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DtSearchHighlight(library call)		       DtSearchHighlight(library call)

       DtSearchHighlight   —  Generate	DtSrHitwords  table  for  highlighting
       DtSearch document

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       char *dbname,
       char *cleartext,
       DtSrHitword **hitwptr,
       long *hitwcount,
       int search_type,
       char *stems,
       int stemcount);

       The DtSearchHighlight  function	generates  an  array  of  offsets  and
       lengths	(DtSrHitword) of parsed linguistic terms (stems) in the passed
       document cleartext to enable a browser to highlight the	words  in  the
       text as appropriate for its user interface.

       dbname	 Specifies  which database is to be searched. It is any one of
		 the database  name  strings  returned	from  DtSearchInit  or
		 DtSearchReinit.  If  dbname  is NULL, the first database name
		 string is used.

       cleartext Pointer to a zero terminated C string containing the document
		 text  to  be  highlighted. Usually, but not necessarily, this
		 value is returned from DtSearchRetrieve.

       hitwptr and hitwcount
		 The hitwords array will be stored in hitwptr, the address  of
		 a  DtSrHitword pointer. The array is dynamically allocated by
		 this function and remains valid until the next call  to  this
		 function.   The  size of the hitwords array will be stored in

		 Specifies the search_type of the DtSearchQuery that generated
		 the  stems array. It must be zero, 'P', 'W', or 'S'.  If zero
		 is passed, the search_type of the last call to	 DtSearchQuery
		 is assumed.

       stems and stemcount
		 stems	and  stemcount are optional; they can be NULL and zero
		 respectively. However, if either is specified, both  must  be
		 specified.  If	 specified, they refer to the stems array that
		 was returned from the previous	 call  to  DtSearchQuery  that
		 ultimately resulted in the cleartext argument.

		 If  these  arguments are not passed, the stems array from the
		 most recent call to DtSearchQuery is assumed.

       This function returns DtSrOK, as well as a DtSrHitword table, when  the
       table generation is completely successful.

       Any  other  return code signifies failure and user messages on the Mes‐
       sageList explain why.

       Any API function can also return DtSrREINIT and the  return  codes  for
       fatal engine errors at any time.

       DtSrAPI(3), DtSearchQuery(3), DtSearchRetrieve(3)

					       DtSearchHighlight(library call)

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