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Glib::Utils(3pm)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     Glib::Utils(3pm)

       Glib::Utils -  Miscellaneous utility functions

	 use Glib;
	 Glib::set_application_name (Glib::get_real_name."'s Cool Program");

	 print "app name is ".Glib::get_application_name()."\n";

       Here are some useful miscellaneous utilities.  GLib is a portability
       library, providing portable utility functions for C programs.  As such,
       most of these functions seem to violate the Glib binding principle of
       not duplicating functionality that Perl already provides, but there's a
       distinction for each one, i swear.  The functions for dealing with user
       information are provided on all GLib-supported platforms, not just
       where POSIX (which provides similar information) is available, and even
       work on platforms where %ENV may not include the expected information.
       Also, the "application name" referred to by (set|get)_application_name
       is a human readable name, distinct from the actual program name
       provided by Perl's own $0.

   string = Glib::get_application_name
       Get the human-readable application name set by "set_application_name".

       Since: glib 2.2

   Glib::set_application_name ($application_name)
       ·   $application_name (string)

       Set the human-readable application name.

       Since: glib 2.2

   string = Glib::get_home_dir
       Find the current user's home directory, by system-dependent/appropriate

   list = Glib::get_language_names
       Computes a list of applicable locale names, which can be used to e.g.
       construct locale-dependent filenames or search paths. The returned list
       is sorted from most desirable to least desirable and always contains
       the default locale "C".

       Since: glib 2.6

   string = Glib::get_real_name
       Get the current user's real name.

   string = Glib::strerror ($err)
       ·   $err (integer)

       Return a string describing the given errno value, like "No such file or
       directory" for ENOENT.  This is translated into the user's preferred
       language and is a utf8 wide-char string (unlike a $!  string (perlvar)
       or POSIX::strerror (POSIX) which are locale codeset bytes).

   string = Glib::strsignal ($signum)
       ·   $signum (integer)

       Return a string describing the given signal number, like "Segmentation
       violation" for SIGSEGV.	This is translated into the user's preferred
       language and is a utf8 wide-char string.

   list = Glib::get_system_config_dirs
       Returns an ordered list of base directories in which to access system-
       wide configuration information.

       Since: glib 2.6

   list = Glib::get_system_data_dirs
       Returns an ordered list of base directories in which to access system-
       wide application data.

       Since: glib 2.6

   string = Glib::get_tmp_dir
       Get the temp dir as appropriate for the current system.	See the GLib
       docs for info on how it works.

   string = Glib::get_user_cache_dir
       Gets the base directory in which to store non-essential, cached data
       specific to particular user.

       Since: glib 2.6

   string = Glib::get_user_config_dir
       Gets the base directory in which to store user-specific application
       configuration information such as user preferences and settings.

       Since: glib 2.6

   string = Glib::get_user_data_dir
       Get the base directory for application data such as icons that is
       customized for a particular user.

       Since: glib 2.6

   string = Glib::get_user_name
       Get the current user's name by whatever system-dependent means

   string = Glib::get_user_special_dir ($directory)
       ·   $directory (Glib::UserDirectory)

       Returns the full path of a special directory using its logical id.

       Since: glib 2.14

   enum Glib::UserDirectory
       ·   'desktop' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_DESKTOP'

       ·   'documents' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOCUMENTS'

       ·   'download' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD'

       ·   'music' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_MUSIC'

       ·   'pictures' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_PICTURES'

       ·   'public-share' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_PUBLIC_SHARE'

       ·   'templates' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_TEMPLATES'

       ·   'videos' / 'G_USER_DIRECTORY_VIDEOS'


       Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team.

       This software is licensed under the LGPL.  See Glib for a full notice.

perl v5.18.1			  2014-01-08		      Glib::Utils(3pm)

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