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DXmSvnGetSelections(3X)				       DXmSvnGetSelections(3X)

       DXmSvnGetSelections - Retrieves (returns) a list of selected entry num‐

       void DXmSvnGetSelections (widget, entries, comps, tags, len)
	     Widget	    widget;
	     int	    *entries();
	     int	    *comps();
	     XtPointer	    *tags();
	     int	    len;

       The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget.  A pointer to an array of
       integers	 to receive the selected entry numbers.	 A pointer to an array
       of integers to receive the component numbers on	which  the  entry  was
       selected.   A  component	 number of 0 means that the entry was selected
       using range selection and not by directly clicking on  the  entry.   If
       components  are not needed, a Null pointer may be passed.  A pointer to
       an array of longwords to receive the application	 tag  value  for  each
       entry  selected.	 If tags are not needed, a Null pointer may be passed.
       An integer that represents the number of entries allocated in the  pro‐
       vided array.

       The DXmSvnGetSelections routine returns a list of entries that are cur‐
       rently selected by the  user.   Make  this  call	 in  your  application
       between calls to DXmSvnDisableDisplay and DXmSvnEnableDisplay to ensure
       that the selected list is not changing.

       The application is responsible for managing the memory used  to	return
       this  list of highlighted entries.  As such, note the following: At the
       minimum, the number of entries in the array should be capable of	 hold‐
       ing  the	 number	 of  entries  indicated by the value returned from the
       DXmSvnGetNumHighlighted routine.	 If there  are	more  entries  in  the
       array than the application will need, the SVN widget will set the value
       for those extra entries to 0.  If the capacity of the arrays passed  is
       less  than  the	number of selected entries, only the number of entries
       allocated in the provided array (the value for len) will be returned.


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