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App::CLI(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   App::CLI(3)

       App::CLI - Dispatcher module for command line interface programs

	   package MyApp;
	   use base 'App::CLI';	       # the DISPATCHER of your App
				       # it's not necessary putting the dispather
				       #  on the top level of your App

	   package main;

	   MyApp->dispatch;	       # call dispather in where you want

	   package MyApp::List;
	   use base qw(App::CLI::Command); # any (SUB)COMMAND of your App

	   use constant options => qw(
	       "h|help"	  => "help",
	       "verbose"  => "verbose",
	       'n|name=s'  => 'name',

	   use constant subcommands => qw(User Nickname type); # if you want subcommands
							       # automatically dispatch to subcommands
							       # when invoke $ myapp list [user|nickname|--type]
							       # note 'type' lower case in first char
							       # is subcommand of old genre which is deprecated

	   sub run {
	       my ($self, @args) = @_;

	       print "verbose" if $self->{verbose};
	       my $name = $self->{name}; # get arg following long option --name

	       if ($self->{help}) {
		   # if $ myapp list --help or $ $ myapp list -h
		   # just only output PODs
	       } else {
		   # do something when imvoking $ my app list
		   # without subcommand and --help

	   package MyApp::List::User;
	   use base qw(App::CLI::Command);
	   use constant options => (
	       "h|help"	 =>  "help",

	   sub run {
	       my ($self,@args) = @_;
	       # code for listing user

	   pakcage MyApp::List::Nickname;
	   use base qw(App::CLI::Command);
	   use constant options => (
	       "sort=s"	 =>  "sort",

	   sub run {
	       my ($self,@args) = @_;
	       # code for listing nickname

	   package MyApp::List::type;	# old genre of subcommand could not be cascading infinitely
	   use base qw(MyApp::List);	# should inherit its parents command

	   sub run {
	       my ($self, @args);
	       # run to here when invoking $ myapp list --type

	   package MyApp::Help;
	   use base 'App::CLI::Command::Help';

	   use constant options => (
	       'verbose' => 'verbose',

	   sub run {
	       my ($self, @arg) = @_;
	       # do something
	       $self->SUPER(@_); # App::CLI::Command::Help would output PDOs of each command

       "App::CLI" dispatches CLI (command line interface) based commands into
       command classes.	 It also supports subcommand and per-command options.

       get_opt([@config], %opt_map)

	   give options map, process by Getopt::Long::Parser

       interface of dispatcher


       find package name of subcommand in constant %alias

       if it's finded, return ucfirst of the package name,

       otherwise, return ucfirst of $cmd itself.

       get_cmd($cmd, @arg)

       return subcommand of first level via $ARGV[0]

       App::CLI::Command Getopt::Long

       Chia-liang Kao <> Cornelius Lin
       <> shelling

       Copyright 2005-2006 by Chia-liang Kao <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       See <>

perl v5.16.2			  2010-12-04			   App::CLI(3)

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