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       APR::SockAddr - Perl API for APR socket address structure

	 use APR::SockAddr ();

	 my $ip = $sock_addr->ip_get;
	 my $port = $sock_addr->port;

       "APR::SockAddr" provides an access to a socket address structure

       Normally you'd get a socket address object, by calling:

	 use Apache2::Connection ();
	 my $remote_sock_addr = $c->remote_addr;
	 my $local_sock_addr  = $c->remote_local;

       "APR::SockAddr" provides the following functions and/or methods:

       Get the IP address of the socket

	 $ip = $sock_addr->ip_get();

       obj: $sock_addr ( "APR::SockAddr object" )
       ret: $ip ( string )
       since: 2.0.00

       If you are familiar with how perl's "Socket" works:

	 use Socket 'sockaddr_in';
	 my ($serverport, $serverip) = sockaddr_in(getpeername($local_sock));
	 my ($remoteport, $remoteip) = sockaddr_in(getpeername($remote_sock));

       in apr-speak that'd be written as:

	 use APR::SockAddr ();
	 use Apache2::Connection ();
	 my $serverport = $c->local_addr->port;
	 my $serverip	= $c->local_addr->ip_get;
	 my $remoteport = $c->remote_addr->port;
	 my $remoteip	= $c->remote_addr->ip_get;

       Get the IP address of the socket

	 $port = $sock_addr->port();

       obj: $sock_addr ( "APR::SockAddr object" )
       ret: $port ( integer )
       since: 2.0.00

       Example: see "ip_get()"

Unsupported API
       "APR::SockAddr" also provides auto-generated Perl interface for a few
       other methods which aren't tested at the moment and therefore their API
       is a subject to change. These methods will be finalized later as a need
       arises. If you want to rely on any of the following methods please
       contact the the mod_perl development mailing list so we can help each
       other take the steps necessary to shift the method to an officially
       supported API.

       META: Autogenerated - needs to be reviewed/completed

       See if the IP addresses in two APR socket addresses are equivalent.
       Appropriate logic is present for comparing IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses
       with IPv4 addresses.

	 $ret = $addr1->equal($addr2);

       obj: $addr1 ( "APR::SockAddr object" )
	   One of the APR socket addresses.

       arg1: $addr2 ( "APR::SockAddr object" )
	   The other APR socket address.

       ret: $ret ( integer )
       since: subject to change

       The return value will be non-zero if the addresses are equivalent.

See Also
       mod_perl 2.0 documentation.

       mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache
       Software License, Version 2.0.

       The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors.

perl v5.16apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::APR::SockAddr(3)

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