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Core(3X)			   OSF/Motif			      Core(3X)

       Core - The Core widget class

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>

       Core  is	 the Xt Intrinsic base class for windowed widgets.  The Object
       and RectObj classes provide support for windowless widgets.

       All widgets are built from Core.

       The class pointer is widgetClass.

       The class name is Core.

   New Resources
       The following table defines a set of widget resources used by the  pro‐
       grammer to specify data.	 The programmer can also set the resource val‐
       ues for the inherited classes to set attributes for  this  widget.   To
       reference  a  resource by name or by class in a .Xdefaults file, remove
       the XmN or XmC prefix and use the remaining letters.  To specify one of
       the  defined  values for a resource in a .Xdefaults file, remove the Xm
       prefix and use the remaining letters (in either lowercase or uppercase,
       but  include  any  underscores between words).  The codes in the access
       column indicate if the given resource can be set at creation time  (C),
       set by using XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is
       not applicable (N/A).

				 Core Resource Set
	Name				      Default		      Access
	      Class				    Type
	XmNaccelerators			      dynamic		      CSG
	      XmCAccelerators			     XtAccelerators
	XmNancestorSensitive		      dynamic		      G
	      XmCSensitive			     Boolean
	XmNbackground			      dynamic		      CSG
	      XmCBackground			     Pixel
	XmNbackgroundPixmap		      XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP    CSG
	      XmCPixmap				     Pixmap
	XmNborderColor			      XtDefaultForeground     CSG
	      XmCBorderColor			     Pixel
	XmNborderPixmap			      XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP    CSG
	      XmCPixmap				     Pixmap
	XmNborderWidth			      1			      CSG
	      XmCBorderWidth			     Dimension
	XmNcolormap			      dynamic		      CG
	      XmCColormap			     Colormap
	XmNdepth			      dynamic		      CG

	      XmCDepth				     int
	XmNdestroyCallback		      NULL		      C
	      XmCCallback			     XtCallbackList
	XmNheight			      dynamic		      CSG
	      XmCHeight				     Dimension
	XmNinitialResourcesPersistent	      True		      C
	      XmCInitialResourcesPersistent	     Boolean
	XmNmappedWhenManaged		      True		      CSG
	      XmCMappedWhenManaged		     Boolean
	XmNscreen			      dynamic		      CG
	      XmCScreen				     Screen *
	XmNsensitive			      True		      CSG
	      XmCSensitive			     Boolean
	XmNtranslations			      dynamic		      CSG
	      XmCTranslations			     XtTranslations
	XmNwidth			      dynamic		      CSG
	      XmCWidth				     Dimension
	XmNx				      0			      CSG
	      XmCPosition			     Position
	XmNy				      0			      CSG
	      XmCPosition			     Position
       Specifies a translation table that is bound with	 its  actions  in  the
       context	of  a  particular  widget.   The accelerator table can then be
       installed on some destination widget.  Specifies whether the  immediate
       parent of the widget receives input events.  Use the function XtSetSen‐
       sitive to change the argument to preserve data integrity (see XmNsensi‐
       tive  below).   For  shells,  the  default  is copied from the parent's
       XmNancestorSensitive resource if there is a parent;  otherwise,	it  is
       True.   For  other  widgets, the default is the bitwise AND of the par‐
       ent's XmNsensitive and XmNancestorSensitive resources.	Specifies  the
       background  color  for  the  widget.  Specifies a pixmap for tiling the
       background.  The first tile is placed at the upper left-hand corner  of
       the  widget's  window.	Specifies  the	color of the border in a pixel
       value.  Specifies a pixmap to be used for tiling the border.  The first
       tile  is placed at the upper left-hand corner of the border.  Specifies
       the width of the border that surrounds the widget's window on all  four
       sides.	The  width is specified in pixels.  A width of zero means that
       no border shows.	 Specifies the colormap that is used  for  conversions
       to  the	type Pixel for this widget instance.  When changed, previously
       generated pixel values are not affected, but newly generated values are
       in  the	new  colormap.	For shells without parents, the default is the
       default colormap of the widget's screen.	  Otherwise,  the  default  is
       copied  from the parent.	 Specifies the number of bits that can be used
       for each pixel in the widget's window.  Applications should not	change
       or  set	the  value  of this resource as it is set by the Xt Intrinsics
       when the widget is created.  For shells without parents, the default is
       the  default  depth  of the widget's screen.  Otherwise, the default is
       copied from the parent.	Specifies a list of callbacks that  is	called
       when  the  widget is destroyed.	Specifies the inside height (excluding
       the border) of the widget's window.  Specifies whether or not resources
       are  reference  counted.	  If the value is True when the widget is cre‐
       ated, the resources referenced by the widget are not reference counted,
       regardless of how the resource type converter is registered.  An appli‐
       cation that expects to destroy the widget and wants to  have  resources
       deallocated  should  specify  a	value  of False.  The default is True,
       implying an assumption that the widget will not be destroyed during the
       life  of	 the application.  If set to True it maps the widget (makes it
       visible) as soon as it is both realized and managed.  If set to	False,
       the client is responsible for mapping and unmapping the widget.	If the
       value is changed from True to False after the widget has been  realized
       and  managed,  the widget is unmapped.  Specifies the screen on which a
       widget instance resides.	 It is read only.  When the  Toolkit  is  ini‐
       tialized,  the  top-level  widget  obtains  its	default value from the
       default screen of the display.  Otherwise, the default is  copied  from
       the  parent.   Determines whether a widget receives input events.  If a
       widget is sensitive, the Xt Intrinsics' Event Manager dispatches to the
       widget  all  keyboard,  mouse  button,  motion, window enter/leave, and
       focus events.  Insensitive widgets do not receive  these	 events.   Use
       the  function XtSetSensitive to change the sensitivity argument.	 Using
       XtSetSensitive ensures that if a parent widget has XmNsensitive set  to
       False, the ancestor-sensitive flag of all its children is appropriately
       set.  Points to a translations list.  A translations list is a list  of
       events  and  actions  that  are	to be performed when the events occur.
       Specifies the inside width (excluding the border) of the widget's  win‐
       dow.   Specifies	 the  x-coordinate of the upper left outside corner of
       the widget's window.  The value is relative to the  upper  left	inside
       corner  of  the parent window.  Specifies the y-coordinate of the upper
       left outside corner of the widget's window.  The value is  relative  to
       the upper left inside corner of the parent window.

       There are no translations for Core.

       Object(3X) and RectObj(3X).


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