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ExtUtils::Command::MM(3Perl)Programmers Reference ExtUtils::Command::MM(3perl)

       ExtUtils::Command::MM - Commands for the MM's to use in Makefiles

	 perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e "function" "--" arguments...

       FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY!  The interface is not stable.

       ExtUtils::Command::MM encapsulates code which would otherwise have to
       be done with large "one" liners.

       Any $(FOO) used in the examples are make variables, not Perl.

	     test_harness($verbose, @test_libs);

	   Runs the tests on @ARGV via Test::Harness passing through the
	   $verbose flag.  Any @test_libs will be unshifted onto the test's

	   @test_libs are run in alphabetical order.

	     pod2man( '--option=value',
		      $podfile1 => $manpage1,
		      $podfile2 => $manpage2,

	     # or args on @ARGV

	   pod2man() is a function performing most of the duties of the
	   pod2man program.  Its arguments are exactly the same as pod2man as
	   of 5.8.0 with the addition of:

	       --perm_rw   octal permission to set the resulting manpage to

	   And the removal of:


	   If no arguments are given to pod2man it will read from @ARGV.

	   If Pod::Man is unavailable, this function will warn and return

	     perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e warn_if_old_packlist <somefile>

	   Displays a warning that an old packlist file was found.  Reads the
	   filename from @ARGV.

	       perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e perllocal_install
		   <type> <module name> <key> <value> ...

	       # VMS only, key|value pairs come on STDIN
	       perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e perllocal_install
		   <type> <module name> < <key>|<value> ...

	   Prints a fragment of POD suitable for appending to perllocal.pod.
	   Arguments are read from @ARGV.

	   'type' is the type of what you're installing.  Usually 'Module'.

	   'module name' is simply the name of your module.  (Foo::Bar)

	   Key/value pairs are extra information about the module.  Fields

	       installed into	   which directory your module was out into
	       LINKTYPE		   dynamic or static linking
	       VERSION		   module version number
	       EXE_FILES	   any executables installed in a space seperated

	       perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e uninstall <packlist>

	   A wrapper around ExtUtils::Install::uninstall().  Warns that
	   uninstallation is deprecated and doesn't actually perform the

perl v5.18.2			  2014-01-06	  ExtUtils::Command::MM(3perl)

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