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Tk_ClipboardClear(3)	     Tk Library Procedures	  Tk_ClipboardClear(3)


       Tk_ClipboardClear, Tk_ClipboardAppend - Manage the clipboard

       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_ClipboardClear(interp, tkwin)

       Tk_ClipboardAppend(interp, tkwin, target, format, buffer)

       Tcl_Interp	   *interp (in)	     Interpreter  to use for reporting

       Tk_Window	   tkwin   (in)	     Window that determines which dis‐
					     play's clipboard to manipulate.

       Atom		   target  (in)	     Conversion	 type  for  this clip‐
					     board item;  has same meaning  as
					     target  argument to Tk_CreateSel‐

       Atom		   format  (in)	     Representation to use  when  data
					     is	 retrieved;   has same meaning
					     as format argument to  Tk_Create‐

       char		   *buffer (in)	     Null terminated string containing
					     the data to be  appended  to  the

       These  two  procedures  manage  the clipboard for Tk.  The clipboard is
       typically managed  by  calling  Tk_ClipboardClear  once,	 then  calling
       Tk_ClipboardAppend to add data for any number of targets.

       Tk_ClipboardClear  claims  the  CLIPBOARD  selection and frees any data
       items previously stored on the clipboard in this application.  It  nor‐
       mally  returns  TCL_OK, but if an error occurs it returns TCL_ERROR and
       leaves an error message in interp->result.  Tk_ClipboardClear  must  be
       called before a sequence of Tk_ClipboardAppend calls can be issued.

       Tk_ClipboardAppend  appends  a  buffer  of  data to the clipboard.  The
       first buffer for a given target determines the format for that  target.
       Any  successive appends for that target must have the same format or an
       error will be returned.	Tk_ClipboardAppend returns TCL_OK if the  buf‐
       fer is successfully copied onto the clipboard.  If the clipboard is not
       currently owned by the application,  either  because  Tk_ClipboardClear
       has  not	 been called or because ownership of the clipboard has changed
       since the last call to  Tk_ClipboardClear,  Tk_ClipboardAppend  returns
       TCL_ERROR and leaves an error message in interp->result.

       In order to guarantee atomicity, no event handling should occur between
       Tk_ClipboardClear and the following Tk_ClipboardAppend calls (otherwise
       someone	could retrieve a partially completed clipboard or claim owner‐
       ship away from this application).

       Tk_ClipboardClear  may  invoke  callbacks,  including   arbitrary   Tcl
       scripts,	 as a result of losing the CLIPBOARD selection, so any calling
       function should take care to be reentrant at  the  point	 Tk_Clipboard‐
       Clear is invoked.

       append, clipboard, clear, format, type

Tk				      4.0		  Tk_ClipboardClear(3)
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