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CFITSIO(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	    CFITSIO(3)

       Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO - Manipulates FITS headers from a FITS

	 use Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO;

	 $header = new Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO( Cards => \@array );
	 $header = new Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO( File => $file );
	 $header = new Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO( fitsID => $ifits );

	 $header->writehdr( File => $file );
	 $header->writehdr( fitsID => $ifits );

       This module makes use of the CFITSIO module to read and write directly
       to a FITS HDU.

       It stores information about a FITS header block in an object. Takes an
       hash as an arguement, with either an array reference pointing to an
       array of FITS header cards, or a filename, or (alternatively) and FITS

       $Id:,v 1.9 2003/10/21 13:00:47 allan Exp $

	   Reads a FITS header from a FITS HDU

	     $header->configure( Cards => \@cards );
	     $header->configure( fitsID => $ifits );
	     $header->configure( File => $file );
	     $header->configure( File => $file, ReadOnly => $bool );

	   Accepts an FITS identifier or a filename. If both fitsID and File
	   keys exist, fitsID key takes priority.

	   If "File" is specified, the file is normally opened in ReadWrite
	   mode.  The "ReadOnly" argument takes a boolean value which
	   determines whether the file is opened ReadOnly.

	   Write a FITS header to a FITS file

	     $header->writehdr( File => $file );
	     $header->writehdr( fitsID => $ifits );

	   Its accepts a FITS identifier or a filename. If both fitsID and
	   File keys exist, fitsID key takes priority.

	   Returns undef on error, true if the header was written

       This module requires Pete Ratzlaff's Astro::FITS::CFITSIO module, and
       William Pence's "cfitsio" subroutine library (v2.1 or greater).

       Astro::FITS::Header, Astro::FITS::Header::Item,
       Astro::FITS::Header::NDF, Astro::FITS::CFITSIO

       Alasdair Allan <>, Jim Lewis <>

       Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research
       Council.	 All Rights Reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.10.0			  2003-10-21			    CFITSIO(3)

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