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DtSearchMessages(library call)			DtSearchMessages(library call)

       DtSearchMessages	 — Access and manipulate messages on the DtSearch Mes‐

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       int DtSearchHasMessages(
       void DtSearchAddMessage(
       const char *msg,
       char *DtSearchGetMessages(
       void DtSearchFreeMessages(

       The DtSearch online search engine may assemble detailed	user  messages
       to  explain various errors and failures. These messages are designed to
       provide a user with enough information to  correct  the	error.	 Often
       more  than  one message is assembled onto the MessageList as the result
       of a single API call. The calling code may also append messages to  the
       MessageList  prior  to display to the user.  All messages remain on the
       MessageList and new messages are appended to the preexisting list until
       the list is specifically freed by the calling code.

       DtSearchHasMessages  returns  zero  if  the  MessageList	 is empty, and
       returns nonzero if there are any information  or	 error	messages  cur‐
       rently on the MessageList.

       DtSearchAddMessage  appends  a message to the end of the MessageList. A
       message is defined as a zero-terminated C string.

       DtSearchGetMessages returns a static text buffer containing all current
       messages	 on  the  MessageList.	The  messages are returned as a single
       flat, zero-terminated C string,	with  two  ASCII  linefeed  characters
       between	messages  (giving  the appearance of a blank line between mes‐
       sages). It is expected that the calling code will display the text in a
       message	dialog	box  or its equivalent. The returned buffer address is
       valid until the next call. If the MessageList is currently empty,  this
       function returns a pointer to an empty string.

       DtSearchFreeMessages clears all messages on the MessageList. It is usu‐
       ally called after the user has dismissed a dialog  box  displaying  the
       current messages.


						DtSearchMessages(library call)

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