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Dt/Dt.h(file formats)					 Dt/Dt.h(file formats)

       Dt/Dt.h — miscellaneous desktop definitions

       #include <Dt/Dt.h>

       The  Dt/Dt.h header contains miscellaneous public constant and function
       declaration for the CDE library.

       The header defines several constants that can be used to determine  the
       version	of  the library used to compile an application and the version
       of the library with which an application is currently linked.

       The header defines the following constants that represent  the  library
       compile-time version:

       DtVERSION An integer specifying the major version number

		 An integer specifying the minor version number

		 An integer specifying the patch release level

		 An  integer combining the major, minor and patch release num‐
		 bers.	It is derived from the following formula:

       (10000 * DtVERSION + 100 *
	DtRevision + DtUPDATE_LEVEL)

		 A string containing a description of the version and the ver‐
		 sion number

       The  header  defines the following constants that represent the library
       run-time version:

       extern int DtVersion
       extern char *DtVersionString

       DtVersion is an integer equivalent to DtVERSION_NUMBER at the time  the
       library	was created.  DtVersionString is a string equivalent to DtVER‐
       SION_STRING at the time the library was created.

       The header declares the following as functions:

       Boolean DtInitialize(Display *display,
	       Widget widget,
	       char *name,
	       char *tool_class)
       Boolean DtAppInitialize(XtAppContext app_context,
	       Display *display,
	       Widget widget,
	       char *name,
	       char *tool_class)

							 Dt/Dt.h(file formats)

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