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GROHTML(1)							    GROHTML(1)

       grohtml - html driver for groff

       grohtml [ -v?lrn ] [ -Ddir ] [ -Fdir ] [ -iresolution ] [ -Iimage ]
	       [ -oimage ] [ files... ]

       grohtml translates the output of	 GNU  troff  to	 html.	 Users	should
       always  invoke  grohtml via the groff command with a -Thtml option.  If
       no files are given, grohtml will read the standard input.   A  filename
       of  -  will also cause grohtml to read the standard input.  Html output
       is written to the standard  output.   When  grohtml  is	run  by	 groff
       options can be passed to grohtml using groff's -P option.

       -v     Displays the version.

       -?     Emits a usage synopsis.

       -l     Turns  off  the production of automatic section links at the top
	      of the document.

       -r     Turns off the automatic header and footer line (html rule).

       -n     Generate simple heading anchors whenever a section/number	 head‐
	      ing  is  found.  Without the option the anchor value is the tex‐
	      tual heading.  This can cause problems when a heading contains a
	      `?'  on  some  brousers  (netscape).  This flag is automatically
	      turned on if a heading contains an image.

       -Fdir  Prepend directory dir/devname to the search path	for  font  and
	      device  description  files; name is the name of the device, usu‐
	      ally html.

	      Select the resolution for all images.  By	 default  this	is  80
	      pixels per inch.	Example: -i100 indicates 100 pixels per inch.

       -Istem Determine the image stem name.  If omitted grohtml uses grohtml-
	      XXX (XXX is the process ID).

       -Ddir  Inform grohtml to place all image files into directory dir.

       -v     Print the version number.

       -?     Display usage.

       There are styles called R, I, B, and BI mounted at font positions 1  to

       grohtml	is  dependent  upon  the  png utilities (pnmcut, pnmtopng) and
       GhostScript (gs).  Images are  generated	 whenever  a  table,  picture,
       equation or line is encountered.

       Grohtml	has  been  completely  redesigned  and rewritten.  It is still
       alpha code.

       afmtodit(1), groff(1), gtroff(1), psbb(1), groff_out(5), groff_font(5),

Groff Version 1.17.2		 27 June 2001			    GROHTML(1)

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