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DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs(library call)	 DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs(library call)

       DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs	—  obtains  descriptors for a set of bookcases
       based on hypertext link targets

       #include <DtMmdb.h>
       int DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs(
       int infolib_descriptor,
       const char** locators);

       The DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs function makes the database engine ready to
       provide	access service for a set of bookcases. It allows you to access
       multiple bookcases by specifying	 hypertext  link  targets  that	 occur
       within  the  bookcases.	 Use the free function to release the array of
       bookcase descriptors when it is no longer needed.

		 Specifies the infolib that contains the bookcase.

       locators	 Specifies a zero-terminated array of  locators	 of  hypertext
		 link  targets.	 Each  target  can be a section or a component
		 within a section.

       If DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs completes successfully, it returns a pointer
       to  a  NULL-terminated  array  of bookcase descriptors. If it fails, it
       returns NULL.

       The following shows how a DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs call might be coded.

       char locs[] = {"abcde0123456789", "fghij0123456789", 0 };
       int* descriptor_array = DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs(myInfoLibDescriptor,  locs);

       DtMmdbGetBookCaseByIndex(3), DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLoc(3),	DtMmdbGetBook‐

					 DtMmdbGetBookCaseByLocs(library call)

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