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DtEditorGetSizeHints(library call)	    DtEditorGetSizeHints(library call)

       DtEditorGetSizeHints — retrieve sizing information from a DtEditor wid‐

       #include <Dt/Editor.h>
       void DtEditorGetSizeHints(
       Widget widget,
       XSizeHints *pHints);

       The DtEditorGetSizeHints function retrieves the current sizing informa‐
       tion from a DtEditor widget, allowing the application to compute appro‐
       priate size hints for the window manager.

       The widget argument specifies the DtEditor widget ID.

       The pHints argument is a pointer to an XSizeHints structure into	 which
       the current sizing information is placed.  The fields in this structure
       do not have to contain any values when it is passed in.

       Upon successful completion, the DtEditorGetSizeHints function fills  in
       the  following  fields  of  the	XSizeHints  structure: minimum width (
       min_width) and height ( min_height); width ( width_inc)	and  height  (
       height_inc)  increment;	and  base  width  (  base_width)  and height (
       base_height); otherwise, the structure is unchanged.  The  Flags	 field
       is set to:

       PMinSize | PResizeInc | PBaseSize

       The DtEditorGetSizeHints function returns no value.

       The following code segment sets the resize increment and minimum window
       size properties for the application.

       Widget	       editor,
       Display	       display;
       XSizeHints      size_hints;
       long	       supplied_return;
       XGetWMSizeHints(display, XtWindow(application_shell),
			&size_hints, &supplied_return, XA_WM_NORMAL_HINTS);
       DtEditorGetSizeHints(editor, &size_hints);
       XSetWMSizeHints(display, XtWindow(application_shell),
			&size_hints, XA_WM_NORMAL_HINTS);

       Dt/Editor.h - DtEditor(5), DtEditor(3).

					    DtEditorGetSizeHints(library call)

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