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DtEditorReplace(library call)			 DtEditorReplace(library call)

       DtEditorReplace	— replace a portion of the contents of a DtEditor wid‐

       #include <Dt/Editor.h>
       DtEditorErrorCode DtEditorReplace(
       Widget widget,
       XmTextPosition startPos,
       XmTextPosition endPos,
       DtEditorContentRec *data);

       The DtEditorReplace function replaces part of the contents of a	DtEdi‐
       tor widget with a string, a wide character string or sized buffer.  The
       data is transferred to the DtEditor widget using a  DtEditorContentRec,
       which  indicates	 the  type  of	data  being transferred along with the
       actual data.  All data following the start position and up to, but  not
       including, the end position is replaced.	 If the start position and the
       end position are equal, the data is inserted after  the	end  position.
       The  character  positions  begin	 at zero and are numbered sequentially
       from the beginning of the text.	After the replacement,	the  insertion
       cursor is positioned after the last character inserted.

       The widget argument specifies the DtEditor widget ID.

       The  startPos argument specifies the starting character position of the
       portion to replace.  The replacement begins at this character.

       The endPos argument specifies the ending character position of the por‐
       tion to replace.	 The replacement ends before this character.

       The  data  argument  is	a pointer to the data structure containing the
       data to insert.

       For a complete definition of the DtEditor  widget  and  its  associated
       resources, see DtEditor(3).

       For a complete definition of DtEditorContentRec, see Dt/Editor.h - DtE‐

       Upon successful completion, the DtEditorReplace function returns one of
       the following values:

		 The data was replaced sucessfully.

		 NULL characters were found and removed from the data.

       Otherwise,  if  the DtEditorReplace function cannot replace the data in
       the DtEditor widget, it returns one of the following values:

		 The Type field is not recognized.

		 The startPos argument is greater than the endPos argument.

		 The size of the buffer passed in is negative.

		 The data buffer is NULL.

		 Not enough system memory is available to replace the data.

       The following code segment modifies the contents of a  DtEditor	widget
       to ``The quick fox.''

       Widget		       editor;
       DtEditorContentRec      cr;
       DtEditorErrorCode       status;
       XmTextPosition	       start = (XmTextPosition) 4,
			       end = (XmTextPosition) 9;
       char		       *sampleString1="The brown fox",
       cr.type = DtEDITOR_TEXT;
       cr.value.string = sampleString1;
       status = DtEditorSetContents(editor, &cr);
       if (status != DtEDITOR_NO_ERRORS && status != DtEDITOR_NULLS_REMOVED) {
	       printf("Unable to set contents of the widget\n");
       } else {
	       cr.type = DtEDITOR_TEXT;
	       cr.data.string = sampleString2;
	       status = DtEditorReplace(editor, start, end, &cr);
	       if (status != DtEDITOR_NO_ERRORS)
		 printf("Unable to replace part of the widget contents\n");

       If  the	data is in a disk file, rather than in memory, the application
       should use DtEditorReplaceFromFile(3).

       Dt/Editor.h - DtEditor(5), DtEditor(3), DtEditorAppend(3),  DtEditorAp‐
       pendFromFile(3), DtEditorGetContents(3), DtEditorInsert(3), DtEditorIn‐
       sertFromFile(3),	     DtEditorReplaceFromFile(3),      DtEditorSaveCon‐
       tentsToFile(3), DtEditorSetContents(3), DtEditorSetContentsFromFile(3).

						 DtEditorReplace(library call)

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