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DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck(3X)			     DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck(3X)

       DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck  -	 Controls  whether the DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay
       routine should be called.

       int DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck (widget, x, y)
	    Widget  widget;
	    int	    x;
	    int	    y;

       The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget.  An integer  that	repre‐
       sents the x location of the cursor relative to the upper-left corner of
       the SVN window.	An integer that represents the y location of the  cur‐
       sor relative to the upper-left corner of the SVN window.

       The DXmSvnAutoScrollCheck routine determines whether the cursor is cur‐
       rently in an area where automatic scrolling (initiated  when  the  user
       moves  an  entry	 outside  the window) can occur.  This routine returns
       True if the cursor is in such an area and if there are no entries  dis‐
       played  in that direction.  The application should call the DXmSvnAuto‐
       ScrollDisplay routine if this routine returns True.

       Use this routine if your application controls the  dragging  operations
       (using the DXmSvnSetApplDragging routine).

       An  integer  that indicates whether the DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay routine
       will be called, as follows:


       Value	   Description


       0 (False)   DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay
		   will not be called.

       1 (True)	   DxmSvnAutoScrollDisplay
		   will be called.


       DXmSvnSetApplDragging(3X), DXmSvnAutoScrollDisplay(3X)


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