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       APR::UUID - Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs

	 use APR::UUID ();

	 # get a random UUID and format it as a string
	 my $uuid = APR::UUID->new->format;
	 # $uuid = e.g. 'd48889bb-d11d-b211-8567-ec81968c93c6';

	 # same as the object returned by APR::UUID->new
	 my $uuid_parsed = APR::UUID->parse($uuid);

       "APR::UUID" is used to get and manipulate random UUIDs.

       It allows you to "create" random UUIDs, which when "formatted" returns
       a string like:


       which can be parsed back into the "APR::UUID" object with "parse()".

       "APR::UUID" provides the following functions and/or methods:

       Convert an "APR::UUID object" object into a string presentation:

	 my $uuid_str = $uuid->format;

       obj: $uuid ( "APR::UUID object" )
       ret: $uuid_str
	   returns a string representation of the object (.e.g

       since: 2.0.00

       Create a "APR::UUID object" using the random engine:

	 my $uuid = APR::UUID->new;

       class: "APR::UUID" ( "APR::UUID class" )
       ret: $uuid ( "APR::UUID object" )
       since: 2.0.00


       obj: "APR::UUID" ( "APR::UUID object" )
       ret: no return value
       since: 2.0.00

       Do not call this method, it's designed to be only called by Perl when
       the variable goes out of scope. If you call it yourself you will get a
       segfault when perl will call DESTROY on its own.

       Convert a UUID string into an "APR::UUID object" object:

	 $uuid = APR::UUID->parse($uuid_str)

       arg1: $uuid_str (string)
	   UUID string (.e.g 'd48889bb-d11d-b211-8567-ec81968c93c6')

       ret: $uuid ( "APR::UUID object" )
	   The new object.

       since: 2.0.00

See Also
       mod_perl 2.0 documentation.

       mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache
       Software License, Version 2.0.

       The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors.

perl v5.16.2  apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::APR::UUID(3)

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