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DtSearchReinit(library call)			  DtSearchReinit(library call)

       DtSearchReinit — Reinitialize the DtSearch online API

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       int DtSearchReinit(
       char ***dbnames,
       int *dbcount);

       DtSearchReinit  closes  and reopens databases and other files as neces‐
       sary, and reinitializes the search engine API.

       It is typically used after either databases or the ocf file  have  been
       externally  changed  to force the search engine to reinitialize itself,
       and to acquire the new database names if any.

       It can also be used after any function returns  DtSrREINIT  to  acquire
       the new database names.

       dbnames	 Specifies  the	 address where a pointer to an array of static
		 database name string pointers will  be	 placed.  The  dbnames
		 pointer from a previous DtSearchInit or DtSearchReinit may no
		 longer be valid. Each string identifies a single successfully
		 opened database.

		 A  database  name string from this array is required for most
		 other API function calls. The dbn member in DtSrResult is  an
		 index into this array.

       dbcount	 Specifies  a pointer where the size of the dbnames array will
		 be stored.

       DtSearchReinit returns DtSrOK and the  current  dbnames	array  if  the
       reinitialization	 was  successful or if reinitialization was not neces‐

       It returns DtSrERROR and messages on the MessageList on any other  con‐

       DtSrAPI(3),  DtSearchInit(3),  DtSearchGetMessages(3),  dtsrocffile(4),

						  DtSearchReinit(library call)

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