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Business::ISBN::Data(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiBusiness::ISBN::Data(3)

       Business::ISBN::Data - data pack for Business::ISBN

       see Business::ISBN

       You don't need to load this module yourself in most cases.
       "Business::ISBN" will load it when it loads.

       These data are generated from the RangeMessage.xml file provided by the
       ISBN Agency. You can retrieve this yourself at
       <>.  This file is
       included as part of the distribution and should be installed at

       If you want to use a different RangeMessage.xml file, you can set the
       "ISBN_RANGE_MESSAGE" environment variable to the alternate location
       before you load "Business::ISBN". This way, you can use the latest (or
       even earlier) data without having to install something new or wait for
       an update to this module.

       If the default RangeMessage.xml or your alternate one is not available,
       the module falls back to data included in However, that data
       is likely to be older data.

       The data are in %Business::ISBN::country_data (although the "country"
       part is historical). If you want to see where the data are from, check

       This module lives in the Github repository with Business::ISBN:


       If you have something to add, create a fork on Github and send a pull

       brian d foy, "<>"

       Yakov Shafranovich updated the data in October 2008.

       Daniel Jakubik updated the data in July 2012.

       Copyright (c) 2002-2012, brian d foy, All Rights Reserved.

       You may redistribute this under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.16.3			  2012-07-26	       Business::ISBN::Data(3)

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