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B::Terse(3)	       Perl Programmers Reference Guide		   B::Terse(3)

       B::Terse - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops

	       perl -MO=Terse[,OPTIONS] foo.pl

       This version of B::Terse is really just a wrapper that calls B::Concise
       with the -terse option. It is provided for compatibility with old
       scripts (and habits) but using B::Concise directly is now recommended

       For compatibility with the old B::Terse, this module also adds a method
       named "terse" to B::OP and B::SV objects. The B::SV method is largely
       compatible with the old one, though authors of new software might be
       advised to choose a more user-friendly output format. The B::OP "terse"
       method, however, doesn't work well. Since B::Terse was first written,
       much more information in OPs has migrated to the scratchpad datastruc‐
       ture, but the "terse" interface doesn't have any way of getting to the
       correct pad. As a kludge, the new version will always use the pad for
       the main program, but for OPs in subroutines this will give the wrong
       answer or crash.

       The original version of B::Terse was written by Malcolm Beattie,
       <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>. This wrapper was written by Stephen McCa‐
       mant, <smcc@MIT.EDU>.

perl v5.8.8			  2008-09-19			   B::Terse(3)
                             _         _         _ 
                            | |       | |       | |     
                            | |       | |       | |     
                         __ | | __ __ | | __ __ | | __  
                         \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ /  
                          \ \ / /   \ \ / /   \ \ / /   
                           \   /     \   /     \   /    
                            \_/       \_/       \_/ 
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