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DtDbLoad(library call)					DtDbLoad(library call)

       DtDbLoad — load actions and data types database

       #include <Dt/Action.h>
       void DtDbLoad(void)

       The  DtDbLoad  function	loads the actions and data types database into
       the application.	 When the function  returns,  the  database  has  been

       An  environment	variable  determines  the  set	of  directories	 to be
       searched.  The DtDbLoad function	 loads	all  actions  and  data	 types
       defined in files with a .dt suffix located in these directories.

       The  directory  search  path  is	 based	on the value of the DTDATABAS‐
       ESEARCHPATH environment variable	 and  internal	defaults.   DTDATABAS‐
       ESEARCHPATH   contains	a   comma-separated  list  of  directories  in
       [host:]/path format.  The application must call DtDbLoad before calling
       any  of	the  routines  that query either the action or data type data‐
       bases.  If called multiple times, the old databases  are	 freed	before
       the new ones are created.

       The DtDbLoad function returns no value.

       If  this	 function is used in a long-lived application, the application
       must dynamically reload the databases when they are  modified.	To  do
       this,  the  client  must	 register to receive notification whenever the
       actions and data types database needs to be modified.  It is up to  the
       application  to	recall DtDbLoad after receiving notification.  This is
       done with a call to DtDbReloadNotify(3).

       If errors are encountered when reading the database files,  error  mes‐
       sages  are  written  to	the user's errorlog file ($HOME/.dt/errorlog).
       Records containing errors are not incorporated into the internal	 data‐

       Dt/Action.h - DtAction(5), DtDbReloadNotify(3), dtdtfile(4).

							DtDbLoad(library call)

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