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DtPrintFillSetupData(library call)	    DtPrintFillSetupData(library call)

       DtPrintFillSetupData — obtains X printer connection information

       #include <Print.h>
       XtEnum DtPrintFillSetupData(
       Widget wid,
       DtPrintSetupData* print_data);

       The  DtPrintFillSetupData  function  obtains an X printer connection in
       order to initiate an X printing job in  situations  other  than	direct
       interaction with a DtPrintSetupBox. Examples of such situations include
       a "quick print" button on a toolbar and	"GUI-less"  printing.  This  X
       printer	connection  information	 can  be  obtained  from  an  existing
       DtPrintSetupBox	widget	instance,  or  if  a  DtPrintSetupBox	widget
       instance	 is  unavailable,  DtPrintFillSetupData	 will  provide a new X
       printer connection.

       A print job is typically initiated when the user	 selects  the  "Print"
       button from within a DtPrintSetupBox widget instance.  Applications may
       wish to provide additional avenues for the user	to  initiate  a	 print
       job, namely a "Quick Print" toolbar button, or a command line parameter
       to allow "GUI-less" printing, such as from  within  a  desktop  action.
       DtPrintFillSetupData  is designed to provide an X printer connection in
       a manner consistent with DtPrintSetupBox.

       For both the "Quick Print" and "GUI-less" cases, the caller may set the
       printer_name  element  of the passed print_data in order to specify the
       destination X printer.	DtPrintFillSetupData  will  treat  the	passed
       printer_name as if the user had typed the printer name into the Printer
       Name text field of the DtPrintSetupBox.	The printer_name will be veri‐
       fied,  and  an  X  printer connection will be established. The returned
       printer_name  may  be  a	 fully	qualified  version   of	  the	passed
       printer_name  as	 a  result  of the printer verification process. For a
       description of this  process,  see  the	DtNverifyPrinterProc  resource
       description  in	DtPrintSetupBox(3).  If DtPrintFillSetupData returns a
       new printer_name, it will  free	the  passed  printer_name  by  calling

       For  the "Quick Print" button case, DtPrintFillSetupData is intended to
       be used with an existing DtPrintSetupBox instance, so that  the	"Quick
       Print"  button behaves as if the user had brought up a DtPrintSetupBox,
       selected a printer as indicated	by  printer_name,  and	activated  the
       "Print" button. The following conditions apply to this case:

	  ·  The  wid  parameter  should  be  set  to  the  widget  ID	of the
	     DtPrintSetupBox instance.	 DtPrintFillSetupData  will  fill  the
	     passed  print_data	 structure  similarly  to  how DtPrintSetupBox
	     fills out the print_data  element	of  the	 DtPrintSetupCallback‐
	     Struct passed as call data to the DtNprintCallback list. The only
	     exception is that when using DtPrintFillSetupData it is the call‐
	     er's  responsibility  to  free  the  allocated  memory  locations
	     pointed to by the print_data structure by calling	DtPrintFreeSe‐

	  ·  The X printer connection returned is managed by the DtPrintSetup‐
	     Box. The caller should not destroy the print context,  nor	 close
	     the print display connection.

	  ·  The  DtPrintSetupBox widget instance passed via wid does not have
	     to have been managed prior to calling DtPrintFillSetupData.

	  ·  If the passed printer_name is NULL, the current printer as	 indi‐
	     cated  by	the DtNprinterName resource will be used, and returned
	     in printer_name.  If  the	passed	printer_name  is  a  different
	     printer than indicated by the current value of the DtNprinterName
	     resource, the resource will be updated.

	  ·  The destination and dest_info elements of the  passed  print_data
	     will  be  set  according  to  the	current	 state	of  the passed
	     DtPrintSetupBox.  If dest_info is set  when  passed  to  DtPrint‐
	     FillSetupData, DtPrintFillSetupData will free the memory by call‐
	     ing XtFree if it decides to update If dest_info.

	  ·  If a connection cannot be established, the	 DtPrintSetupBox  will
	     automatically  be managed, displaying an error message box. After
	     dismissing the message box, the user can select a new printer and
	     restart the print operation, if desired.

       For the "GUI-less" case, DtPrintFillSetupData is intended to provide an
       X printer connection, in a manner consistent with an X printer  connec‐
       tion  established  by  DtPrintSetupBox,	without	 actually  creating  a
       DtPrintSetupBox.	 The following conditions apply to this case:

	  ·  The passed wid must be set to NULL.

	  ·  The X printer connection returned is managed by the caller, which
	     means  that  the caller must destroy the print context (via XpDe‐
	     stroyContext)  and	 close	the  print  display  connection	  (via

	  ·  If	 printer_name is set to NULL, DtPrintFillSetupData will deter‐
	     mine a default printer, using the same procedure as DtPrintSetup‐
	     Box,  and set the printer_name field to this default printer name
	     upon return.

	  ·  The destination and dest_info elements of the  passed  print_data
	     structure will be ignored by DtPrintFillSetupData.

	  ·  The  caller can free the allocated memory locations pointed to by
	     the returned print_data structure	by  calling  DtPrintFreeSetup‐

       wid	 The  widget ID of a DtPrintSetupBox or NULL, if no DtPrintSe‐
		 tupBox is available.

		 A pointer to  an  existing  DtPrintSetupData  structure  that
		 DtPrintFillSetupData will update with valid X printer connec‐
		 tion information. See DtPrintSetupBox(3) for  the  definition
		 of the DtPrintSetupData structure.

		 The X printer connection was successfully obtained.

		 The indicated X print server could not be found.

		 The indicated X server does not support the X Printing Exten‐

		 The indicated printer could not  be  found  on	 the  X	 print
		 server, or a default printer could not be determined.

		 The  value passed for print_data is NULL, or the value of the
		 DtNprintSetupMode resource for wid is not DtPRINT_SETUP_XP.







       DtPrintCopySetupData(3), DtPrintSetupBox(3), DtPrintFreeSetupData(3)

					    DtPrintFillSetupData(library call)

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