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0intro(10)          - introduction to hosted and native implementation
0intro(1)           - introduction to Inferno
0intro(2)           - introduction to Limbo modules for the Inferno system
0intro(3)           - introduction to the Inferno devices
0intro(4)           - introduction to file servers
0intro(5)           - introduction to the Plan 9 File Protocol 9P in Inferno
0intro(6)           - introduction to file formats
0intro(7)           - introduction to databases
0intro(8)           - introduction to system configuration and administration, and system utilities
0intro(9)           - introduction to Inferno Tk
1copyright(9)       - copyright notice for Tk documentation
2a(10)              - assemblers
2c(10)              - C compilers
2l(10)              - loaders
5coff(10)           - converter to coff format
5cv(10)             - convert kernel executable to boot format
9load(10)           - PC bootstrap program
9p-ninep(2)         - interface to 9P file protocol
9srvfs(4)           - add Inferno service to Plan 9 service registry
9win(1)             - create a Plan 9 window within Inferno
acid(10)            - debugger
acme(1)             - interactive text windows
acme(4)             - control files for text windows
ai2key(8)           - generate and reformat public keys
allocb(10)          - data block management
alphabet-abc(1)     - alphabet declarations
alphabet-fs(1)      - file-hierarchy traversal
alphabet-grid(1)    - peer-to-peer data distribution
alphabet-intro(2)   - experimental typed shell
alphabet-main(1)    - operators on the basic Alphabet types
a.out(10)           - native kernel object file format
applylog(8)         - log-based updates
ar(10)              - archive(library) file format
ar(1)               - archive maintainer
arch(3)             - x86 architecture-specific information and control
archfs(4)           - mount a mkfs archive
arg(2)              - parse program arguments
asm(1)              - Dis assembler, Dis disassembler
asn1(2)             - ASN.1 (X.208), BER (X.209) encoding
atoi(10)            - convert text to numbers
attach(5)           - messages to establish a connection
attrdb(2)           - database of attribute-value pairs
attrdb(6)           - data base of attribute-value pairs
audio(3)            - digital audio input and output
audio(6)            - Inferno audio file format
auplay(1)           - basic audio output and conversion
auth(6)             - authentication using station-to-station protocol
avr(1)              - Atmel AVR support
basename(1)         - strip file name affixes
bind(1)             - change name space
bind(9)             - Arrange for events to invoke Tk scripts
bloomfilter(2)      - Bloom filters
blur(1)             - an example program to demonstrate splitting a task over several machines.
boot(3)             - reboot under program control
bootpd(8)           - Internet booting
brutus(1)           - screen editor with support for SGML
bufio(2)            - buffered input/output module
bufio-chanfill(2)   - (unknown subject)
button(9)           - Create and manipulate button widgets
c2l(10)             - C to Limbo translator
cal(1)              - print calendar
calc(1)             - calculator language
calendar(1)         - calendar and diary
canvas(9)           - Create and manipulate canvas widgets
cap(3)              - capability for changing user name
cat(1)              - concatenate files
cd(1)               - change working directory
cddb(7)             - CD database
cfg(2)              - configuration file parser
changelogin(8)      - create/update the password file
charon(1)           - web browser
checkbutton(9)      - Create and manipulate checkbutton widgets
chgrp(1)            - change file's group or owner
chmod(1)            - change file mode(permissions)
choicebutton(9)     - create and manipulate choicebutton widgets
cleanname(1)        - clean a path name
clunk(5)            - forget about a fid
cmd(3)              - interface to host operating system commands
cmp(1)              - compare two files
collab(1)           - (unknown subject)
collab-clients(1)   - collaborative activities
collabsrv(8)        - multi-user collaboration
colour(6)           - representation of pixels and colours
comm(1)             - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
command(2)          - command interface
complete(2)         - file name completion
conf(10)            - native and hosted kernel configuration file
cons(3)             - console device
convcs(2)           - character set conversion suite
cook(1)             - SGML converter
cp(1)               - copy files
cprof(1)            - coverage profiling of limbo programs
cpu(1)              - execute a remote command
cpu(4)              - cpu server resource
crc(2)              - Crc module
create(8)           - archive or update a file system
createsignerkey(8)  - create signer key on authentication server
crypt-0intro(2)     - (unknown subject)
crypt(1)            - data encryption
crypt-crypt(2)      - data encryption
crypt-dsagen(2)     - specific public key systems
crypt-gensk(2)      - generate keys and digital signatures
crypt-rc4(2)        - RC4 encryption
crypt-sha1(2)       - cryptographic digests
cs(8)               - connection server
csv(2)              - comma-separated values
cursor(9)           - change the current mouse cursor
date(1)             - print the date
daytime(2)          - time conversions
db(7)               - database support
dbfs(4)             - simple database file system
dbg(3)              - remote kernel debugging
dbm(2)              - data base with hashed indexing
dbsrv(7)            - ODBC database server
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
deb(1)              - graphical Limbo debugger
debug(2)            - process debugging
delay(10)           - small delays, clock interrupts
destroy(9)          - Destroy one or more windows
dev(10)             - device driver interface
devattach(10)       - common device driver support
devpointer(2)       - I/O interface for the pointer device
dhcp(8)             - configure network interface details using DHCP
dhcpclient(2)       - client's side of dynamic host configuration protocol
dial(2)             - make network connections
dialog(2)           - basic dialog boxes
dict(2)             - list of string pairs
diff(1)             - differential file comparator
dis(2)              - read Dis object files
dis(6)              - Dis object file
disdep(1)           - print load dependencies for Dis file
diskblocks(2)       - temporary storage of variable-sized blocks
disks(2)            - generic disk and partition interface
dividers(2)         - user-draggable tk dividing bars
dmainit(10)         - platform-specific DMA support
dmview(1)           - view remote displays
dns(8)              - domain name service
dossrv(4)           - DOS/Windows and ISO 9660 file systems
draw-0intro(2)      - basic graphics facilities module
draw(3)             - screen graphics
draw-context(2)     - graphics environment
draw-display(2)     - connection to draw device
draw-example(2)     - (unknown subject)
draw-font(2)        - character images for Unicode text
draw-image(2)       - pictures and drawing
drawmux(2)          - multiplex stream of draw requests
draw-point(2)       - coordinate position
draw-pointer(2)     - state of a pointer device such as a mouse
draw-rect(2)        - rectangular portion of the plane
draw-screen(2)      - windows and subwindows on a display
ds(3)               - compound device subsystems
du(1)               - disk usage
dup(3)              - dups of open files
dynld(10)           - load object file dynamically
dynld(3)            - load kernel module dynamically
ebook(1)            - Open Ebook browser
echo(1)             - print arguments
eia(3)              - serial communication control
emu(1)              - Inferno emulator (hosted Inferno)
encoding(2)         - encoding and decoding of byte arrays as text
entry(9)            - Create and manipulate entry widgets
env(1)              - display environment variables
env(2)              - environment module
env(3)              - environment device
error(10)           - error handling functions
error(5)            - return an error
ether(2)            - Ethernet address manipulation
ether(3)            - Ethernet device
eve(10)             - privileged user
exception(2)        - obtain data about exceptions and set exception-handling modes
export(4)           - export name space on a connection
factotum(2)         - client interface to factotum
factotum(4)         - authentication agent
fc(1)               - command-line floating point calculator
filename(1)         - interactively select a file
filepat(2)          - file pattern matching
filter(2)           - data processing interface
filter-deflate(2)   - data compression filters
filter-slip(2)      - SLIP data framing protocol
flash(3)            - flash memory
floppy(3)           - floppy disk interface
flush(5)            - abort a message
fmt(1)              - simple text formatter
focus(9)            - change or query keyboard focus
font(6)             - external format for character fonts and subfonts
format(2)           - structured data interchange
fortune(1)          - sample lines from a file
fpga(3)             - interface to on-board FPGA
fpgaload(8)         - configure FPGA
frame(9)            - Create and manipulate frame widgets
freq(1)             - print histogram of character frequencies
fs(1)               - file-hierarchy traversal
fs(3)               - host file system interface
fsproto(2)          - read file system prototype file
ftest(1)            - test file attributes
ftl(3)              - flash translation layer
ftl(8)              - Flash Translation Layer formatter
ftpfs(4)            - file transfer protocol(FTP) file server
ftree(1)            - file tree browser
geodesy(2)          - Geodesy module
getauthinfo(8)      - obtain a certificate for authentication
getfields(10)       - break a string into fields
gettar(1)           - tar archive utilities
gpio(3)             - access to GPIO registers
grab(9)             - Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree
grep(1)             - pattern matching
grid(9)             - Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid
grid-cpu(4)         - (unknown subject)
grid-localreg(1)    - starts a registry on the local machine
grid-monitor(1)     - graphical display for viewing resource use.
grid-ns(1)          - (unknown subject)
grid-query(1)       - (unknown subject)
grid-register(1)    - (unknown subject)
grid-session(1)     - (unknown subject)
gzip(1)             - compression and decompression utilities
hash(2)             - hash table
httpd(8)            - HTTP server
i2c(3)              - basic I2C interface
i82365(3)           - Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association(PCMCIA) device
iar(10)             - archive and library maintainer
ida(2)              - information dispersal algorithm
idea(1)             - encrypt/decrypt a file with the IDEA cipher
image(6)            - external format for images
image(9)            - Create and manipulate images
imagefile(2)        - processing external image file formats
import(4)           - exchange name spaces with a Plan 9 system
inb(10)             - programmed I/O
indir(3)            - attach to device indirectly by name
init(8)             - Inferno initialisation
inm(10)             - Inferno name list (symbol table)
intrenable(10)      - enable(disable) an interrupt handler
iostats(4)          - file system to measure I/O
ip(2)               - Internet Protocol addresses and interfaces
ip(3)               - network protocols over IP
ipints(2)           - (unknown subject)
ipints-genprime(2)  - prime number generation
ir(2)               - infrared remote control module
itest(1)            - run tests and replay results
itslib(2)           - test library
json(2)             - read, write and represent values in JavaScript Object Notation
json(6)             - javascript object notation
kbdputc(10)         - keyboard interface to cons(3)
keyboard(1)         - character input for touch screen devices
keyboard(6)         - how to type characters
keyfs(4)            - encrypted key storage
keyring-0intro(2)   - (unknown subject)
keyring-auth(2)     - authenticate a connection
keyring-certtostr(2) - encryption key conversion functions
keyring-crypt(2)    - data encryption
keyring-gensk(2)    - generate keys
keyring-getmsg(2)   - send and receive messages on undelimited streams
keyring-getstring(2) - exchange data on delimited streams
keyring-ipint(2)    - (unknown subject)
keyring-rc4(2)      - RC4 encryption
keyring-sha1(2)     - cryptographic digests and digital signatures
keys(6)             - secrets shared with signer
keyset(2)           - find authentication keys matching a signer
keysrv(4)           - secret key server
keytext(6)          - textual form of Inferno public/private keys
kfs(4)              - disk file system
kfscmd(8)           - kfs administration
kill(1)             - terminate process(es)
kproc(10)           - kernel process creation, priority change, interrupt and termination
kprof(10)           - display kernel profiling data
kprof(3)            - kernel profiling
ksize(10)           - print size of kernel images
kstrip(10)          - remove symbols from kernel images
label(9)            - Create and manipulate label widgets
limbo(1)            - Limbo compiler
listbox(9)          - Create and manipulate listbox widgets
listen(1)           - network connections
lists(2)            - list operations
lock(10)            - spin locks
lock(2)             - thread locking.
lockfs(4)           - exclusive access file server
logfile(4)          - memory-based append-only circular storage buffer
logfs(3)            - log-structured file system for flash devices
login(6)            - key exchange protocol
logind(8)           - login daemon
logon(1)            - log on to Inferno
logwindow(1)        - window that pops up when data becomes available.
look(1)             - find lines in a sorted list
lower(9)            - Change a window's position in the stacking order
lpt(3)              - parallel port interface
ls(1)               - list files
m4(1)               - macro processor
malloc(10)          - kernel memory allocators
man(1)              - print or find manual pages
man(6)              - manual page format
mangaload(8)        - send new kernel to MANGA bootstrap
manufacture(8)      - command to emulate set-top-box-id in ROM
mash(1)             - programmable shell
mash-make(1)        - builtin `make' functionality
mash-tk(1)          - control visual elements of mash window
master(10)          - list of device specifiers
math-0intro(2)      - (unknown subject)
math-elem(2)        - elementary functions of applied mathematics
math-export(2)      - conversion to and from external representation
math-fp(2)          - floating point
math-linalg(2)      - linear algebra primitives
math-misc(1)        - miscellaneous mathematical applications
mc(1)               - multicolumn print
mdb(1)              - binary file editor
memfs(4)            - mount a heap based filesystem
memory(10)          - memory operations
menu(9)             - Create and manipulate menu widgets
menubutton(9)       - Create and manipulate menubutton widgets
miniterm(1)         - Minitel® emulator
mk(10)              - maintain(make) related files
mk(1)               - maintain(make) related files
mkdir(1)            - make a directory
mkfs(8)             - archive or update a file system
mnt(3)              - attach to 9P servers
mntgen(4)           - dynamically generate mount points
mpeg(2)             - interface to the mpeg device driver
mpeg(3)             - Boffin mpeg decoder
mprof(1)            - memory profiling limbo programs
ms2(10)             - convert executable or raw file to Motorola S record format
msgio(2)            - exchange data on delimited and undelimited streams
mux(1)              - interactive television demo
mv(1)               - move files
names(2)            - file name manipulation
namespace(4)        - structure of conventional Inferno name space
namespace(6)        - name space description file
ndb(6)              - network data base
netkey(1)           - calculate response to authentication challenge
netstat(1)          - summarize network connections
newchan(10)         - channel operations
newns(2)            - build a new name space from a description file
ns(1)               - display current namespace
nsbuild(1)          - build Inferno namespace
ntsrv(10)           - start hosted Inferno as Windows service
odbc(10)            - A Windows ODBC file server
open(5)             - prepare a fid for I/O on an existing or new file
options(9)          - Standard options supported by widgets
os(1)               - interface to host OS commands (hosted Inferno only)
p(1)                - paginate
pack(9)             - Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity
palmfile(2)         - read Palmâ„¢ file formats
palmsrv(4)          - packet link to Palm device on serial connection
panel(9)            - embedded graphics
panic(10)           - abandon hope
parsecmd(10)        - parse device commands
passwd(1)           - change user password
pbus(3)             - USR/3Com Edgeserver packet bus
ping(8)             - probe the Internet
pipe(3)             - two-way interprocess communication
plan9.ini(10)       - configuration file for PCs
plap(3)             - USR/3Com Edgeserver packet bus link access protocol
plumb(1)            - send message to plumber
plumber(8)          - plumber for interapplication message routing
plumbing(6)         - plumbing rules
plumbmsg(2)         - plumbing message module
pnp(3)              - Plug 'n' Play ISA and PCI Interfaces
pointer(3)          - mouse and stylus interface
pop3(2)             - Post Office Protocol
popup(2)            - popup list box pseudo-widget
prefab-0intro(2)    - (unknown subject)
prefab-compound(2)  - (unknown subject)
prefab-element(2)   - (unknown subject)
prefab-environ(2)   - (unknown subject)
prefab-style(2)     - (unknown subject)
prep(8)             - prepare hard and floppy diskettes, flashes
print(10)           - print formatted output
print(2)            - printing system
prof(1)             - profiling limbo programs
prof(2)             - profiling library
prof(3)             - profiling device
prog(3)             - running programs
proto(6)            - file system prototype
ps(1)               - process(thread) status
pslib(2)            - postscript generation
pwd(1)              - print working directory
qio(10)             - queued I/O for devices
qlock(10)           - serial synchronisation
rabin(2)            - rabin fingerprinting
radiobutton(9)      - Create and manipulate radiobutton widgets
raise(9)            - Change a window's position in the stacking order
ramfile(4)          - synthesise file
rand(2)             - pseudo random number generation
rcmd(1)             - remote command execution
rdbgsrv(8)          - remote debug server
read(1)             - read from standard input with optional seek
read(5)             - transfer data from and to a file
readdir(2)          - read directory and sort files
readnum(10)         - return values from read from device
ref(10)             - reference counts
regex(2)            - regular expression recognizer module
regexp(6)           - regular expression notation
register(8)         - command to register set-top-box identity with signer
registries(2)       - access services registry
registry(4)         - registration of services dynamically
remove(5)           - remove a file from a server
rfc822(2)           - RFC822 mail format helpers
rip(8)              - routing information protocol
rm(1)               - remove file(s)
root(3)             - the root file system
rstyxd(8)           - Styx-based remote execution and file service
rtc(3)              - real-time clock and non-volatile memory
runas(1)            - run command as another user
rune(10)            - rune/UTF conversion
sbl(6)              - symbol table file
scale(9)            - Create and manipulate scale widgets
scancode(6)         - known formats of scan codes
scrollbar(9)        - Create and manipulate scrollbar widgets
scsiio(2)           - (unknown subject)
sd(3)               - storage device interface
seconds(10)         - kernel times and time conversions
secstore(1)         - retrieve files from secure store
secstore(2)         - fetch data from Plan 9's secure storage service
security-0intro(2)  - introduction to security
security-auth(2)    - authenticated connections between client and server
security-login(2)   - verify credentials
security-oldauth(2) - encoding for original Inferno authentication protocol
security-random(2)  - random number generation
security-ssl(2)     - interface to the Secure Sockets Layer
see(9)              - Make a portion of a widget visible.
selectfile(2)       - file browser
send(9)             - send a value down a Tk channel
sendmail(1)         - send mail messages
session(1)          - graphical interface for configuring tasks using cpu(4) and ns(1) resources
sets(2)             - sets of non-negative integers
sexprs(2)           - (unknown subject)
sexprs(6)           - symbolic expressions
sh(1)               - command language
sh(2)               - module interface to the shell
sh-alphabet(1)      - typed shell interface
sh-arg(1)           - shell command-line argument parsing
sh-csv(1)           - parse ``comma-separated values''
sh-expr(1)          - shell module for simple arithmetic.
sh-file2chan(1)     - shell interface to file2chan
sh-mload(1)         - namespace separation for shell modules
sh-regex(1)         - shell script regular expression handling
sh-sexprs(1)        - parse and generate S-expressions
sh-std(1)           - standard shell builtins module.
sh-string(1)        - shell script string manipulation
sh-test(1)          - shell module for test reporting.
sh-tk(1)            - loadable tk module for sh.
shutdown(8)         - shut down system/emulator
sign(3)             - control use of signed modules
signer(8)           - set-top box authentication
sleep(10)           - process synchronisation
sleep(1)            - suspend execution for an interval
smtp(2)             - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
snarf(3)            - host window system clipboard
sntp(8)             - simple network time protocol client
sort(1)             - sort file
spki(2)             - simple public key infrastructure
spki-verifier(2)    - (unknown subject)
splhi(10)           - enable and disable interrupts
spree(2)            - distributed interactive sessions.
spree(4)            - distributed interactive sessions.
spree-allow(2)      - filter client actions
spree-cardlib(2)    - support for card games in Spree engines.
spree-gather(2)     - module interface for pre-assembled groups.
spree-join(1)       - join a spree clique.
spree-objstore(2)   - support for object archiving in Spree engines.
srclist(10)         - list source files used to build an executable
srv(2)              - network name and address translation when hosted
srv(3)              - server registry
srv(8)              - start services
srv9(3)             - plan 9 server registry
ssl(3)              - secure sockets layer device
stack(1)            - examine call stack
stat(5)             - inquire or change file attributes
strcat(10)          - string operations
stream(1)           - stream data between source and sink
string(2)           - string operations
stringinttab(2)     - string table lookup module
strings(1)          - extract printable strings
styx(10)            - interface to Inferno File protocol
styx(2)             - interface to 9P(Styx) file protocol
styxchat(8)         - exchange 9P(Styx) messages with a server or client
styxconv(2)         - convert between old 1995 Styx and current Styx(9P)
styxflush(2)        - handler for 9P(Styx) flush protocol
styxmon(8)          - monitor a 9P(Styx) conversation
styxpersist(2)      - persistent 9P(Styx) connection
styxserver(10)      - C Styx server library
styxservers(2)      - 9P(Styx) server implementation assistance
styxservers-nametree(2) - (unknown subject)
sum(1)              - calculate file's checksum
svc(8)              - start Inferno network services
switch(3)           - hardware option switch
sys-0intro(2)       - (unknown subject)
sys-bind(2)         - change file name space
sys-byte2char(2)    - convert between bytes and characters
sys-chdir(2)        - change working directory
sys-dial(2)         - make network connections
sys-dirread(2)      - read directory
sys-dup(2)          - duplicate an open file descriptor
sys-export(2)       - export a name space
sys-fauth(2)        - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server
sys-fd2path(2)      - return file name associated with file descriptor
sys-file2chan(2)    - create file connected to Limbo channel
sys-fversion(2)     - initialize 9P connection and negotiate version
sys-iounit(2)       - return size of atomic I/O unit for file descriptor
sys-millisec(2)     - millisecond timer
sys-open(2)         - open a file for reading or writing, create file
sys-pctl(2)         - process control
sys-pipe(2)         - create an interprocess channel
sys-print(2)        - print formatted output
sys-read(2)         - read or write file
sys-remove(2)       - remove a file
sys-seek(2)         - change file offset
sys-self(2)         - reference self as a compatible module type
sys-sleep(2)        - delay
sys-stat(2)         - get and put file status
sys-tokenize(2)     - split string into words
sys-utfbytes(2)     - compute UTF length of complete Unicode characters in a UTF byte sequence
sys-werrstr(2)      - set the system error string
tabs(2)             - tabbed notebook pseudo-widget
tail(1)             - deliver the last part of a file
tarfs(4)            - mount tar archive
tcs(1)              - translate character sets
tee(1)              - pipe fitting
telnet(1)           - make a remote telnet connection
text(9)             - Create and manipulate text widgets
tftp(2)             - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
time(1)             - time command execution
timers(2)           - interval timers
timestamp(1)        - log event times
tiny(1)             - reduced command line interface to the Inferno system
tinyfs(3)           - file system for miniscule devices
tk(2)               - graphics toolkit
tkclient(2)         - window manager interface for Tk applications.
tkcmd(1)            - enter Tk commands interactively
tktester(1)         - test Tk widgets and help design Tk layouts
tls(3)              - TLS1 and SSL3 record layer
toolbar(1)          - window manager toolbar
touch(1)            - update the modification time of one or more files
touch(3)            - touch screen
touchcal(8)         - touch screen calibration
tr(1)               - translate characters
translate(2)        - translation dictionaries
translate(6)        - translation dictionary
trfs(4)             - translate spaces and other runes in names in a file system
tsort(1)            - topological sort
tv(3)               - Hauppage TV device
types(9)            - Standard types required by widget options.
ubfa(2)             - read, write and represent values in a UBF(A) data transport encoding
ubfa(6)             - universal binary format for data transport
unicode(1)          - interpret Unicode characters
uniq(1)             - report repeated lines in a file
units(1)            - conversion program
update(9)           - flush graphics
usb(3)              - USB device interface
users(6)            - kfs file server user list format
utf(6)              - character set and format
uuencode(1)         - encode/decode a file
vacfs(4)            - mount venti archive
vacget(1)           - venti archive utilities
variable(9)         - interrogate a button variable
venti(2)            - access to Venti content-addressed filestore.
version(5)          - negotiate protocol version
vga(3)              - VGA controller device
vid(3)              - Motorola 823 video output
virgil(2)           - pose question to name resolver
virgild(8)          - connection service for remote clients
volume(2)           - volume control for an infrared interface
w3c-css(2)          - cascading style sheet parser
w3c-uris(2)         - uniform resource identifiers
w3c-xpointers(2)    - parser for XPointers framework including XPath
wait(2)             - wait for child process to exit
walk(5)             - descend a directory hierarchy
wc(1)               - count lines, words, and characters
webgrab(1)          - fetch web page content as files
wish(1)             - interface to the Tk graphics toolkit
wm(1)               - window manager
wmclient(2)         - window manager interface for Draw-based applications.
wmlib(2)            - low level access to window manager
wm-misc(1)          - miscellaneous graphical applications
wm-sh(1)            - Window frames for the Inferno shells
wmsrv(2)            - core window-manager functionality and helper functions
workdir(2)          - get the current working directory
xalloc(10)          - basic memory management
xd(1)               - dump file contents in multiple formats
xml(2)              - XML navigation
yacc(1)             - yet another compiler-compiler (Limbo version)
zeros(1)            - write sequence of bytes

List of man pages available for Inferno

Copyright (c) for man pages and the logo by the respective OS vendor.

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