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Glib::Param::GType(3pmUser Contributed Perl DocumentatiGlib::Param::GType(3pm)

       Glib::Param::GType - Paramspecs for glib types


       This object describes a parameter which holds the name of a class known
       to the GLib type system.	 The name of the class is considered to be the
       common ancestor for valid values.  To create a param that allows any
       type name, specify "undef" for the package name.	 Beware, however, that
       although we say "any type name", this actually refers to any type
       registered with Glib; normal Perl packages will not work.

   string or undef = $pspec_gtype->get_is_a_type
       If "undef", then any class is allowed.

       Since: glib 2.10

       Glib, Glib::ParamSpec

       Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team.

       This software is licensed under the LGPL.  See Glib for a full notice.

perl v5.18.1			  2014-01-08	       Glib::Param::GType(3pm)

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