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abort(3)            - generate IOT fault
abs(3)              - integer absolute value
ac(1m)              - login accounting
access(2)           - determine accessibility of file
acct(2)             - turn accounting on or off
acct(5)             - execution accounting file
adb(1)              - debugger
alarm(2)            - schedule signal after specified time
a.out(5)            - assembler and link editor output
ar(1)               - archive and library maintainer
ar(5)               - archive(library) file format
arcv(1m)            - convert archives to new format
arithmetic(6)       - provide drill in number facts
as(1)               - assembler
ascii(7)            - map of ASCII character set
assert(3x)          - program verification
at(1)               - execute commands at a later time
atof(3)             - convert ASCII to numbers
awk(1)              - pattern scanning and processing language
backgammon(6)       - the game
banner(6)           - make long posters
bas(1)              - basic
basename(1)         - strip filename affixes
bc(1)               - arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
bcd(6)              - convert to antique media
bj(6)               - the game of black jack
boot(8)             - startup procedures
brk(2)              - change core allocation
cal(1)              - print calendar
calendar(1)         - reminder service
cat(1)              - catenate and print
cat(4)              - phototypesetter interface
cb(1)               - C program beautifier
cc(1)               - C compiler
cd(1)               - change working directory
chdir(2)            - change default directory
checkers(6)         - game
chess(6)            - the game of chess
ching(6)            - the book of changes and other cookies
chmod(1)            - change mode
chmod(2)            - change mode of file
chown(1)            - change owner or group
chown(2)            - change owner and group of a file
close(2)            - close a file
clri(1m)            - clear i-node
cmp(1)              - compare two files
col(1)              - filter reverse line feeds
comm(1)             - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
core(5)             - format of core image file
cp(1)               - copy
crash(8)            - what to do when the system crashes
creat(2)            - create a new file
cron(8)             - clock daemon
crypt(1)            - encode/decode
crypt(3)            - DES encryption
ctime(3)            - convert date and time to ASCII
ctype(3)            - character classification
cu(1c)              - call UNIX
date(1)             - print and set the date
dbm(3x)             - data base subroutines
dc(1)               - desk calculator
dcheck(1m)          - file system directory consistency check
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
deroff(1)           - remove nroff, troff, tbl and eqn constructs
df(1m)              - disk free
diff(1)             - differential file comparator
diff3(1)            - 3-way differential file comparison
dir(5)              - format of directories
dn(4)               - DN-11 ACU interface
du(1)               - summarize disk usage
du(4)               - DU-11 201 data-phone interface
dump(1m)            - incremental file system dump
dump(5)             - incremental dump format
dumpdir(1m)         - print the names of files on a dump tape
dup(2)              - duplicate an open file descriptor
echo(1)             - echo arguments
ecvt(3)             - output conversion
ed(1)               - text editor
end(3)              - last locations in program
environ(5)          - user environment
eqn(1)              - typeset mathematics
eqnchar(7)          - special character definitions for eqn
exec(2)             - execute a file
exit(2)             - terminate process
exp(3m)             - exponential, logarithm, power, square root
expr(1)             - evaluate arguments as an expression
f77(1)              - Fortran 77 compiler
factor(1)           - factor a number, generate large primes
fclose(3s)          - close or flush a stream
ferror(3s)          - stream status inquiries
file(1)             - determine file type
filsys(5)           - format of file system volume
find(1)             - find files
floor(3m)           - absolute value, floor, ceiling functions
fopen(3s)           - open a stream
fork(2)             - spawn new process
fread(3s)           - buffered binary input/output
frexp(3)            - split into mantissa and exponent
fseek(3s)           - reposition a stream
getc(3s)            - get character or word from stream
getenv(3)           - value for environment name
getgrent(3)         - get group file entry
getlogin(3)         - get login name
getpass(3)          - read a password
getpid(2)           - get process identification
getpw(3)            - get name from UID
getpwent(3)         - get password file entry
gets(3s)            - get a string from a stream
getty(8)            - set typewriter mode
getuid(2)           - get user and group identity
graph(1g)           - draw a graph
grep(1)             - search a file for a pattern
group(5)            - group file
hier(7)             - file system hierarchy
hp(4)               - RH-11/RP04, RP05, RP06 moving-head disk
hs(4)               - RH11/RS03-RS04 fixed-head disk file
ht(4)               - RH-11/TU-16 magtape interface
hypot(3m)           - euclidean distance
icheck(1m)          - file system storage consistency check
indir(2)            - indirect system call
init(8)             - process control initialization
intro(1)            - introduction to commands
intro(2)            - introduction to system calls and error numbers
intro(3)            - introduction to library functions
ioctl(2)            - control device
iostat(1m)          - report I/O statistics
j0(3m)              - bessel functions
join(1)             - relational database operator
kill(1)             - terminate a process with extreme prejudice
kill(2)             - send signal to a process
l3tol(3)            - convert between 3-byte integers and long integers
ld(1)               - loader
lex(1)              - generator of lexical analysis programs
link(2)             - link to a file
lint(1)             - a C program verifier
ln(1)               - make a link
lock(2)             - lock a process in primary memory
login(1)            - sign on
look(1)             - find lines in a sorted list
lookall(1)          - look through all text files on UNIX
lorder(1)           - find ordering relation for an object library
ls(1)               - list contents of directory
lseek(2)            - move read/write pointer
m4(1)               - macro processor
mail(1)             - send or receive mail among users
make(1)             - maintain program groups
makekey(8)          - generate encryption key
malloc(3)           - main memory allocator
man(1)              - print sections of this manual
man(7)              - macros to typeset manual
maze(6)             - generate a maze problem
mem(4)              - core memory
mesg(1)             - permit or deny messages
mkconf(1m)          - generate configuration tables
mkdir(1)            - make a directory
mkfs(1m)            - construct a file system
mknod(1m)           - build special file
mknod(2)            - make a directory or a special file
mktemp(3)           - make a unique file name
monitor(3)          - prepare execution profile
moo(6)              - guessing game
mount(1m)           - mount and dismount file system
mount(2)            - mount or remove file system
mp(3x)              - multiple precision integer arithmetic
mpx(2)              - create and manipulate multiplexed files
mpxcall(2)          - multiplexor and channel interface
mpxio(5)            - multiplexed i/o
ms(7)               - macros for formatting manuscripts
mtab(5)             - mounted file system table
mv(1)               - move or rename files and directories
ncheck(1m)          - generate names from i-numbers
newgrp(1)           - log in to a new group
nice(1)             - run a command at low priority
nice(2)             - set program priority
nlist(3)            - get entries from name list
nm(1)               - print name list
null(4)             - data sink
od(1)               - octal dump
open(2)             - open for reading or writing
passwd(1)           - change login password
passwd(5)           - password file
pause(2)            - stop until signal
perror(3)           - system error messages
phys(2)             - allow a process to access physical addresses
pipe(2)             - create an interprocess channel
pk(4)               - packet driver
pkon(2)             - establish packet protocol
pkopen(3)           - packet driver simulator
plot(1g)            - graphics filters
plot(3x)            - (unknown subject)
plot(5)             - graphics interface
popen(3s)           - initiate I/O to/from a process
pr(1)               - print file
prep(1)             - prepare text for statistical processing
printf(3s)          - formatted output conversion
prof(1)             - display profile data
profil(2)           - execution time profile
ps(1)               - process status
pstat(1m)           - print system facts
ptrace(2)           - process trace
ptx(1)              - permuted index
pubindex(1)         - make inverted bibliographic index
putc(3s)            - put character or word on a stream
puts(3s)            - put a string on a stream
pwd(1)              - working directory name
qsort(3)            - quicker sort
quiz(6)             - test your knowledge
quot(1m)            - summarize file system ownership
rand(3)             - random number generator
ranlib(1)           - convert archives to random libraries
ratfor(1)           - rational Fortran dialect
read(2)             - read from file
refer(1)            - find and insert literature references in documents
restor(1m)          - incremental file system restore
rev(1)              - reverse lines of a file
reversi(6)          - a game of dramatic reversals
rf(4)               - RF11/RS11 fixed-head disk file
rk(4)               - RK-11/RK03 or RK05 disk
rm(1)               - remove(unlink) files
roff(1)             - format text
rp(4)               - RP-11/RP03 moving-head disk
sa(1m)              - system accounting
scanf(3s)           - formatted input conversion
sed(1)              - stream editor
setbuf(3s)          - assign buffering to a stream
setjmp(3)           - non-local goto
setuid(2)           - set user and group ID
sh(1)               - command language
signal(2)           - catch or ignore signals
sin(3m)             - trigonometric functions
sinh(3m)            - hyperbolic functions
size(1)             - size of an object file
sleep(1)            - suspend execution for an interval
sleep(3)            - suspend execution for interval
sort(1)             - sort or merge files
spell(1)            - find spelling errors
spline(1g)          - interpolate smooth curve
split(1)            - split a file into pieces
stat(2)             - get file status
stdio(3s)           - standard buffered input/output package
stime(2)            - set time
string(3)           - string operations
strip(1)            - remove symbols and relocation bits
struct(1)           - structure Fortran programs
stty(1)             - set terminal options
su(1)               - substitute user id temporarily
sum(1)              - sum and count blocks in a file
swab(3)             - swap bytes
sync(1m)            - update the super block
sync(2)             - update super-block
system(3)           - issue a shell command
tabs(1)             - set terminal tabs
tail(1)             - deliver the last part of a file
tar(1)              - tape archiver
tbl(1)              - format tables for nroff or troff
tc(1)               - photypesetter simulator
tc(4)               - TC-11/TU56 DECtape
tee(1)              - pipe fitting
term(7)             - conventional names
test(1)             - condition command
time(1)             - time a command
time(2)             - get date and time
times(2)            - get process times
tk(1)               - paginator for the Tektronix 4014
tm(4)               - TM-11/TU-10 magtape interface
touch(1)            - update date last modified of a file
tp(1)               - manipulate tape archive
tp(5)               - DEC/mag tape formats
tr(1)               - translate characters
troff(1)            - text formatting and typesetting
true(1)             - provide truth values
tsort(1)            - topological sort
ttt(6)              - tic-tac-toe
tty(1)              - get terminal name
tty(4)              - general terminal interface
ttyname(3)          - find name of a terminal
ttys(5)             - terminal initialization data
types(5)            - primitive system data types
umask(2)            - set file creation mode mask
ungetc(3s)          - push character back into input stream
uniq(1)             - report repeated lines in a file
units(1)            - conversion program
unlink(2)           - remove directory entry
update(8)           - periodically update the super block
utime(2)            - set file times
utmp(5)             - login records
uucp(1c)            - unix to unix copy
uux(1c)             - unix to unix command execution
vp(4)               - Versatec printer-plotter
wait(1)             - await completion of process
wait(2)             - wait for process to terminate
wall(1m)            - write to all users
wc(1)               - word count
who(1)              - who is on the system
words(6)            - word games
write(1)            - write to another user
write(2)            - write on a file
wump(6)             - the game of hunt-the-wumpus
xsend(1)            - secret mail
yacc(1)             - yet another compiler-compiler

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