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B::Asmdata(3)	       Perl Programmers Reference Guide		 B::Asmdata(3)

       B::Asmdata - Autogenerated data about Perl ops, used to generate byte‐

	       use B::Asmdata qw(%insn_data @insn_name @optype @specialsv_name);

       Provides information about Perl ops in order to generate bytecode via a
       bunch of exported variables.  Its mostly used by B::Assembler and

	     my($bytecode_num, $put_sub, $get_meth) = @$insn_data{$op_name};

	   For a given $op_name (for example, 'cop_label', 'sv_flags', etc...)
	   you get an array ref containing the bytecode number of the op, a
	   reference to the subroutine used to 'PUT', and the name of the
	   method used to 'GET'.

	     my $op_name = $insn_name[$bytecode_num];

	   A simple mapping of the bytecode number to the name of the op.
	   Suitable for using with %insn_data like so:

	     my $op_info = $insn_data{$insn_name[$bytecode_num]};

	     my $op_type = $optype[$op_type_num];

	   A simple mapping of the op type number to its type (like 'COP' or

	     my $sv_name = $specialsv_name[$sv_index];

	   Certain SV types are considered 'special'.  They're represented by
	   B::SPECIAL and are referred to by a number from the specialsv_list.
	   This array maps that number back to the name of the SV (like
	   'Nullsv' or '&PL_sv_undef').

       Malcolm Beattie, "mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk"

perl v5.8.8			  2004-05-07			 B::Asmdata(3)
                             _         _         _ 
                            | |       | |       | |     
                            | |       | |       | |     
                         __ | | __ __ | | __ __ | | __  
                         \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ /  
                          \ \ / /   \ \ / /   \ \ / /   
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