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CPAN::Meta::YAML(3perl)Perl Programmers Reference GuideCPAN::Meta::YAML(3perl)

       CPAN::Meta::YAML - Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files

       version 0.008

	   use CPAN::Meta::YAML;

	   # reading a META file
	   open $fh, "<:utf8", "META.yml";
	   $yaml_text = do { local $/; <$fh> };
	   $yaml = CPAN::Meta::YAML->read_string($yaml_text)
	     or die CPAN::Meta::YAML->errstr;

	   # finding the metadata
	   $meta = $yaml->[0];

	   # writing a META file
	   $yaml_text = $yaml->write_string
	     or die CPAN::Meta::YAML->errstr;
	   open $fh, ">:utf8", "META.yml";
	   print $fh $yaml_text;

       This module implements a subset of the YAML specification for use in
       reading and writing CPAN metadata files like META.yml and MYMETA.yml.
       It should not be used for any other general YAML parsing or generation

       NOTE: META.yml (and MYMETA.yml) files should be UTF-8 encoded.  Users
       are responsible for proper encoding and decoding.  In particular, the
       "read" and "write" methods do not support UTF-8 and should not be used.

       This module is currently derived from YAML::Tiny by Adam Kennedy.  If
       there are bugs in how it parses a particular META.yml file, please file
       a bug report in the YAML::Tiny bugtracker:

       YAML::Tiny, YAML, YAML::XS

   Bugs / Feature Requests
       Please report any bugs or feature requests through the issue tracker at
       <>.  You
       will be notified automatically of any progress on your issue.

   Source Code
       This is open source software.  The code repository is available for
       public review and contribution under the terms of the license.


	 git clone

       ·   Adam Kennedy <>

       ·   David Golden <>

       This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Adam Kennedy.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

perl v5.18.2			  2014-01-06	       CPAN::Meta::YAML(3perl)

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