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DDIS(5)								       DDIS(5)

       DDIS - Digital Data Interchange Syntax / ISO ASN.1 (DDIS/ASN.1) files

       DDIS is an ASN.1 syntax that conforms to the specifications of Interna‐
       tional Standards Organization Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO ASN.1).

       Digital's CDA architecture defines two document formats and a mail syn‐
       tax  for	 the sharing and transport of revisable compound documents and
       tabular files based on the DDIS syntax that is a subset of ASN.1:

       ·    DDIF (Digital Document Interchange Format) is the interchange  and
	    application	 file  format  for compound documents containing text,
	    graphics, images, and audio.

       ·    DTIF (Digital Table Interchange Format)  is	 the  interchange  and
	    application file format for tabular data, such as spreadsheets and
	    multi-dimensional tables.

       ·    DOTS (Data Object Transport Syntax) is a transparent interface for
	    the transfer of compound documents with external links to multiple
	    subfiles via mail systems.

       CDA-supported files that conform to one of  the	DDIS/ASN.1  family  of
       syntaxes	 are  typed  according	to a particular DDIS/ASN.1 syntax. For
       example, a DDIF file is identified by the file command as  a  ddis/ddif

       For  more information on CDA enabling technologies and the DEC CDA Run-
       Time Services, refer to the CDA manpage.

See Also
       cdoc(1), ctod(1),  ddifanls(1),	ddifps(1),  ddiftext(1),  dtifanls(1),
       dtifddif(1),   dtoc(1),	 dxvdoc(1X),   textddif(1),  vdoc(1),  CDA(5),
       cda_msg(5), DDIF(5), DOTS(5), DTIF(5), dvr_msg(5)


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