3) - API function
gnutls_auth_client_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_auth_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_auth_server_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_bye(3)       - API function
gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_allocate_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_client_get_request_status(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_expiration_time_peers(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_free_ca_names(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_free_cas(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_free_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_free_crls(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_free_keys(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_get_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_get_ours(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_get_peers(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_get_peers_subkey_id(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_send_x509_rdn_sequence(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_server_set_request(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_dh_params(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_key(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_function(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_file2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_mem2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_keyring_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_keyring_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_params_function(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_retrieve_function2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_retrieve_function(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_rsa_export_params(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_trust_list(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_verify_flags(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_verify_function(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_verify_limits(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_file2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_simple_pkcs12_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_simple_pkcs12_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_system_trust(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_type_get(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_type_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_type_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_type_list(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_type_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_verification_status_print(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_verify_peers3(3) - API function
gnutls_check_version(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_add_auth(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_decrypt2(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_decrypt(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_encrypt2(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_encrypt(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_block_size(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_iv_size(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_key_size(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_get_tag_size(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_init(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_list(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_set_iv(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_suite_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_suite_info(3) - API function
gnutls_cipher_tag(3) - API function
gnutls-cli(1)       - GnuTLS client
gnutls-cli-debug(1) - GnuTLS debug client
gnutls_compression_get(3) - API function
gnutls_compression_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_compression_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_compression_list(3) - API function
gnutls_compression_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_credentials_clear(3) - API function
gnutls_credentials_set(3) - API function
gnutls_db_check_entry(3) - API function
gnutls_db_check_entry_time(3) - API function
gnutls_db_get_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_db_remove_session(3) - API function
gnutls_db_set_cache_expiration(3) - API function
gnutls_db_set_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_db_set_remove_function(3) - API function
gnutls_db_set_retrieve_function(3) - API function
gnutls_db_set_store_function(3) - API function
gnutls_deinit(3)    - API function
gnutls_dh_get_group(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_get_peers_public_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_get_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_get_secret_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_cpy(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_export2_pkcs3(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_export_pkcs3(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_export_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_generate2(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_import_pkcs3(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_import_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_params_init(3) - API function
gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_digest_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_digest_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_digest_list(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_cookie_send(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_cookie_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_get_data_mtu(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_get_mtu(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_get_timeout(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_prestate_set(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_set_data_mtu(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_set_mtu(3) - API function
gnutls_dtls_set_timeouts(3) - API function
gnutls_ecc_curve_get(3) - API function
gnutls_ecc_curve_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_ecc_curve_get_size(3) - API function
gnutls_ecc_curve_list(3) - API function
gnutls_error_is_fatal(3) - API function
gnutls_error_to_alert(3) - API function
gnutls_est_record_overhead_size(3) - API function
gnutls_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_global_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_global_init(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_audit_log_function(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_log_function(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_log_level(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_mem_functions(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_mutex(3) - API function
gnutls_global_set_time_function(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_description_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_get_last_in(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_get_last_out(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_hook_function(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_max_packet_length(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_post_client_hello_function(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_private_extensions(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_random(3) - API function
gnutls_handshake_set_timeout(3) - API function
gnutls_hash(3)      - API function
gnutls_hash_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_hash_fast(3) - API function
gnutls_hash_get_len(3) - API function
gnutls_hash_init(3) - API function
gnutls_hash_output(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_allowed(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_enable(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_get_timeout(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_ping(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_pong(3) - API function
gnutls_heartbeat_set_timeouts(3) - API function
gnutls_hex2bin(3)   - API function
gnutls_hex_decode(3) - API function
gnutls_hex_encode(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac(3)      - API function
gnutls_hmac_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac_fast(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac_get_len(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac_init(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac_output(3) - API function
gnutls_hmac_set_nonce(3) - API function
gnutls_init(3)      - API function
gnutls_key_generate(3) - API function
gnutls_kx_get(3)    - API function
gnutls_kx_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_kx_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_kx_list(3)   - API function
gnutls_kx_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_load_file(3) - API function
gnutls_mac_get(3)   - API function
gnutls_mac_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_mac_get_key_size(3) - API function
gnutls_mac_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_mac_get_nonce_size(3) - API function
gnutls_mac_list(3)  - API function
gnutls_mac_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_add_cert(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_add_cert_id(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_export(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_get_cert_id(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_get_extension(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_get_nonce(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_import(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_init(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_print(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_randomize_nonce(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_set_extension(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_req_set_nonce(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_check_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_export(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_certs(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_extension(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_nonce(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_produced(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_responder(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_response(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_signature(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_signature_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_single(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_status(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_import(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_init(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_print(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_resp_verify_direct(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_status_request_enable_client(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_status_request_get(3) - API function
gnutls_ocsp_status_request_is_checked(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_check_hostname(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_export(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_auth_subkey(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_creation_time(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_expiration_time(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_preferred_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_revoked_status(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_count(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_creation_time(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_expiration_time(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_idx(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_revoked_status(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_import(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_init(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_print(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_set_preferred_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_verify_ring(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_crt_verify_self(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_check_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_get_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_get_crt_count(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_import(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_init(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_subkey_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_subkey_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_preferred_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_revoked_status(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_count(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_creation_time(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_idx(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_revoked_status(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_import(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_init(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_sec_param(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_set_preferred_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_sign_hash(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_send_cert(3) - API function
gnutls_openpgp_set_recv_key_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_import_openpgp(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_import_openpgp_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_import_x509(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_import_x509_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pcert_list_import_x509_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pem_base64_decode(3) - API function
gnutls_pem_base64_decode_alloc(3) - API function
gnutls_pem_base64_encode(3) - API function
gnutls_pem_base64_encode_alloc(3) - API function
gnutls_perror(3)    - API function
gnutls_pk_algorithm_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_pk_bits_to_sec_param(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_add_provider(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_copy_secret_key(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_copy_x509_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_copy_x509_privkey(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_delete_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_get_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_export(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_export_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_get_info(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_import_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_list_import_url2(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_list_import_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_export_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_generate2(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_generate(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_get_info(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_import_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_status(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_reinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_set_token_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_get_flags(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_get_info(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_get_mechanism(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_get_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_token_set_pin(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs11_type_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_decrypt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_encrypt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_count(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_data(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_friendly_name(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_crl(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_data(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_friendly_name(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_export(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_generate_mac(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_get_bag(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_import(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_set_bag(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_simple_parse(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs12_verify_mac(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_delete_crl(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_delete_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_export(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crl_count(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crl_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crt_count(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crt_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_import(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crl(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crl_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crt_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pk_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_pk_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_pk_list(3)   - API function
gnutls_pk_to_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_prf(3)       - API function
gnutls_prf_raw(3)   - API function
gnutls_priority_certificate_type_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_cipher_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_compression_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_ecc_curve_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_get_cipher_suite_index(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_init(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_kx_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_mac_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_protocol_list(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_set(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_set_direct(3) - API function
gnutls_priority_sign_list(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_decrypt_data(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_get_type(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_ext2(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_ext(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_openpgp(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_openpgp_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_pkcs11(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_pkcs11_url(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_tpm_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_tpm_url(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_url(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_x509(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_import_x509_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_init(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_sign_data(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_sign_hash(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_sign_raw_data(3) - API function
gnutls_privkey_status(3) - API function
gnutls_protocol_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_protocol_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_protocol_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_protocol_list(3) - API function
gnutls_protocol_set_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_allocate_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_allocate_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_client_get_hint(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_free_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_free_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_server_get_username(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_client_credentials_function(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_params_function(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_file(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_function(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_hint(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_server_dh_params(3) - API function
gnutls_psk_set_server_params_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_encrypt_data(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_export(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_openpgp_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_ecc_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_ecc_x962(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_preferred_hash_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_get_verify_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_ecc_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_ecc_x962(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_openpgp(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_openpgp_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_pkcs11(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_pkcs11_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_privkey(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_tpm_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_tpm_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_url(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_x509(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_x509_crq(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_import_x509_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_init(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_print(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_set_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_verify_data2(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_verify_data(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_verify_hash2(3) - API function
gnutls_pubkey_verify_hash(3) - API function
gnutls_random_art(3) - API function
gnutls_range_split(3) - API function
gnutls_record_can_use_length_hiding(3) - API function
gnutls_record_check_pending(3) - API function
gnutls_record_cork(3) - API function
gnutls_record_disable_padding(3) - API function
gnutls_record_get_direction(3) - API function
gnutls_record_get_discarded(3) - API function
gnutls_record_get_max_size(3) - API function
gnutls_record_overhead_size(3) - API function
gnutls_record_recv(3) - API function
gnutls_record_recv_seq(3) - API function
gnutls_record_send(3) - API function
gnutls_record_send_range(3) - API function
gnutls_record_set_max_empty_records(3) - API function
gnutls_record_set_max_size(3) - API function
gnutls_record_set_timeout(3) - API function
gnutls_record_uncork(3) - API function
gnutls_rehandshake(3) - API function
gnutls_rnd(3)       - API function
gnutls_rnd_refresh(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_export_get_modulus_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_export_get_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_cpy(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_export_pkcs1(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_export_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_generate2(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_import_pkcs1(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_import_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_rsa_params_init(3) - API function
gnutls_safe_renegotiation_status(3) - API function
gnutls_sec_param_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_sec_param_to_pk_bits(3) - API function
gnutls-serv(1)      - GnuTLS server
gnutls_server_name_get(3) - API function
gnutls_server_name_set(3) - API function
gnutls_session_channel_binding(3) - API function
gnutls_session_enable_compatibility_mode(3) - API function
gnutls_session_force_valid(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_data2(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_data(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_desc(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_id2(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_session_get_random(3) - API function
gnutls_session_is_resumed(3) - API function
gnutls_session_resumption_requested(3) - API function
gnutls_session_set_data(3) - API function
gnutls_session_set_id(3) - API function
gnutls_session_set_premaster(3) - API function
gnutls_session_set_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_session_ticket_enable_client(3) - API function
gnutls_session_ticket_enable_server(3) - API function
gnutls_session_ticket_key_generate(3) - API function
gnutls_set_default_export_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_set_default_priority(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get_client(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get_requested(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_callback_get(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_callback_set(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_get_hash_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_get_id(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_is_secure(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_list(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_allocate_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_allocate_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_base64_decode(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_base64_decode_alloc(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_base64_encode(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_base64_encode_alloc(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_free_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_free_server_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_server_get_username(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_set_client_credentials(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_set_client_credentials_function(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_set_prime_bits(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_file(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_function(3) - API function
gnutls_srp_verifier(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_get_keys(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_get_mki(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_get_profile_id(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_get_profile_name(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_get_selected_profile(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_set_mki(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_set_profile(3) - API function
gnutls_srtp_set_profile_direct(3) - API function
gnutls_store_commitment(3) - API function
gnutls_store_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_strerror(3)  - API function
gnutls_strerror_name(3) - API function
gnutls_supplemental_get_name(3) - API function
gnutls_tdb_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_tdb_init(3)  - API function
gnutls_tdb_set_store_commitment_func(3) - API function
gnutls_tdb_set_store_func(3) - API function
gnutls_tdb_set_verify_func(3) - API function
gnutls_tpm_get_registered(3) - API function
gnutls_tpm_key_list_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_tpm_key_list_get_url(3) - API function
gnutls_tpm_privkey_delete(3) - API function
gnutls_tpm_privkey_generate(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_get_int2(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_get_int(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_get_ptr2(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_get_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_errno(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_errno_function(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_int2(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_int(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_ptr2(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_ptr(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_pull_function(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_pull_timeout_function(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_push_function(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_vec_push_function(3) - API function
gnutls_url_is_supported(3) - API function
gnutls_verify_stored_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_check_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_export(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_authority_key_gn_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_authority_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_crt_count(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_crt_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_dn_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_info(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_issuer_dn2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_issuer_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_next_update(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_number(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_raw_issuer_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_signature(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_signature_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_this_update(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_list_import2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_list_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_print(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_privkey_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_authority_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_crt_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_next_update(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_number(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_this_update(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_set_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_sign2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crl_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_export(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_info(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_basic_constraints(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_challenge_password(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_info(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_purpose_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_private_key_usage_period(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_subject_alt_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_subject_alt_othername_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_print(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_privkey_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_attribute_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_basic_constraints(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_challenge_password(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_purpose_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_private_key_usage_period(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_subject_alt_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_set_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_sign2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crq_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_check_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_check_revocation(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_cpy_crl_dist_points(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_export(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_activation_time(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_authority_info_access(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_authority_key_gn_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_authority_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_basic_constraints(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_ca_status(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_crl_dist_points(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_expiration_time(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_info(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_fingerprint(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_alt_name2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_alt_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_alt_othername_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_unique_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_purpose_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_policy(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_preferred_hash_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_private_key_usage_period(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_proxy(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_raw_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_raw_issuer_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_signature(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_signature_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_othername_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_unique_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_verify_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_import_pkcs11(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_import_pkcs11_url(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_list_import2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_list_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_list_import_pkcs11(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_list_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_print(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_privkey_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_activation_time(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_authority_info_access(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_authority_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_basic_constraints(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_ca_status(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crl_dist_points2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crl_dist_points(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crq(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crq_extensions(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_expiration_time(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_extension_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_issuer_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key_purpose_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key_usage(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_pin_function(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_policy(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_private_key_usage_period(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_proxy(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_proxy_dn(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_pubkey(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_serial(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_alternative_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_alt_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_set_version(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_sign2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_sign(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_verify(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_verify_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_verify_hash(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_export(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_get_rdn_ava(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_oid_known(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_oid_name(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_policy_release(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_cpy(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export2_pkcs8(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_ecc_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_pkcs8(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_rsa_raw2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_fix(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_generate(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_key_id(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_pk_algorithm2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_dsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_ecc_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_openssl(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_pkcs8(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_rsa_raw2(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_rsa_raw(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_sec_param(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_sign_data(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_sign_hash(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_privkey_verify_params(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_rdn_get(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_rdn_get_by_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_rdn_get_oid(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_cas(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_crls(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_named_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_system_trust(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_trust_file(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_trust_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_get_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_remove_cas(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_remove_trust_file(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_remove_trust_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_verify_crt(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_trust_list_verify_named_crt(3) - API function
gobject-query(1)    - display a tree of types
gorbd(1)            - - An object request broker daemon
gouldtoppm(1)       - convert Gould scanner file into a PPM image
gperf(1)            - generate a perfect hash function from a key set
gpg(1)              - OpenPGP encryption and signing tool
gpgv(1)             - Verify OpenPGP signatures
gpg-zip(1)          - Encrypt or sign files into an archive
gpl(7)              - GNU General Public License
gprof(1)            - display call graph profile data
grab_cgoban(6)      - take a snapshot of a cgoban board
grab(n)             - Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree
grace(1)            - command line interface
gracebat(1)         - batch mode - print and exit
GRANT(7)            - define access privileges
grap2graph(1)       - convert a grap diagram into a cropped bitmap image
Graphics.Magick(3pm) - Perl extension for calling GraphicsMagick's libGraphicsMagick routines
GraphicsMagick-config(1) - get information about the installed version of GraphicsMagick
GraphicsMagick++-config(1) - get information about the installed version of Magick++
GraphicsMagickWand-config(1) - get information about the installed version of GraphicsMagick
grconvert(1)        - (unknown subject)
greed(6)            - eat a game field until you run out of moves
grep(1)             - print lines matching a pattern
grep-changelog(1)   - print ChangeLog entries matching criteria
grepdiff(1)         - show files modified by a diff containing a regex
grepmail(1)         - search mailboxes for mail matching a regular expression
gresource(1)        - GResource tool
grid(n)             - Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid
grind(1)            - process WordNet lexicographer files
grmic(1)            - Generate stubs for Remote Method Invocation
grmid(1)            - - RMI activation system daemon
grmiregistry(1)     - - Remote object registry
grn(1)              - groff preprocessor for gremlin files
grodvi(1)           - convert groff output to TeX dvi format
groff(1)            - front-end for the groff document formatting system
groff(7)            - a short reference for the GNU roff language
groff_char(7)       - groff glyph names
groff_diff(7)       - differences between GNU troff and classical troff
groffer(1)          - display groff files and man pages on X and tty
groff_font(5)       - format of groff device and font description files
groff_hdtbl(7)      - groff `hdtbl' macros for generation of tables
groff_man(7)        - groff `man' macros to support generation of man pages
groff_mdoc(7)       - reference for groff's mdoc implementation
groff_me(7)         - troff macros for formatting papers
groff_mm(7)         - groff mm macros
groff_mmse(7)       - svenska mm makro fr groff
groff_mom(7)        - groff `mom' macros
groff_ms(7)         - groff ms macros
groff_out(5)        - groff intermediate output format
groff_tmac(5)       - macro files in the roff typesetting system
groff_trace(7)      - groff macro package trace.tmac
groff_www(7)        - groff macros for authoring web pages
grog(1)             - guess options for groff command
grohtml(1)          - html driver for groff
grolbp(1)           - groff driver for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and LBP-8 series laser printers).
grolj4(1)           - groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family
gropdf(1)           - PDF driver for groff
grops(1)            - PostScript driver for groff
grotty(1)           - groff driver for typewriter-like devices
groups(1)           - print the groups a user is in
gs(1)               - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer)
gsbj(1)             - Format and print text for BubbleJet printer using ghostscript
gsdj(1)             - Format and print text for DeskJet printer using ghostscript
gsdj500(1)          - Format and print text for DeskJet 500 BubbleJet using ghostscript
gserialver(1)       - version command
gsettings(1)        - GSettings configuration tool
gsettings-data-convert(1) - GConf to GSettings data migration
gsettings-schema-convert(1) - GConf to GSettings schema conversion
gsf(1)              - archiving utility using the G Structured File library
gsf-office-thumbnailer(1) - office files thumbnailer for the GNOME desktop
gsftopk(1)          - render a ghostscript font in TeX pk form
gsf-vba-dump(1)     - extract Visual Basic for Applications macros
gsl(3)              - GNU Scientific Library
gsl-config(1)       - script to get version number and compiler flags of the installed GSL library
gsl-histogram(1)    - compute histogram of data on stdin
gslj(1)             - Format and print text for LaserJet printer using ghostscript
gslp(1)             - Format and print text using ghostscript
gsl-randist(1)      - generate random samples from various distributions
gsm(3)              - GSM 06.10 lossy sound compression
gsm_explode(3)      - GSM 06.10 supplementary functions for testing
gsm_option(3)       - customizing the GSM 06.10 implementation
gsm_print(3)        - GSM 06.10 supplementary function for debugging
gsnd(1)             - Run ghostscript (PostScript and PDF engine) without display
gss_accept_sec_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_acquire_cred(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_add_cred(3)     - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_add_oid_set_member(3) - (unknown subject)
gssapi(3)           - (unknown subject)
gssapi_mechs_intro(3) - GSS-API mechanisms
gssapi_services_intro(3) - Introduction to GSS-API services
gss_canonicalize_name(3) - (unknown subject)
__gss_c_attr_stream_sizes_oid_desc(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_compare_name(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_context_time(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_create_empty_oid_set(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_delete_sec_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_display_name(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_display_status(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_duplicate_name(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_export_name(3)  - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_export_sec_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_get_mic(3)      - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_import_name(3)  - (unknown subject)
gss_import_sec_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_indicate_mechs(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_init_sec_context(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_inquire_attrs_for_mech(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_inquire_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_inquire_cred(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_inquire_cred_by_mech(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_inquire_mechs_for_name(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_inquire_names_for_mech(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_inquire_saslname_for_mech(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_krb5_ccache_name(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_krb5_compat_des3_mic(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_krb5_copy_ccache(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gsskrb5_extract_authz_data_from_sec_context(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_krb5_get_tkt_flags(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_krb5_import_ccache(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_krb5_import_cred(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_oid_equal(3)    - (unknown subject)
gss_process_context_token(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_release_buffer(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_release_cred(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_release_iov_buffer(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_release_name(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_release_oid_set(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_seal(3)         - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_sign(3)         - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_test_oid_set_member(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_unseal(3)       - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_unwrap(3)       - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_unwrap_iov(3)   - (unknown subject)
gss_verify(3)       - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_verify_mic(3)   - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gss_wrap(3)         - (unknown subject)
gss_wrap_iov(3)     - (unknown subject)
gss_wrap_iov_length(3) - (unknown subject)
gss_wrap_size_limit(3) - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface library
gst-discoverer-1.0(1) - Display file metadata and stream information
gst-feedback-0.10(1) - generate debug info for GStreamer bug reports
gst-inspect-0.10(1) - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-inspect-1.0(1)  - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-launch-0.10(1)  - build and run a GStreamer pipeline
gst-launch-1.0(1)   - build and run a GStreamer pipeline
gst-play-1.0(1)     - Simple command line playback testing tool
gst-typefind-0.10(1) - print MIME type of file
gst-typefind-1.0(1) - print Media type of file
gst-visualise-0.10(1) - Run a GStreamer pipeline to display an audio visualisation
gst-xmlinspect-0.10(1) - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-xmllaunch-0.10(1) - build and run a GStreamer pipeline from an XML serialization
gt5(1)              - a diff-capable 'du-browser'
gtester(1)          - test running utility
gtester-report(1)   - test report formatting utility
gtk-builder-convert(1) - Glade file conversion utility
gtk-config(1)       - script to get information about the installed version of GTK+
gtk-launch(1)       - Launch an application
gtk-query-immodules-2.0(1) - Input method module registration utility
gtk-query-immodules-3.0(1) - Input method module registration utility
gtk-update-icon-cache(1) - Icon theme caching utility
gtnameserv(1)       - Naming service
gtypist(1)          - a typing tutor with lessons for different keyboards and languages
guards(1)           - select from a list of files guarded by conditions
guile(1)            - a Scheme interpreter
guilt(7)            - quilt on top of git
guilt-add(1)        - Add a file to git and guilt
guilt-applied(1)    - List applied patches
guilt-branch(1)     - Branch the entire patch series
guilt-commit(1)     - Commit specified number of patches
guilt-delete(1)     - Delete a patch
guilt-diff(1)       - Outputs various diffs
guilt-export(1)     - Export a patch series (to be used by quilt)
guilt-files(1)      - Print the list of files that the topmost patch changes
guilt-fold(1)       - Fold a specified patch into the topmost applied patch
guilt-fork(1)       - Fork the topmost applied patch
guilt-graph(1)      - Create a patch dependency graph
guilt-guard(1)      - Assign guards to patches
guilt-header(1)     - Print a patch header
guilt-help(1)       - open man page of a guilt command
guilt-import(1)     - Import specified patch file
guilt-import-commit(1) - Import one or more commits as patches
guilt-init(1)       - Initialize guilt for use in a git repository
guilt-new(1)        - Create a new patch
guilt-next(1)       - Output the name of next patch to be pushed
guilt-patchbomb(1)  - Email a series of commits interactively
guilt-pop(1)        - Pop patches from the tree
guilt-prev(1)       - Output name of second topmost applied patch
guilt-push(1)       - Push patches onto the tree
guilt-rebase(1)     - Rebase pushed patches
guilt-refresh(1)    - Refresh topmost applied patch
guilt-repair(1)     - Repair the repository state
guilt-rm(1)         - Remove a file from the git tree and guilt
guilt-select(1)     - Select guards to apply when pushing patches
guilt-series(1)     - Print the stack of patches
guilt-status(1)     - Print the status of files since the last refresh
guilt-top(1)        - Output name of topmost applied patch
guilt-unapplied(1)  - List all unapplied patches
gunzip(1)           - compress or expand files
gv(1)               - Postscript and PDF viewer
gvcvt(3)            - (unknown subject)
gvfs(7)             - GIO virtual file system
gvfs-cat(1)         - Concatenate files
gvfs-copy(1)        - Copy files
gvfsd(1)            - Main daemon for gvfs
gvfsd-fuse(1)       - Fuse daemon for gvfs
gvfsd-metadata(1)   - Metadata daemon for gvfs
gvfs-info(1)        - Show information about files
gvfs-ls(1)          - List files
gvfs-mime(1)        - Get or set mime handlers
gvfs-mkdir(1)       - Create directories
gvfs-monitor-dir(1) - Monitor directories for changes
gvfs-monitor-file(1) - Monitor files for changes
gvfs-mount(1)       - Mounts the locations
gvfs-move(1)        - Copy files
gvfs-open(1)        - Open files with the default handler
gvfs-rename(1)      - Rename a file
gvfs-rm(1)          - Delete files
gvfs-save(1)        - Save standard input
gvfs-set-attribute(1) - Set file attributes
gvfs-trash(1)       - Move files or directories to the trash
gvfs-tree(1)        - List contents of directories in a tree-like format
gview(1)            - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor
gvimdiff(1)         - edit two, three or four versions of a file with Vim and show differences
gv-update-userconfig(1) - update ~/.gv config file
gzexe(1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip(1)             - compress or expand files
h2ph(1)             - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xs(1)             - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
halfdelay(3x)       - curses input options
halt(8)             - reboot, stop or suspend the system.
has_colors(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
hash(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
hashdeep(1)         - Compute, compare, or audit multiple message digests
Hashtbl(3o)         - Hash tables and hash functions.
Hashtbl.HashedType(3o) - The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.Make(3o)    - Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.MakeSeeded(3o) - Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.S(3o)       - The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.SeededHashedType(3o) - The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
Hashtbl.SeededS(3o) - The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
Hash.Util(3pm)      - A selection of general-utility hash subroutines
Hash.Util.FieldHash(3pm) - Support for Inside-Out Classes
has_ic(3x)          - curses environment query routines
has_il(3x)          - curses environment query routines
has_key(3x)         - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
has_mouse(3x)       - mouse interface through curses
hbf2gf(1)           - convert a CJK bitmap font into subfonts usable by TeX and Omega.
hcrypto_core(3)     - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_des(3)      - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_dh(3)       - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_evp(3)      - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_misc(3)     - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_rand(3)     - (unknown subject)
hcrypto_rsa(3)      - (unknown subject)
HDB(3)              - (unknown subject)
hdb_auth_status(3)  - (unknown subject)
hdb_check_constrained_delegation(3) - (unknown subject)
hdb_check_pkinit_ms_upn_match(3) - (unknown subject)
hdb_check_s4u2self(3) - (unknown subject)
hdb_close(3)        - (unknown subject)
hdb__del(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_destroy(3)      - (unknown subject)
hdb_entry_ex(3)     - (unknown subject)
hdb_fetch_kvno(3)   - (unknown subject)
hdb_firstkey(3)     - (unknown subject)
hdb_free(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb__get(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_get_realms(3)   - (unknown subject)
hdb_lock(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_name(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_nextkey(3)      - (unknown subject)
hdb_open(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_password(3)     - (unknown subject)
hdb__put(3)         - (unknown subject)
hdb_remove(3)       - (unknown subject)
hdb_rename(3)       - (unknown subject)
hdb_store(3)        - (unknown subject)
hdb_unlock(3)       - (unknown subject)
hdifftopam(1)       - convert horizontal difference image to original PAM image
head(1)             - output the first part of files
HeightMMOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
HeightOfScreen(3)   - screen information functions and macros
heim_ntlm_build_ntlm1_master(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_build_ntlm2_master(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_calculate_lm2(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_calculate_ntlm1(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_calculate_ntlm2(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_decode_targetinfo(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_encode_targetinfo(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_encode_type1(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_encode_type2(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_encode_type3(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_free_buf(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_free_targetinfo(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_free_type1(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_free_type2(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_free_type3(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_keyex_unwrap(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_nt_key(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_ntlmv2_key(3) - (unknown subject)
heim_ntlm_verify_ntlm2(3) - (unknown subject)
help(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
help2man(1)         - generate a simple manual page
hexdump(1)          - display file contents in ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, or octal
hexedit(1)          - view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
hg(1)               - Mercurial source code management system
hgignore(5)         - syntax for Mercurial ignore files
hgrc(5)             - configuration files for Mercurial
hibernate(8)        - reboot, stop or suspend the system.
hide_panel(3x)      - panel stack extension for curses
hipstopgm(1)        - convert a HIPS file into a PGM image
history(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
history(3)          - GNU History Library
history(n)          - Manipulate the history list
hline(3x)           - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
hline_set(3x)       - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
hmac(3)             - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_cleanup(3)     - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Final(3)       - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Init(3)        - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Update(3)      - HMAC message authentication code
host(1)             - DNS lookup utility
hostid(1)           - print the numeric identifier for the current host
hostname(1)         - set or print the name of the current host system
hostname(3)         - (unknown subject)
hosts_access(3)     - access control library
hosts_access(5)     - format of host access control files
hosts_options(5)    - host access control language extensions
hp2xx(1)            - A HPGL converter into some vector- and raster formats
hpcdtoppm(1)        - convert a Photo-CD image into a PBM image
hpftodit(1)         - create font description files for use with groff - Tlj4
hprop(8)            - propagate the KDC database
hpropd(8)           - receive a propagated database
htc(1)              - httptunnel client
htcacheclean2(8)    - Clean up the disk cache
htdbm2(1)           - Manipulate DBM password databases
htdigest2(1)        - manage user files for digest authentication
html2ps(1)          - convert HTML to PostScript
html2psrc(5)        - configuration file format for html2ps(1)
HTML.Entities(3pm)  - Encode or decode strings with HTML entities
HTML.Filter(3pm)    - Filter HTML text through the parser
HTML.HeadParser(3pm) - Parse <HEAD> section of a HTML document
htmlize(1)          - Convert file to fancy HTML markup
HTML.LinkExtor(3pm) - Extract links from an HTML document
HTML.Parser(3pm)    - HTML parser class
HTML.PullParser(3pm) - Alternative HTML::Parser interface
HTML.Tagset(3pm)    - data tables useful in parsing HTML