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DECprinter(8)							 DECprinter(8)

       DECprinter - A generic print filter for Digital printers.

       /usr/lib/lpdfilters/DECprinter [options]

       The  DECprinter filter is used to filter text data destined for Digital
       printers.  The type of printer the filter is supporting	is  determined
       by printer control files specified in the entry of the file.

       The  DECprinter	filter	handles the device dependencies of the printer
       and performs accounting functions.  When	 a  print  job	is  completed.
       accounting  records  are	 written to the file specified by the field in
       the file.

       The DECprinter filter must be specified in both the and the  fields  in
       the  file.   The	 field is used to print the banner page.  The field is
       used to print the data and to maintain the accounting information.

       -a lower page limit
	    The first page to be printed for this job

       -b upper page limit
	    The last page to be printed for this job

       -h host
	    The host name of the job owner

       -i indent
	    The number of characters by which the output is indented

       -l page length
	    The length of the page

       -n login
	    The login name of the job owner

       -o output tray
	    The number of the output tray for the job

       -w page width
	    The width of the page

       -I input tray
	    The number of the input tray for the job

       -K sides
	    The number of sides to print the job on (1 or 2)

       -L pcf file
	    The file name of the printer control file for this print job

       -O orientation
	    The orientation of the printed output on the page

       -X sheet count
	    The number of times each sheet is printed

	accounting file
	    The file name of the accounting file for the print job

       The field in the file specifies	the  error  logging  file  name.   The
       default is

       Printer control files for the Digital printers

       Printer capabilities database

See Also
       lpr(1), pr(1), printcap(5), lpd(8), MAKEDEV(8), pac(8)


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