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DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied(library calDtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied(library call)

       DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied  —  get  the	workspaces  in	which a window

       #include <Dt/Wsm.h>
       Status DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied(
       Display *display,
       Window window,
       Atom **ppaWorkspaces,
       int *pNumWs);

       The DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied function works with  the	CDE  workspace
       manager, dtwm(1), and returns the list of workspaces in which this win‐
       dow resides.  Each element of the list is the name of a workspace (con‐
       verted to an X atom).

       The display argument is the X display.

       The window argument is the window of interest.

       The  *ppaWorkspaces argument is the address of a pointer to receive the
       pointer to a list of workspace names (converted to X atoms).

       The pNumWs argument is the address of an integer to receive the	number
       of elements in the list of workspaces returned in *ppaWorkspaces.

       Upon  successful	 completion,  the  DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied function
       returns Success and the workspace manager returns in  *ppaWorkspaces  a
       list  of	 atoms	identifying  the  occupied  workspaces, and returns in
       pNumWs the number of occupied workspaces; otherwise, it returns a value
       not equal to Success.

       If  the	DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied function is not successful, failure
       may be due to a memory allocation error or failure to find the  correct
       workspace  information (that is, the CDE workspace manager, dtwm(1), is
       not running).  The application must use XtFree(3) to free data returned
       in *ppaWorkspaces.

       Dt/Wsm.h - DtWsm(5), XtFree(3), dtwm(1).

				      DtWsmGetWorkspacesOccupied(library call)

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