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Digest::HMAC(3pm)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    Digest::HMAC(3pm)

       Digest::HMAC - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication

	# Functional style
	use Digest::HMAC qw(hmac hmac_hex);
	$digest = hmac($data, $key, \&myhash);
	print hmac_hex($data, $key, \&myhash);

	# OO style
	use Digest::HMAC;
	$hmac = Digest::HMAC->new($key, "Digest::MyHash");


	$digest = $hmac->digest;
	$digest = $hmac->hexdigest;
	$digest = $hmac->b64digest;

       HMAC is used for message integrity checks between two parties that
       share a secret key, and works in combination with some other Digest
       algorithm, usually MD5 or SHA-1.	 The HMAC mechanism is described in
       RFC 2104.

       HMAC follow the common "Digest::" interface, but the constructor takes
       the secret key and the name of some other simple "Digest::" as

       The hmac() and hmac_hex() functions and the Digest::HMAC->new()
       constructor takes an optional $blocksize argument as well.  The HMAC
       algorithm assumes the digester to hash by iterating a basic compression
       function on blocks of data and the $blocksize should match the byte-
       length of such blocks.

       The default $blocksize is 64 which is suitable for the MD5 and SHA-1
       digest functions.  For stronger algorithms the blocksize probably needs
       to be increased.

       Digest::HMAC_MD5, Digest::HMAC_SHA1

       RFC 2104

       Graham Barr <gbarr@ti.com>, Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>

perl v5.12.4			  2011-07-25		     Digest::HMAC(3pm)

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