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DtSearchRetrieve(library call)			DtSearchRetrieve(library call)

       DtSearchRetrieve	 —  Return clear text of documents from DtSearch data‐

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       int DtSearchRetrieve(
       char *dbname,
       DB_ADDR dba,
       char **cleartext,
       long *clearlen,
       int *fzkeyi);

       DtSearchRetrieve retrieves the uncompressed document text of  a	speci‐
       fied  DtSearch  document	 listed in the DtSrResult list from a previous
       call to DtSearchQuery. It will be successful only in  an	 AusText  type
       database	 where the documents are stored directly in a database reposi‐

       dbname	 Specifies which database the document is stored in. It can be
		 any  one  of  the database name strings returned from DtSear‐
		 chInit or DtSearchReinit. If dbname is NULL, the first	 data‐
		 base name string is used.

       dba	 The  database	address of the desired record from the DtSrRe‐
		 sult.dba field in a search results list.

       cleartext Specifies a pointer where a zero terminated C string contain‐
		 ing the document text will be stored. The string is allocated
		 storage that will be freed by the next call to this function.

       clearlen	 Specifies a pointer where the length of the cleartext	string
		 will be stored.

       fzkeyi	 This is a reserved argument. It should always be NULL.

       DtSearchRetrieve	 returns  DtSrOK as well as the cleartext string, when
       document retrieval is completely successful.

       It returns DtSrNOTAVAIL if the document text is not available from  the
       database for whatever reason.

       Any  other  return code signifies failure and user messages on the Mes‐
       sageList explain why.

       Any API function can also return DtSrREINIT and the  return  codes  for
       fatal engine errors at any time.

       dtsrcreate(1), DtSrAPI(3), DtSearchQuery(3), DtSearch(5)

						DtSearchRetrieve(library call)

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