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DXmSvnSetTreePosition(3X)			     DXmSvnSetTreePosition(3X)

       DXmSvnSetTreePosition  -	 Sets the position of the tree in tree display

       void DXmSvnSetTreePosition (widget, x, y)
	     Widget  widget;
	     int     x;
	     int     y;

       The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget.  An integer  that	repre‐
       sents  the x position for the tree.  This value is obtained by a previ‐
       ous call to the DXmSvnGetTreePosition routine.  An integer that	repre‐
       sents  the  y  position for tree.  This value is obtained by a previous
       call to the DXmSvnGetTreePosition routine.

       The DXmSvnSetTreePosition routine enables applications to set the exact
       position	 of  the  display  from	 previously stored coordinates.	 It is
       valid to call this routine only when the DXmSvnNdisplayMode resource is
       set   to	  DXmSvnKdisplayTree.	 (The	DXmSvnGetTreePosition  routine
       retrieves the x and y coordinates from the SVN widget.)

       Note that if the application does not currently	have  the  exact  same
       characteristics	(for example, the same mode, fonts, or size and number
       of entries) as when the	DXmSvnGetPosition  routine  was	 last  called,
       calling	the  DXmSvnSetTreePosition  routine  may generate an incorrect

       Make this call in your application between calls	 to  DXmSvnDisableDis‐
       play and DXmSvnEnableDisplay.


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