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DtComboBox(library call)			      DtComboBox(library call)

       DtComboBox — the ComboBox widget class

       #include <Dt/ComboBox.h>


	      This  function has been superseded by the equivalent Motif func‐
	      tion XmComboBox. Please refer to the Motif  Programmer's	Refer‐
	      ence for more information.

       The DtComboBox widget is a combination of a TextField and a List widget
       that provides a list of valid choices for the TextField.	 Selecting  an
       item from this list automatically fills in the TextField with that list

       Widget subclassing is not supported for the DtComboBox widget class.

       The resources for the XmList and XmTextField widgets that  are  created
       by  the	DtComboBox are accessible by using the XtNameToWidget(3) func‐
       tion. The names of these widgets are *List and Text, respectively. (The
       *List  notation is required because the List widget is not an immediate
       descendant of the DtComboBox.  See XtNameToWidget(3).)

       The DtComboBox widget inherits behavior and resources  from  the	 Core,
       Composite and XmManager classes.

       The class pointer is dtComboBoxWidgetClass.

       The class name is DtComboBoxWidget.

   New Resources
       The  following  table  defines  a  set  of widget resources used by the
       application to specify data. The application can also set the  resource
       values  for the inherited classes to set attributes for this widget. To
       reference a resource by name or by class	 in  a	.Xdefaults  file,  the
       application  must  remove  the  DtN or DtC prefix and use the remaining
       letters. To specify one of the defined values for a resource in a .Xde‐
       faults  file,  the  application	must  remove the Dt prefix and use the
       remaining letters (in either lower case or upper	 case,	but  including
       any underscores between words). The codes in the access column indicate
       if the given resource can be set at creation time  (C),	set  by	 using
       XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is not applica‐
       ble (N/A).

       DtComboBox Resource
       Name		      Class		    Type	     Default		Access
       DtNmarginHeight	      DtCMarginHeight	    Dimension	     2			CSG
       DtNmarginWidth	      DtCMarginWidth	    Dimension	     2			CSG
       DtNselectedItem	      DtCSelectedItem	    XmString	     dynamic		CSG
       DtNselectedPosition    DtCSelectedPosition   int		     dynamic		CSG
       DtNselectionCallback   DtCCallback	    XtCallbackList   NULL		C
       DtNcomboBoxType	      DtCComboBoxType	    unsigned int     DtDROP_DOWN_LIST	C

		 Specifies the number of pixels added between the top and bot‐
		 tom of the text widget and the start of the shadow.

		 Specifies  the	 number	 of pixels added between the right and
		 left sides of the text widget and the start of the shadow.

		 This resource is passed through to  the  XmList  to  set  the
		 XmNselectedItemCount  and XmNselectedItems as the single item
		 in the XmNitems that matches this specified XmString  in  the
		 List. Setting both DtNselectedItem and DtNselectedPosition in
		 the same argument list produces undefined behavior.

		 This resource is passed through to  the  XmList  to  set  the
		 XmNselectedItemCount  and XmNselectedItems as the single item
		 at this specified position in the List. Setting  both	DtNse‐
		 lectedItem  and DtNselectedPosition in the same argument list
		 produces undefined behavior.

		 This callback list is issued when an item  is	selected  from
		 the  DtComboBox  widget's  List. The call_data structure con‐
		 tains a DtComboBoxCallbackStruct with the reason DtCR_SELECT.

		 This resource determines the style of the  DtComboBox.	 There
		 are two choices:

			   Provides an editable text area.

			   Provides a static text area.

   Inherited Resources
       The  DtComboBox widget inherits behavior and resources from the follow‐
       ing named superclasses. For a complete description  of  each  resource,
       see the man page for that superclass.

       XmManager  Resource
       Name		       Class		       Type		   Default		  Access
       XmNbottomShadowColor    XmCBottomShadowColor    Pixel		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNbottomShadowPixmap   XmCBottomShadowPixmap   Pixmap		   XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP	  CSG
       XmNforeground	       XmCForeground	       Pixel		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNhelpCallback	       XmCCallback	       XtCallbackList	   NULL			  C
       XmNhighlightColor       XmCHighlightColor       Pixel		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNhighlightPixmap      XmCHighlightPixmap      Pixmap		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNinitialFocus	       XmCInitialFocus	       Widget		   NULL			  CSG
       XmNnavigationType       XmCNavigationType       XmNavigationType	   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNshadowThickness      XmCShadowThickness      Dimension	   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNstringDirection      XmCStringDirection      XmStringDirection   dynamic		  CG
       XmNtopShadowColor       XmCTopShadowColor       Pixel		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNtopShadowPixmap      XmCTopShadowPixmap      Pixmap		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNtraversalOn	       XmCTraversalOn	       Boolean		   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNunitType	       XmCUnitType	       unsigned char	   dynamic		  CSG
       XmNuserData	       XmCUserData	       XtPointer	   NULL			  CSG

       Composite  Resource
       Name		     Class		 Type	       Default		   Access
       XmNchildren	     XmCReadOnly	 WidgetList    NULL		   G
       XmNinsertPosition     XmCInsertPosition	 XtOrderProc   default procedure   CSG
       XmNnumChildren	     XmCReadOnly	 Cardinal      0		   G

       Core Resource Set

       Name			       Class			       Type		Default		       Access
       XmNaccelerators		       XmCAccelerators		       XtAccelerators	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNancestorSensitive	       XmCSensitive		       Boolean		dynamic		       G
       XmNbackground		       XmCBackground		       Pixel		dynamic		       CSG
       XmNbackgroundPixmap	       XmCPixmap		       Pixmap		XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP   CSG
       XmNborderColor		       XmCBorderColor		       Pixel		XtDefaultForeground    CSG
       XmNborderPixmap		       XmCPixmap		       Pixmap		XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP   CSG
       XmNborderWidth		       XmCBorderWidth		       Dimension	0		       CSG
       XmNcolormap		       XmCColormap		       Colormap		dynamic		       CG
       XmNdepth			       XmCDepth			       int		dynamic		       CG
       XmNdestroyCallback	       XmCCallback		       XtCallbackList	NULL		       C
       XmNheight		       XmCHeight		       Dimension	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNinitialResourcesPersistent   XmCInitialResourcesPersistent   Boolean		True		       C
       XmNmappedWhenManaged	       XmCMappedWhenManaged	       Boolean		True		       CSG
       XmNscreen		       XmCScreen		       Screen *		dynamic		       CG
       XmNsensitive		       XmCSensitive		       Boolean		True		       CSG
       XmNtranslations		       XmCTranslations		       XtTranslations	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNwidth			       XmCWidth			       Dimension	dynamic		       CSG
       XmNx			       XmCPosition		       Position		0		       CSG
       XmNy			       XmCPosition		       Position		0		       CSG

   Callback Information
       A pointer to the following structure is passed to each DtComboBox call‐

       typedef struct {
	       int	       reason;
	       XEvent	       *event;
	       XmString	       item_or_text;
	       int	       item_position;
       } DtComboBoxCallbackStruct;

       The reason argument indicates why  the  callback	 was  invoked;	it  is
       always DtCR_SELECT.

       The event argument points to the XEvent that triggered the callback, or
       NULL if the callback was not triggered by an XEvent.

       The item_or_text argument is the contents of the	 Text  widget  at  the
       time  the  event	 caused the callback to be invoked.  This data is only
       valid within the scope of the call_data structure, so  the  application
       must copy it when it is used outside of this scope.

       The  item_position argument is the new value of the DtNselectedPosition
       resource in the DtComboBox's List. If this is zero, it means  the  user
       entered a value in the XmTextField widget.

       DtComboBoxAddItem(3),  DtComboBoxDeletePos(3), DtComboBoxSelectItem(3),
       DtComboBoxSetItem(3), DtCreateComboBox(3), Composite(3), Constraint(3),
       Core(3),	 XmList(3), XmManager(3), XmText(3), XmTextField(3), XtGetVal‐
       ues(3), XtSetValues(3).

						      DtComboBox(library call)

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